Healing With The Masters Hosted by Jennifer McLean - Season 12

Awakening to Your True Purpose - Dancing in the Magnificence of Your Divine Self Through the Master of Your Life & Your World

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William Linville is the REAL DEAL - His message is energetically encoded and exists purely to ring you greater harmony, joy, ease and love IN THIS LIFETIME.

In our experience with William Linville, it’s like talking to Neo about The Matrix...
...He appears to be an enlightened master inhabiting a body, but still living fully in a multidimensional reality.

Every word he speaks is encoded with the divine truth, in some instance simply receiving the codes and not worrying about the words is all that is needed.

HOWEVER... even the words are thrilling, compelling and transformational, turning on its ear all you may have thought you previously knew.


In this powerful package of William’s products you will discover that, this particular life you are having right now is your truly magnificent opportunity to thrive, hand the steering wheel to your soul and move into your power.

It’s time to let go of the control and have faith in the power you possess – become one with the omnipotence of all that is within your personal world and welcome your life as a true journey.


Join William Linville as he guides you through an intensive workshop of life changing proportions and cross the barrier into 6 months of progress. ALL energized with codes within and of the content that moves you into being, as you simply watch and listen.

Achieve openness and clarity, NOW

Have the wisdom and clarity to experience who you really are

Go beyond your mind and change your life

Unlock your own mysteries, develop your higher levels, heighten your senses, clarity, and intuitive knowingness, understand the human genome, awaken pure creative passion, celebrate in the midst of all of humanity, and clarify your thoughts with William Linville!

This Offer Exists Exclusively For You The Healing With The Masters Audience

The Mastery of Your Life and Your World-Over 21 Hours of Audio and Video - Retail Value $447

Any attempt to control your life or the lives of those around you begins to shut out the rest of the world and the Universe. Attempting to control anything confines, adds conflict, and limits your world. Transcend all beliefs, judgments, fears and emotions that control your life and welcome your Self and your higher levels; they will lead you to your complete fulfillment and full expression of your uniqueness.

It’s time for you to let life happen!

This Mastery Program took place over a 6-month linear time frame and includes more than 21 hours of William's assistance presented in 12 events – 6 webcasts and 6 teleconferences.

Your higher levels are the levels of you that have always been offering you the full overview of creation. They will never lead you astray. These levels are you from your Creator Consciousness. Creator is an essence, brilliance, and a presence. It is complete and total particles of light from the un-manifested that is now manifesting through you, as you, as particles of itself through this realm of creation.

Your higher levels are now becoming louder and louder to lead you into new opportunities and new pathways that push you to flourish, become vibrant, and achieve oneness with your self and your world. So many are so overtaken by the emotional component, stress, and survival that they forget to live and have a blast in this life. Ultimately, they forget about exploring and no longer see all the opportunities around them.

Have you ever asked “What’s wrong with me?” and longed for a response from the universe that could repair all of the issues you’re dealing with?

What you discover as you work with William is that everything you’re dealing with and all the trials in your life are here to help you grow. In fact, you learn that the root of the problem lies in your mind and headspace – a small fraction of who you are that distracts you and leads you to a place of worry and discontentment. When life is going as smoothly as ever and you’re dragged down for no apparent reason, it’s the effect of your own distraction.

Without the proper knowledge and awareness, the distraction slows your physical body down, makes you feel dense and turns your entire journey back to your mind. You get wrapped up in the “Me, me, me” and “What should I do? What shouldn’t I do?” and forget to live.

During this Mastery of Your Life & Your World program, William will assist you in opening, clearing, cleansing, remembering, expanding and embodying all of you, your creator presence and letting your life become more expressive, enjoyable, and inclusive experience of you. Learn to run forth with what is in your life, and embrace what comes into your life in every event, at all times.

Imagine having a multidimensional master really showing you the ropes of how our perception of reality works, AND having all the messages encoded so they go way past your mind into your being so YOU know them too...

Through 6 Teleconferences and 6 Webcasts,
you gain a profound understanding of:

Developing Your Higher Levels

Understand how to dissimilate your physicality and expand your consciousness so that you vibrate faster and on an immeasurable level. Your light bodies are nothing more than the particles that make up your human form. Understand how to achieve a state of fearlessness and embrace mental clarity.

By understanding true consciousness and how it affects what you do each and every day, you can begin to play with creation and explore the limitless capabilities of your solidified form. Then, William shares how you can shed your mental state with great ease and break down the boundaries that prevent you from truly knowing your self and higher levels.

Heightening Your Senses, Clarity, And Intuitive Knowingness

Truly know what’s best and have a profoundly natural grasp on what must be done and what exists simply to distract you from your true purpose. With William as your guide, you look at all of creation through your pituitary gland and play with all that is.

By embracing your heightened sensitive knowingness and intuitiveness, you look right through all the facets around you and have the ability to see what is truly unfolding, happening, going, and being received. Bring yourself back to the is-ness and mystical and mastery levels and play with the mastery of you in your priceless life stream.

Know what’s really going on, beyond words, perception, and illusion.

Understanding The Human Genome

By diving into this third part of William’s series, you obtain a profound understanding of the Human Genome, what it is, and how healing and illness actually occur. With a grasp on the root of your ailments, you then discover how to release them.

You have the power to overcome all illness, dis-ease, and damage. You have the ability to clear any potentially negative aspect and replace it with a brilliant existence. Live your life at the optimum level you were designed for and rid your being of the facets that attempt to bring you down.

From William’s unique perspective of coming into a body and remembering where he came from, he has a vision beyond most of us. He brings us this deeper understanding and meaning of the human genome and how we can truly reclaim our health and show you exactly how.

Awaken Pure Creative Passion, Creation With All That You Are, and So Much More

When you play with barriers in your life stream and the world, you have a much more difficult time connecting to your most potent creative ability and expression. With barriers up, you get cut off mid-process and constantly run into limitations that hinder you from your own natural ability.

Explore your self, explore the world, and connect with the many expressions and extensions of your self and you will create with ease and grace.

Express and explore all of the facets of your one self – expand and grow. Discover how to transition from your self with blockages and separation into your one self that lacks limitation and embrace all of your creative passion; your creative potential.

Celebrating In The Midst Of All Of Humanity

Truly know the purpose of humanity. Know what each and every one of us is doing here, and discover the key to achieving the profound joy that accompanies that clarity. We are all here on our unique journeys and have come into these physical forms to serve a purpose.

See the most magnificent path that lies ahead of you and have the ability to dance through this life adventure. Play in all that you are and all that everyone else is and discover the beauty of interacting with everyone around you in love, honor, passion, and mastery.

Dance through the events of your world and have an absolute blast while you’re at it.

Clarify Your Thoughts

Express you. Grow upon your most magnificent self. Share your beautiful existence with all that is and play an integral role as the master of your own life. Step into yourself and allow every particle of your existence to radiate and emanate love.

Nothing really matters except the love that you are, the love that you’re emanating, and the love that you offer to the world.

Join William as he opens the door to your future through this sixth part of this incredible course and shares the truth about thoughts. Know how to discern whether thoughts hold credibility. Have the clarity to see your life as a beautiful expression of an exponential emanation of love. Dance with the entire universe and master your thoughts.

This POWERFUL special offer enables you to bring all of the audion home for only $97, the video home for $117, ar HAVE IT ALL for only $117!

Welcome your life as a true journey of passionate creativity and celebration and join William as your understanding and profoundly insightful guide. The Mastery of Your Life and Your World is nothing short of an incredible adventure into unlocking your true potential AND delivered in an energized encoded format so it sinks into your being not just your mind.

Own a true understanding of all that is and see how to utilize your newfound knowledge to your benefit AND at the feet of a multidimensional being who allows YOU to remember.

Unlock your own mysteries, develop your higher levels, heighten your senses, clarity, and intuitive knowingness, understand the human genome, awaken pure creative passion, celebrate in the midst of all of humanity, and clarify your thoughts. You have the power to change your life and with these tools, you’ll set out on a expansionary course to greatness.

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What People Are Saying About William Linville

Dear Will,

What a blessing it is to have you as a teacher!   You are amazing!   I thank you for joining us on earth during this time.   And for the gifts that you share with us to help us make our journey that much more of a blast! Will, you have shown and continue to shine your profound love upon us all and we are so very blessed!   I hope one day to have the pleasure of meeting both you and Mary.  I need to experience your amazing love and energy in person. Thank you for guiding me so that I wake up every day looking forward to all that awaits me.   I look forward to reading your book.

A big hug! Light, Love and Laughter,
~ Marie

What can I say about Will Linville and the Mastery of Your Life and your World course?  It's tough to come up with any words that do justice to this incredible being and all that he teaches.  It's not really teaching though—it's more like transmitting.  He is like a beautiful antenna that attracts and reflects exactly what the group as a whole needs.  It doesn't matter if you understand (with the mind) what he is saying.  All I know is, I felt profoundly “fed” after each class with him.

I feel so EMPOWERED by the gifts he has given us.  But even more important I am in this space of PEACE now that always seemed to be “just out of my reach”.  Everything I have learned or think I know, somehow no longer matters.  I really have learned to “dance with life” as a natural part of my Beingness.  All I have to do is show up.

I thank you for being a truly non-judgmental, and CLEAR channel for PEACE, and what it really means to HAVE A BLAST with all of life.  Thank you for your BRILLIANCE, your LOVE, your COMPASSION, your WIT, just to name a few.  Observing all of these things in you has helped me to see these things in myself and in all beings.


Namaste and great thanks,
~ Sandy Baillie

Dear Mary and Will,

I feel things are finally moving forward in a positive way. It is interesting Will what you said about being on a pedestal.  All men I've had relationships with have put me there - I guess it is of my own doing.  I'm really ready to step off of it and just have a blast as you have said. Having a blast is a good word to describe this relationship as everything we do is an adventure.  I'm also realizing finally what having a 'blast' means - to simply enjoy everything in the moment and to allow it and see it for what it is.  I know my true nature and somehow I've seen living as something separate from it.  Now I understand that life is just about the enjoyment of the ride - that nothing really changes or affects who we are at the core.  Everything simply IS.

I'm loving the course!  It is like the icing on the cake for me.  Much love to you both.

~ Julie & Thomas

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About William Linville:

On December 20, 1996, the now William Linville agreed to embody a physical form. At that time, 27-year-old Will Linville was on the operating table, morbidly obese and weighed over 400 pounds. Weeks before, the two communicated on a higher level (beyond the physical), and agreed that Will would leave his body and make a full transition into the light while the divine being we now know would step in. That divine being continued with his name, healed the body from the 400-plus pound, paraplegic state with uncontrollable pain and discomfort and converted it into a trim, energetic, yoga-flexible, open and fluid body that is in brilliant and optimum health today.

As of December 20, 1996, William came on to this planet for the first time as a conduit and instrument of divinity. From that point in time, he has moved beyond all akashic record levels, perceptions of the truth, identifications, and beliefs, and has obtained and downloaded clarity on any and all topics.  He is an instrument of the Universal and Creator Consciousness and is here to assist you in accelerating and amplifying the process of your remembering, embodying and expanding into your Creator Essence. Experience all of your magnificence, accelerate the marriage of your Higher and Lower Selves, and so, much more.

He invites you to step into You.