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Jennifer McLean's Healing With The Masters Season 13

Healing Into Divine Inner Peace - Your 5-Week Journey For Creating a Life Overflowing with Profound Peace, Joy and Ease Through The Power of Forgiveness

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Dynamic Six-Sensory Consultant, Enchanting Storyteller, and Transformational Visionary Guide, Sonia Choquette, has spent the last 30 years – and a small fortune, developing one of the most potent tools for healing into peace that Healing With The Masters has ever seen.

She has created a course that, in just 5 short weeks, will radically shift your entire life experience, immediately infusing it with inner peace and stillness.

You never have to feel the pressure of 
			worry, fear or self-doubt again...

By implementing some of the most time-tested and proven techniques to her own self-developed processes, Sonia enables you to step into stillness like never before.

A Word From Sonia:

"Some of you may not know this but, several years back, I experienced --in short order-- several moments of the most intense loss.

"Both My father and my brother passed away and brought with them mixed emotions of loss, anger and regret that I hadn’t known was still there.

"Many of you right now might be feeling this too, perhaps it is the loss of someone special or the loss of an an opportunity you may have been counting on.

"This loss, grief and the subsequent anger, moved me into doing something I never imagined... walking over 1000 miles of the El Camino trail.

"The actions of discovery I took, lead to a process of opening, healing and deep forgiveness that has not only completely changed the way I look at life...

"But has allowed me to ground into a state of love, and authenticity that has heralded all kinds of new openings and opportunities.

"Much of this is covered in my book “Walking Home...A Pilgrimage from Humbled to Healed.”

"Now the ideas, techniques and learning from this life experience and book have resulted in the consummation of my life’s work, the: “5 Weeks to Forgiveness” program.

"I have heard from many of you how this program has supported you in a new journey of knowing who you are.

"I’m sincerely moved at the opportunity to guide you now to a level of forgiveness that could change the whole framework of your life."

Thanks for the chance to show you what’s possible,

~ Sonia

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“This is one of the most potent and important programs I have come across in a long time. Sonia not only took a very courageous journey in life, but in a true act of bravery shared deep and raw truths and the processes that came out of that. This program will change so many lives as they embrace the forgiveness that will set them free.” ~ Jennifer McLean, Host Healing With The Masters

Join Sonia Choquette on an unforgettable exploration of the heart and soul, and experience your own profound peace and healing. ~ Deepak Chopra, M.D. New York Timesbest-selling author

After a 5-week pilgrimage to reconnect with and redefine what peace means in her own life, Sonia discovered something miraculous...

We all have the capacity to release old, stuck energies and move into profound peace in the present moment.


That, and really so much more, is what Sonia has in store for you through her BRAND NEW course.

You’re going to tap into and align with the vibrational frequency of forgiveness, redefining what it means to be the creator of your life.

Forgiveness is one of the most empowering healing practices we can integrate into our lives.

Over the course of your 5-week journey with Sonia, she is going to lead you through processes, exercises and visual journeys that will literally open your soul to the practice of heart-centered forgiveness.

From broken hearts and personal loss, to emotional pain, frustrating relationships, long-held limitations and even a lack of self-love, this course will help you heal through it all.

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Begin Your Graceful Transition<br> 
				Into Inner Peace With...

Item 1: 5 Weeks to Forgiveness - Available as a Digital Online Course (Retail Value $149)

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This remarkable 5-week journey took Sonia 30 years — and a small fortune — to develop, and is based on timeless, proven principles that you can immediately apply in your own life.

Faced with her own painful experiences over the last few years, Sonia sought a way to forgive herself and those in her life and really embrace her own inner peace.

The tools and practices she discovered and developed helped her achieve an entirely new state of peace - something even she had never experienced before. And today, just because the universe led you to this page, you have access to all of them.

This is truly a unique and life changing course.

'Sonia's is a beautiful spirit and brilliant teacher' ~Elizabeth

Rather than hand you a series of processes that focus on lofty thoughts or intentions, Sonia is handing you practical, immediately applicable grounding tools.

You’re going to transform your energetic being through...

You are about to to release your body, mind, and soul, from the trapped wounding energy that has caused you to feel so much pain before rising to meet your most brilliant self through the act of forgiveness.

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Sonia will connect you with NEW, sacred healing energies

Prepare to build a new foundation of loving energy, one that supports your authentic self and fills you up from the inside out.

Sonia is ready and waiting to help you...

The present moment awaits... Will you step in and forgive the past?

'Sonia's essence is pur love. She has taught me to listen and trust my intuitions. My self esteem and confidence are growing as I never imagined.' ~ Camilo

This course is one that will forever apply to your life, offering comfort in the most difficult pockets of density and inspiring joy, peace and love in the present moment.

Sonia’s BRAND NEW program offers insights and experience paired with practical tools and processes that will forever change the way you live each day.

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BONUS: Answer Is Simple

Available as a Digital Online Course (Retail Value $79)

This simple, masterfully-designed course gives you tools to infuse any situation with infectious positivity and Divinely-inspired energy.

This brand BRAND NEW online course welcomes you into a new paradigm where peace and positivity abound, offering you the opportunity to transform any of life’s potentially difficult situations.

After observing thousands of individuals from every walk of life, Sonia came to an incredibly simple yet profound realization...

Those who succeed, who are really, truly happy and
find peace, joy and fulfillment in their lives
are guided by Spirit.

Sonia invited you into a new life experience where you are no longer triggered by your experiences or surroundings but can observe and learn from them, choosing to take away what you need and leave who does not serve you.

Through 10 simple, yet essential steps (based on her NY Times bestselling book The Answer Is Simple… Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit) you connect with your authentic Spirit and experience your truth as it should be.

Through brand new video sessions, perfectly-tailored lessons and a practical application, you will inculcate the vibrational frequency and wisdom contained within each step and begin immediately applying them in your life.

Imagine progressing through 10 simple lessons and
emerging a more peaceful, grounded and joyful person...

These aren’t just metaphysical theories, but are tried-and-true, grounded practices that will lead you directly back to you: the best, holiest, most delightful and delighted you free of fear and filled with light.

WOW, right?!

Learning to love yourself and live your Spirit is actually quite simple when you realize the truth revealed herein... You are not the ego. You are Divine, Holy Spirit.

Join Sonia, learn to love yourself and live your Spirit and watch as everything in your life comes alive in light and joy.

It’s all really that simple.

By releasing fear, anger, resentment and frustration, you can begin to truly heal into your own state of Divine inner peace.

It’s time to release your longest-held memories of pain and suffering and gracefully float into a state of peace in this present moment. You deserve to be free from the chains of negative energy and to really know what it means to play full-out with an open, expansive heart.

Join Sonia on this remarkable journey into the center of your being and allow the vibration of love and forgiveness to flow from your being.

YES! Help me release limitation and<br>step into Divine inner peace, TODAY!

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Sonia Choquette

About Sonia Choquette

Because of her unique gifts, Sonia’s expertise is sought throughout the world, helping both individuals and organizations dramatically improve their experience and abilities to perform at optimal levels through empowerment and transformation.

NY Times Bestselling Author, speaker and spiritual teacher, Sonia Choquette, is the author of 19 internationally best-selling books about intuitive awakening, personal and creative growth, and the transformational leadership capabilities that reside within.

Her work has been published in over 40 countries, translated into 37 languages, making her one of the most widely read authors and experts alike.