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Rikka Zimmerman has discovered the missing link.

Rikka’s personal journey, AND her work with THOUSANDS of souls, has led her to uncover the most powerful portal to manifestation.

And she’s giving YOU access through this EXCLUSIVE, BRAND NEW special offer.


You CAN embody true alignment, perfect love, and beautiful fulfillment

Yep! It’s 100% true and possible through the package on THIS PAGE.

Have you ever experienced any of these:

If any of this sounds familiar, KNOW that the UNIVERSE brought you here...

All of those experiences (or seeming lack) are nudges from your soul, guiding you to what’s next.

We believe, in fact, that you have been called to this moment, to this opportunity... to use these life experiences to NOW...

CAPTURE the missing link to unlock your most MAGNIFICENT life - THE GOD CODE

In my pre-Rikka life, I was always searching for information or some new concept that would help me understand how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be. What Rikka has channeled for us in these audio programs shifted me to know that all that is required is the total letting go of who you think you are that allows your God Being to emerge to where you can simply BE total joy, total abundance, and when compared to your previous experience of life, is absolute magic!

– Neil Shadel

So what is it? What’s the missing link?

It’s called the God Code.

You read that right.

You see, there is a high-vibrating light, a very high dimension of being in which you exist – where you are fully the energy of God.

In this place...

And because God’s energy (or Source, Divinity, Divine Light whatever you want to call “God”) is overflowing, ever-present and never-ending, it flows with love, light, and magical possibilities.

Here’s the key:

When you are connected to the God Code, you are within this Divine universe of vibration and awareness – and everything is different from where you are now.

Wow, we are so excited… You’re SO ready for this.

Imagine an existence where…

The God Code erases disharmony in the body and in the energy field – allowing you to FINALLY create your life of true magnificence.

AND guess what: all you have to do is connect with it.

A Note From Rikka:

I’m Rikka Zimmerman, and I’ve spent the last 10 years traveling the world, helping hundreds of thousands of people to be the magnificent, amazing beings they truly are, and effortlessly tapping in to everything life has to offer.

My life is SO blessed that every single morning, I wake up smiling, excited about my day… wondering if it could possibly get any more amazing!

But it wasn’t always like this.

My story:

My journey in consciousness began in the heavier dimension of separation - or as I like to call it “The Not.” Every day, I was experiencing the heavy, debilitating emotions like lack, fear, hurt, pain, anger, doubt, shame, and regret.

This is NOT a place to live!

And my life reflected it. Even though I was on a journey in consciousness, I was still walled in tight to a fortress of pain.

I remember not even being able to have someone contribute to me or pay me a compliment because it felt like it was an insult in disguise!

My mental chatter was, “What, am I doing such a bad job that you had to come and help me?” If someone gave me a compliment like, “You look beautiful today! I would think, “Are they telling me I was I ugly yesterday?”

I would get my feelings hurt constantly and I was always on the defensive. I was living in a fortress of pain, with spiky defenses all around me. I thought this was protecting me -- that it was keeping me from unraveling into “what” or “who” I was destined to be.

I was exhausted – mentally and emotionally.

I had a lot of clearing work to do -- clearing the past, clearing the emotional content, clearing, clearing, and more clearing!

And eventually, my old world of “The Not” – and the person I had created myself to be within the walls of separation -- had been cleared so much that it moved into more of a neutral space.

And that was better than the hurt and the pain. I had finally found some peace. And since peace was so much better than being at war, it felt pretty good for a while!

But how exciting, overwhelming, gratitude-filled, joy-filled, or love-filled is neutral? Not so much huh?


I realized that there was an entirely new world emerging within me – and in it, I was more interested in being “what” I am, than I was in “who” I am.

And that was the beginning of the God Code
emerging within myself.

A shift occurred. I opened up to no longer supporting “The Not” in my system. As I did, I began to realize that in all the time I had been doing my clearing work, I had been inadvertently giving my attention and energy to “The Not.”

I remember thinking how funny that was! I thought that by giving my power and attention to the illusion, somehow I would become freer.

But the truth is, whatever you give your attention to grows!

I realized then it was about giving my attention to what WAS showing up. This began a new era of being and supporting the ‘I AM’ in my life. And guess what? Miracle upon miracle began showing up!

Every day, I practiced aligning myself with God, aligning my heart with God’s heart, my body with God’s body, my awareness with God’s awareness.

Now, a simple “I AM” takes me deep into the bliss, joy and ecstasy of being the God that I AM. And the depths of joy and freedom that ring through my soul are beyond amazing!

And that’s what I want to share with you, so you can have the same.


Imagine – learning how to activate the God Code Within, so you:

Your Special Offer Includes...

Unleashing the Power of the God Code Within

Digital Audio Download or Hard Copy (Retail Value $849)

This is the missing link to manifesting your dream life.

As our collective consciousness is shifting, we are awakening to a greater state of being, and being called to something even more amazing...

It’s time to let go of the “old world” of separation and embrace your new life.

It’s time to embody the God Code Vibration that you truly are!

This program will effortlessly evaporate the layers of separation that have been limiting you and your life, and bring you fully into creating your DREAM life from the God Frequency that you truly are.

Rikka’s going to unveil the secret God Code Activating Statements and frequencies you’ll use to create your higher-vibration, love-inducing, most magnificent masterpiece of a life.

Here’s what she has planned for you:

Track #1: Setting The Stage

Raising Your Vibration to Prepare You to Access Your God Code

How many times have you tried to move into a new vibrational field and it feels like something just stops you?

Whether it’s your mind, energy, or your old patterning, Rikka shares the secrets to creating lasting change in your life and gives you valuable tools for getting the most out of this program AND creating the shift you’re looking for.

Track #2: Activating the Power of God Code Within

The Step-by-Step Process of Activation and Integration

Imagine what your life will be like when the God Code is activated within you, flowing freely through your system.

Through this session, you’re going to experience yourself like you never thought possible.

Rikka’s going to walk you through her secret God Code Activating Statements & frequencies that enable you to energetically fall into the God energy that you truly are.

Track #3: The Pivotal Shift

The Key to Shifting Lack in Every Area of Life Into a Well Spring of Abundance

It’s time to end the separation – stop living in the NOT and move into the IS.

This is where you discover brand new, cutting-edge vibrations and awarenesses that move you from trying to create your dream life into actually creating it.

Until now, you’ve been activating separation and thinking that you’ve been creating possibilities. Today, you’ll join Rikka to create miraculous possibilities.

Track #4: Activating the Heart of God

The Steps to Nourishing and Maintaining the Power of God Love Within

Have you been longing to receive never-ending, ever-present, endless love?

Well, this track will ACTUALLY activate the heart of God inside you.

Just imagine flowing freely and fully within God’s love.

Imagine loving freely, whenever and with whoever you want!

You’re going to be completely connected... where every part of you feels loved beyond measure.

You CAN and this track will take you there!

Track #5: The Diamond Vibrational Essence Activation

Multifaceted Frequency Toning to Unlock the Chambers that are the Gateways to Being

During this profound toning, Rikka awakens the Heart of God within your heart chakra.

Rikka’s tonings have been proven to...

Before and After diagram of Chakras with Rikka's Tonings

Get ready to replace your current heart vibration with the high-vibrating God Code heart activation and feel the freedom of living in a world of love – the world that is the real you.

Track #6: Activating Your God Body

Releasing the Manifestation of Pain & Disease in the Body as Cords to the Past and Using it to Anchor into a New Future

As your journey with separation ends and you embrace your heavenly angelic vibration, you’ll activate the Body of God within you, integrating your light body with your physical body.

You’re going to effortlessly flow within God’s energy of Light, Love, and Possibility through your physical form.

Track #7: Activating The God Code in Your Body Sound Frequency Healing

Activation Tool to Release the pain and Upshift Your Body’s Vibration to Meet the Higher Frequency of the God Code

Ease into awakening the God Code within your cells as you relax and receive the magic of Rikka’s Heartmonics™ Toning.

She’ll activate the light within your cells and your body will never feel the same.

These tonings have been proven to heal bodies, align chakras, delete old emotional content, increase the energy in the body and being… and so much more.

Get ready for a body, mind and spirit shift!

Track #8: Embodying Heaven on Earth

Access Mundi Meditation and Activation

Did you know that your being is meant to embody Heaven on Earth?

Yep, it’s true!

Your body is a vessel for connecting the magic and love from Mother Earth with the heavenly realms and Divine, angelic vibrations.

During this profound 10-minute meditation and activation, Rikka will walk you through awakening the God Code within your body that allows you to bring Heaven onto Earth.

Track #9: How to Maneuver Your Mind

Retraining Your Mind to Function Within the God Code

Have you ever found yourself going in and out of being the “I AM” presence that you know you are?

Your connection to separation or “The Not” has you caught in a tug of war.

It’s time to end the control that you’ve allowed reality to have over you and disengage your energy and mind from the illusion of separation.

This is where you discover tools for instantly reconnecting with the God you truly are. AND learn to use the secret manifesting capacities of God that you are to manifest in this physical reality.

Track #10: Awakening The Power of Your God Presence Within You

Discovering the Secret Chamber to a Whole Different Type of Presence that will Unlock Everything

You, as a being, have had your presence trapped within the illusion of separation and it’s keeping you from embodying the presence of God that is the real you.

Have you ever wondered why it seems like some people have more light and presence flowing through their system?

During this track, Rikka activates the God Presence within you, so you can be everything that you came here to be.


Track #11: Walking Into Your Destiny

Unlocking the Divine Plan of Where God and the Angels are Leading You

Now that the God Code is activated within you… It’s time to learn to manifest the future of your choice without re-engaging separation.

And that’s EXACTLY what you’ll learn to do through this track.

You get to create any future of your choice from the energy of the God Code that is now active within you.

Rikka used this process to create her 7-figure business, attract her soul mate, AND manifest her beautiful life.

This is SERIOUSLY going to blow you away.

But that’s not all! Rikka’s also including a VERY SPECIAL bonus:

BONUS: 1 Month Access to her Weekly Coaching Very Important Being Membership

Online Membership for 1 Month (Retail Value $147)

Your 30-day membership is regularly priced at $147 a month and includes four, LIVE, 45-minute interactive, live streams; a LIVE, 90-minute group coaching call; a 3-Hour Abundance Activation, and more.

After your FREE first month, you can continue receiving the life-altering benefits that come with being a VIB Member or you can cancel at any time with no questions asked.

If you decide to continue, your membership also includes access to over $6,000 worth of additional audio and video Life Transformed™ Sessions!

Imagine how much your life will expand when you receive personalized, focused facilitation from her every week.

WOW, right?

During Rikka’s life-altering, cutting-edge membership livestreams, you’ll get to ask her your questions and receive masterful guidance to powerfully support you in effortlessly dissolving all of your blocks and vibrationally moving you into your GLORIOUS INSPIRED LIFE.

This BONUS alone is worth more than the cost of this Special Offer!

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

That’s because IT IS!

Rikka’s giving you everything YOU need to discover the missing link – that missing piece that has eluded you until right now – so you can use it to create YOUR most magnificent life.

You’re going to finally fulfill your destiny, manifest the future you’ve been dreaming of, awaken your all-knowing capacity. AND you’ll have the financial abundance, wonderful relationships, vibrant health and energy, mental clarity and peace you’ve dreamt of.

Join her and begin this adventure, RIGHT NOW.

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About Rikka Zimmerman:

Rikka is a global leader in consciousness, the creator of Adventure In Oneness™, and an acclaimed international speaker, author and singer/songwriter, and is infinitely blessed and excited to introduce her new album Be The Change to the world.

With every uplifting song on her new album Rikka also integrates unique toning techniques designed to shift every listener into a higher vibrational and energetic alignment.

Propelled by her unbounded love for humanity, Rikka travels the world and works with thousands of people radiating a vibration of joy, peace, possibility and Oneness in all she does. Her light is a beacon of inspiration, inviting each person on the planet to remember, embrace and BE the magnificent, unique expression of the divine they were born to be!