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The 7-Day Divinity Map - Heaven Is Here Now!

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You are a Beautiful, Glowing, Loving, Wonderful Superstar of JOY and LOVE.

Rikka Zimmerman, acclaimed international speaker, author and singer/songwriter, has created the most powerful and beautifully-structured program that will completely shift your perceptions of this world and help you express your true Divinity in just 7 Days.

Her 7-Day Divinity Map is here to welcome you into a world where:

Unlock your inner EXPLORER and set off on the ADVENTURE of your lifetime!

This is the Most Powerful Telesummit Rikka has Ever Created and is Yours to Experience RIGHT NOW - *Exclusively through Healing With The Masters*

Would you be willing to give yourself 7 days? Can you say “Yes!” to a week of focusing on YOU and discovering how to step into your heartfelt, heavenly life in EVERY MOMENT?

There has never been an interactive map like this one… EVER. And you get to experience it here, first. How COOL is that?!

This program re-tunes & uplifts your vibration so that you can reclaim your inner brilliance. You are just bursting at the seams with light and love... Allow Rikka to show you how to fully express all of it.

Are you ready to launch yourself into your Divine life, RIGHT NOW?

Take a moment to consider how...

...can positively shift your every day.

Transform your life and perceptions of the world in just 7 Days

Imagine waking up each morning with a heart that overflows with love and inspiration, knowing that you are creating all you need and that you are joyfully and gracefully flowing through your life with perfect ease and contentment.

Isn’t it time to return to your original creative, expansive self and create the harmonious, joyous life of your dreams?

Now’s your chance to...

If you are done struggling with life and are fully ready to embrace ease and joyful bliss, join Rikka on this adventure into your 7-Day Divinity Map.

In this completely amazing, reality-busting, limitation-dissolving, life-altering, truth-affirming special offer, Rikka guides you into the realms of angelic energy. Journey down this path to energetic freedom and return to your powerful inner knowing to create the life of love and harmony you REALLY, TRULY deserve.

Join Rikka, creator of Adventure in Oneness, and internationally acclaimed speaker and author as she leads us home to our true divinity.

About Your 7-Day Divinity Map:

This is a map unlike any other – where you not only get to experience these joyfully expansive, limitation-exploding, brain-bending, energetically-shifting tracks and tools, but you also get Rikka’s powerful & liberating HEARTMONIC™ tonings.* Each layer of this next generational process helps to connect you with your highest vibration and your God-given Divinity.

This expansive body, heart, mind and spirit journey includes:

Welcome a daily 4-step process, supporting your expansion from morning to evening.

Here’s what your journey looks like:

Day 1: Freeing Your Field For Take-Off

Product Image

Track 1: Freeing You From Attachments - Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $127

Begin your journey by releasing all attachments to the earthly plane and to learn how to play and live on the level of pure, angelic energy.

In this space, Rikka leads you to bust out of the boxes you have unknowingly accepted for yourself and move far beyond limitation, into the truth of who you REALLY are.

With these new skills, you have everything you need to wield the power of the universe here on this Earth.

Track 2: Freeing You From Attachments Toning - Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $47

This intensive, expansive, limitation-exploding toning raises your vibration and clears old emotional patterning.

Sever your ties to everything that has bonded you to the illusions of your past and cognitive mind and walk into your true co-creative freedom.

Tracks 3 & 4: Freeing You from Attachments Morning & Evening Toolkit Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $27 Each

These practical, proactive tools can be used in the morning and evening to break through the ties and limitations of this physical plane.

Join Rikka on these two tracks and prepare your mind, body and spirit for the next phase of your oh-so-AMAZING journey.

Day 2: Reconfiguring Your Heart-Mind Navigation

Product Image

Track 5: Entering Divine Trinity Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $127

This track will blow you away - it’s NOT what you expect at all and more beautiful than you can currently imagine!

Your adventure continues as your heart and mind connect to express and embody the gift that you are...

As a part of this joyous discovery, you’ll open yourself to the truth beyond judgment and discover the beautiful and powerful relationship that your mind and heart have with one another.

Track 6: Entering Divine Trinity Toning Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $47

This expansive, vibrant toning helps you integrate the heart and mind.

Open the door and step into the vibrations of your true Being with joyous ease and grace. Higher emotional and energetic dimensions await - jump in with both feet and explore this immersive dance.

Tracks 7 & 8: Entering Divine Trinity Morning & Evening Toolkit Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $27 each

Through Rikka’s effective and powerful tools, you can connect to your highest, most sacred vibrations.

Begin your transformation in the morning and keep shifting throughout the day – even into sleep at night, as you gain more energy and clarity for what lies ahead.

Day 3: Plugging You Into Source

Product Image

Track 9: Completing the Divine Trinity Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $127

Welcome the abundant overflowing vibration of love and joy.

Play in the rapidly expanding space of awareness by inviting your “Big Being” - that part of you that has always been completely aware of supportive Universal energies.

Claim energetic ownership of the incredibly powerful and magical you that exists beyond anything this world has ever seen as you leap into day 3 of your journey.

Track 10: Completing the Divine Trinity Toning Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $47

This ethereal, beautiful toning welcomes you to the higher vibrations of your true self.

Open to the magic, joy and love that you truly are, balancing your energy while unlocking and releasing wherever you might be stuck.

Tracks 11 & 12: Completing the Divine Trinity Morning & Evening Toolkit Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $27 each

To bring your divine trinity to completion, Rikka gives you powerful tools for a glorious morning and a peaceful night.

Move gracefully into your Divine life, erasing the pain of the past and opening the door to a completely new future.

Day 4: Merging Your Light Body With Your Physical Body

Product Image

Track 13: Upgrading Your Body for Takeoff Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $127

Your body is a vibration, capable of dancing within nature and expressing miraculous Light and love.

On the fourth day, Rikka helps you reunite your beautiful, miraculous body with Divine angelic energy. By elevating your earth body beyond all assumptions and limitations, you can experience a raised vibration like never before.

Track 14: Upgrading Your Body For Takeoff Toning Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $47

This sensual, liberating toning vibrates through your physical selves, linking you to joy and love in your heart-mind-being connection and celebrating the divine union. Lower your stressors and learn to function at a higher level.

Tracks 15 & 16: Upgrading Your Body For Takeoff Morning & Evening Toolkit Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $27 each

Through these powerful day and night tools, you learn to lift and cleanse your body, balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, preparing you for the incredible leap into your fully merged Divine being.

Day 5: Bringing Your New Platform into Divinity

Product Image

Track 17: Integration & Ascension into Higher Dimensions Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $127

Continue your journey of returning to all that you “Be” by elevating your awareness and allowing your higher self to create a cleansing recipe, washing away the old and creating the new spaciousness that now exists within yourself.

Imagine opening to a new way of communication between your body and being and fully receiving all the love that you “be.”

Track 18: Integration & Ascension into Higher Dimensions Toning Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $47

This palpable and expansive toning opens you to new awareness and fully integrates it through every cell of your body, increasing the flow of energy throughout your magical and magnificent love vessel. This not only fine-tunes your vibration, it also improves the function of every organ in your body.

Tracks 19 & 20: Integration & Ascension into Higher Dimensions Morning & Evening Toolkit Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $27 each

These effortless but intensive tools carry you into the new day, delivering the joy of who you are to start your morning and help release everything you might have accumulated in your being. Support your endocrine systems and release all impurities more quickly and easily than ever before.

Day 6: Flipping the Switch of Your Divine Trinity To Create Heaven On Earth

Product Image

Track 21: Becoming God Energy Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $127

We bring ourselves fully into the light of awareness and Divine energy. Receive your life as you have always wanted - from the space of infinite, Divine creative energy.

Consider a few questions:

Track 22: Becoming God Energy Toning Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD Retail Value: $47

This Divine, sacred toning helps you harmonize and integrate these new energies, bringing it to every part of your life, strengthening your energetic and physical bodies and bringing you into true freedom.

Tracks 23 & 24: Becoming God Energy Morning & Evening Toolkit Retail Value: $27 each

After opening to your Divine self, this beautiful, uplifting toolkit connects you to your dreams and brings you into that part of Self that co-creates your life in every moment of every day.

Day 7: Unveiling The Secret Last Ingredient  Interactive Livestream

Product Image

Track 25: Secret Ingredient Live Event Invitation & What’s Next Interactive Livestream With Rikka - Listen Live or MP3 Download Retail Value $147

Listen to the recording of the final piece of our journey to carry the energetic signature to create and bring your energetic heaven on earth with you wherever you go! This requires you and your unique energy! Discover the gifts we have for you and celebrate the light, love and divinity you are and always will be!

Through Rikka’s HEARTMONIC™ Tonings You Can:

The tonings have been scientifically tested and they are energetically OFF THE CHARTS

Backed by scientific research, Rikka's powerful toning vibrationally shifts old patterns and brings in reconstructive energies that are far beyond this reality.

These tonings serve as your vibrational tuning fork, harmonizing any energy that is keeping you from expressing yourself as the divinely present being you came here to be. Embrace the high resonance, energetic frequencies on these tracks and activate your being into your fullest potential.

Before and After Rikka's Toning - GDV results from listening to Rikka's Toning. The toning has allowed for the return of all the Chakra's alignments. This occurred with only a couple minutes of listening time.

What others who have been opened up to their True Divinity with Rikka are saying:

I feel like my whole body has been reprogrammed! The chronic health issues that I have suffered from for years have subsided. I’m crying tears of gratitude for this miraculous shift in my body and being!

- Louise D. Michigan

My mind and my heart are now finding a way to cooperate, the monkey mind that has run my existence for as long as I can remember has finally been quelled.

- Charlie C., New Mexico

The migraines that I have suffered from for the last 10 years are GONE! I have a whole new life now! I went from being a half dead zombie to an angel of light!

- Madeline W, San Francisco

Everything can be an adventure instead of what everyone says it has to be

- Lily W, New York

“Rikka’s tonings clearly benefit the health of the human energetic system. With results like these, it would be valuable for anyone to listen these tonings several times a day.”

- Tim Toula, Scientist, Dillon, CO

This product will go beyond your wildest expectations and create miracles for your life!

- Peter W, Denver, CO


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About Rikka Zimmerman:

Rikka is a global leader in consciousness, the creator of Adventure In Oneness™, and an acclaimed international speaker, author and singer/songwriter, and is infinitely blessed and excited to introduce her new album Be The Change to the world. With every uplifting song on her new album Rikka also integrates unique toning techniques designed to shift every listener into a higher vibrational and energetic alignment.

Propelled by her unbounded love for humanity, Rikka travels the world and works with thousands of people radiating a vibration of joy, peace, possibility and Oneness in all she does. Her light is a beacon of inspiration, inviting each person on the planet to remember, embrace and BE the magnificent, unique expression of the divine they were born to be!