Healing With The Masters Hosted by Jennifer McLean - Season 12

Awakening to your Miraculous Life - Vibrationally Harnessing the Latest Energies With Panache Desai

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Awakening to Your Miraculous Life is an INCREDIBLY POWERFUL SERIES created just for Healing With The Masters by Panache Desai to guide you into a beautiful life of vibrational increase.

This Amazing Path To Awakening Is Not Available Anywhere Else...

These innovative vibrational breakthrough sessions empower you to meet life soulfully, welcoming you to access exponential increase, grace and ease.

Are you ready to transform you life into a miraculous expression that reflects your magnificence?

Panache Desai on audio - Click here to listen

Panache’s inspirational teachings and tools are encoded with the highest vibrational resonance to elevate and support you in dissolving all that you no longer need.

Your greatest life is within your reach – RIGHT NOW!

Panache has prepared an incredible package of vibrational tools to ensure that you are becoming ever more radiant and empowered in meeting and flowing with your life.

"Partner with me and step into vibrational increase. Shift your experience from ordinary to extraordinary and move from limited to limitless." -Panache Desai

IMAGINE... living a life beyond your wildest dreams! The energies are on the planet right now for you to do just that. AND Panache is here to escort your by the virtual hand on the journey to take you to YOU as the highest vibration of miraculous possibility.

FROM JENNIFER MCLEAN: I am so excited to share this remarkable man with you. He is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD. Panache is a no holds barred kind of teacher. He goes for it, and in the process you are changed forever. The sheer force of energy you will feel is... well... I will let you experience taht for yourself! Put your energetic seat balts on for this one...

This revolutionary wake-up call is one that you asked to receive a long time ago. Your being has been patiently waiting for this next step and contemporary visionary and vibrational catalyst Panache Desai is your messenger.

You deserve a life experience that overflows with grace, ease, abundance, peace and growth. By making this special offer a facet of your life, here and now, you’re taking Panache’s hand and allowing him to lead you there.

Prepare to vibrationally reconnect with your full potential and harness ALL OF LIFE’S EXPERIENCES as amazing catalysts for growth and evolution. It’s time to be lovingly reminded that you can live your life soulfully to shift your experience into the most thrilling adventure of all.


You are about to Activate:

This package delivers a radical vibrational approach to living and embodying your greatest expression. THIS IS YOURS IF YOU ARE TRULY READY FOR EXPANSION.

Join Panache Desai on this vibrational journey of wondrous discovery and open your heart and soul to the potential of all that you are, and always have been.

Read on and begin to welcome the YOU that your soul has been waiting so long to embrace


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Awakening to your Miraculous Life is a vibrational solution to beautifully and gracefully empower you to live a life of vibrational increase and access your greatest expression. Through this powerful suite of vibrational tools, your frequency is elevated and your awareness is activated.

Are you ready to uncover your Infinite Potential and houw you can use it for your optimal benefit?

Leave behind struggle, frustration and dis-ease and begin the transformational journey into grace and ease.

A Special Introduction From Panache - How to maximize your experience of awakening to your miraculous life

Settle in and get to know your guide. Join Panache on this introduction and fully know that he is here in support of you.

Panache serves as your guide to ensure you make the most of this package. Take a few moments to understand why he created each of these tools and how best to use them.

This life is an act of grace and love. Allow him to show you why.

Item 1: Vibrational Increase - A Vibrational Guide To Unlocking the Miracle Withing

Available as MP3 download or hard-copy CD

In this foundational hour, Panache rocks your world and stretches you into a life of vibrational increase.

As vibrational beings, we are already miraculous. YOU are already everything you believe you need and want to become.

Your willingness to shift your energy reconnects you with your highest self and fundamentally realigns your relationship with yourself and the life you are living. Panache delivers the highest light, love and awarenesses to guide you into a life of Vibrational Increase.

From this moment on - nothing is the same!

Item 2: Common Unity - A Vibrational Guide to Seeing the World Through the Eyes of Love

Available as MP3 download or hard-copy CD

Do you feel alone and isolated? What if you could see the interconnectedness of all life as God sees it?

Join Panache in this Third Step and:

Your expression of Divinity is just waiting to be released. Welcome your miraculous life and prepare for the expression you’ve been waiting for because, it’s ready to be released.

Item 3: The Abundance Frequency - A Vibrational Attunement Expanding You into Limitless Abundance

Available as MP3 download or hard-copy CD

Are you ready to begin the transformational journey into your most miraculous expression of you? Receive the Abundance Frequency and unlock the ability to magnetize all that you need into your life.

When you are fulfilled, you no longer question your inner abundance. By living as if it is so, you begin to prove to yourself that life is abundant and move into a life filled with prosperity, well-being and ease.

Allow Panache to lead you into true abundance and start dancing in the beautiful expression of all that you are.

The Light of Love - A Vibrational Reconnection to the Wellspring of Love Within

Available as MP3 download or hard-copy CD

You were born a luminous being.

Do you know it? Can you feel how INCREDIBLE you are and always have been?

At some point you became disconnected from your birthright. That spark still burns deeply within, resonating at the frequency of Divine Love.

Re-kindle your Divine connection with your birthright and experience more love than you’ve ever known. Love is meant to be experienced, expressed and LIVED.

A Place Of Peace - A Vibrational Opening and Grounding to Present Moment Awareness

Available as MP3 download or hard-copy CD

Peace is the optimal level from which an extraordinary life can be sourced and created.

It’s time to truly embrace and feel it.

Access the power of presence and tap into peace as your way of navigating all of life. Remain centered in the midst of life’s ups and downs and access a universal power beyond measure.

You are a part of the Divine and the sweet embrace of peace is something you deserve.

Get Ready for Peace

Forgiving the Unforgivable - Access the Frequency of Forgiveness

Available as MP3 download or hard-copy CD

It’s time to embrace the growth that tough times can bring and learn to LET GO and FORGIVE.

Forgiveness is your key to freeing yourself from the bonds of pain and suffering

As long as you are vibrationally holding on to past wounds and hurts, you will forever be held hostage. Make peace with the ghosts of your past that are robbing you of your serenity.

Forgiveness has its own frequency. Access it and move into authentic freedom.

Item 7: How To Live a Mad-Wicked Awesome Life - 2-hour audion recording of Panache's live vibrational program held during the Naples immersion

Available as MP3 download or hard-copy CD

Gain access to the vibrational miracles that unfold during a live program with Panache and a room full of participants just like you!

Recorded on location just WEEKS AGO, this is a rare opportunity to open to the vibration of possibility expressed when energy moves through regular people facing life-long emotional, physical and spiritual challenges.


Because of the nature of vibration and frequency, you too can gain the same breakthroughs by simply listening with an open heart, ready to receive.

Are you ready to see yourself as God sees you? Go ahead. Access your MAD WICKED AWESOME LIFE!

Item 8: Vibrational Increase Breakthrough Session - A  60--Minute Webcast

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This webcast is completely unique and will only be available through this special offer!

To continue to re-inform, remind and sustain the conscious energetic shifts you’ve gone through over the first three weeks of this program, Panache delivers a vibrational infusion to boost your progress and help you integrate vibrational density that may be challenging you at this time.

This webcast solidifies the work you’re doing to invest in your Self, to grow energetically, to raise your vibration and experience your miraculous life.

You will join Panache and have unlimited access to the replay via webcast archives.

This generous compilation includes Panache’s MOST POWERFUL, transformative and shift-inspiring content in one amazing special offer. This is all here to serve your highest purpose. Welcome your most miraculous expression of YOU and begin living the life you really deserve.

Begin truly living a life beyond your wildest dreams

This is all here for you and is yours for the taking. Grab hold and BE the change that you're after

You deserve SO MUCH joy, peace, grace, abundance, and beauty from this life experience. Join Panache here, through this special offer of time-tested favorites to completely transform your journey.

Welcome your greatest expression, fully embody your own divine potential, embrace your inner abundance, overflow with prosperity, know the frequency of Divine love, discover the power of presence in EVERY moment, and so much more in this EIGHT-ITEM special offer from Panache Desai.

This offer won’t last long and is sure to completely transform lives. Begin your shift into GREATNESS right now by joining Panache today!

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What Others are Saying About Panache Desai. His Programs and Their Spiritual Transformation:

“Panache Desai is one of the most authentic, illuminated beings on the planet. His teaching pierces to the heart of truth and bypasses all detours. He will empower you to know yourself, the greatest gift of all.” - Alan Cohen, Author

“Your life is truly blessed when the energy of Panache is brought into your presence. There is a coming home to yourself and the love cannot be contained.” - Kelly Santillo

Panache is a messenger who came to let us know that we are all masters and teachers. A friend reminding us…

“I went to India TWICE to find what we have in our own backyard! Never again...LOVE is right here!” - TJ Plympton

“I have known Panache for three years and he is the real deal… I respect and deeply love his incredible contribution to the world and us. Go for it lovingly everyone…” - Kennedy Braden

“They say that the teacher will arrive when the pupil is ready. And so it was with Panache and me. His physical presence is impressive but it is his energetic presence that captures me. His energy is pure love and acceptance. He is divine purpose personified.” - Cheryl Levine

“…I can attest that Panache is an old friend. It has been a great gift and joy to hang out with him in various formats - webcasts, in person, global gathering…” -Alchemist Brew

“The Presence that shines through him will light up your soul. Endless gratitude to Oprah and Super Soul Sunday for making a miracle of connection possible!!” - Peggy Kornegger

“Working with Panache has changed my life for the good. He is the first person I have ever met who sees me for who I am, loves me unconditionally, and accepts and allows wherever I'm at, at the moment.” - Melody Rose Parker

“I would like to thank Oprah for bringing Panache Desai to the forefront of our global awareness. His energetic message will shift your world in an instant.” - Laurel Geise

“After decades of books, modalities, gurus, conferences, workshops and more of the same, and still feeling like I just couldn't get life right, I came across Panache Desai - the only person I have ever met that told me there is nothing at all I need to do.” - Krista Dickan

“There is so much to love about Panache Desai, but perhaps my favorite is how he really brings out the joy in life. His humor shifts you into a space of pure joy as much as his energy work, and the community that he has created is supportive and loving.” - Carol Miller

“Panache is one of the best leaders and teachers I know. He has contributed to my life in a beautiful, loving, and empowering way!” - Martusia1

“My heart sings and my soul does rejoice to see Panache with my beloved Oprah! We are awakening more and more every day. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” - Lovely Hedi

“…Panache is a force to be reckoned with and is changing lives as we speak, just by reminding us of who we are!! Much joy!” - Rose Kleemola

“When I first heard Panache my heart cracked open… This was the beginning of a journey back to me, back to my heart where all things become possible…” - Karen Kirkpatrick

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About Panache Desai:

Panache Desai is a contemporary spiritual teacher and inspirational visionary in the field of consciousness and vibration whose gift of vibrational transformation has drawn thousands of people from around the world. Not aligned with any religious or spiritual tradition, he acts as a direct line to divine consciousness helping and empowering people to free themselves of pain, suffering, sadness, and self-limiting beliefs.

After a profoundly transformative experience more than a decade ago, he has committed his life to being a vibrational catalyst empowering humanity in the deepest states of connection and awareness and helping people everywhere to directly experience divine consciousness for themselves.

Traveling the globe providing experiential programs and inspired living workshops as well as live worldwide monthly webcast series, Panache's young, hip, funny, and often, irreverent approach is unlike most traditional spiritual teachers, but his profound message resonates in unexpected, uplifting and inspiring ways.

A highly sought-after speaker featured regularly in print, online and broadcast media, Panache recently appeared with Oprah Winfrey on the Emmy® Award-winning series Super Soul Sunday. He is considered a top-tier faculty at Omega Institute, and a featured speaker at Healing with the Masters, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and Celebrate Your Life. He has collaborated with internationally-recognized spiritual teachers including Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, James Van Praagh, Ram Dass, Alan Cohen, James Redfield, Colette Baron-Reid and Neale Donald Walsch.

Disclaimer: The information provided in Panache’s programs is not offered as medical or psychological advice and should not be considered medical or psychological advice. It is not intended to replace your relationship with your health care providers nor should you stop taking any medication. Always seek the advice of a physician or qualified healthcare professional regarding any mental, physical or emotional conditions.