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Jennifer McLean's Healing With The Masters Season 13

Your WHolly Abundant Life - Neale's Seminal Works - Thriving Through Life's Challenges, Creating Grace, Love, Peace, Serenity and Prosperity

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Dive into the perfect blend of BRAND NEW, NEVER BEFORE RELEASED content and the most popular and effective programs Neale Donald Walsch has ever offered through this Healing With The Masters special offer.

Spend one-on-one time with Neale's work as you discover how easy it can be to welcome the life you know you deserve.

This all-encompassing special offer opens your mind to the potent potential of your experience on this planet by offering in-depth and practical insight into all areas of life.

You even get to play with and GROW through one of the BEST programs Neale has ever co-created. Life Lessons With Neale Donald Walsch, Finding Grace In Challenging Times is so transformational that he is actually working to create a book from the content.

This is the content that propels you to brand new heights.

Out of all the materials Jennifer has at her fingertips, Neale's Life Lessons is the program she regularly gifts to friends and relatives to assist them in moving through difficult times


THIS MATERIAL IS NOT FOUND ON ANY OTHER SITE OR PROGRAM. This has been created for Healing With The Masters audiences only!

Neale's Special Offer brings you more than 16 unique audio experiences, an off-the-charts video, instantly-applicable reading material and practical tools that literally last a lifetime.

His messages overflow with loving insight, compassion for humanity and a clear desire for your highest good and development. There is so much AMAZING content here for your growth and development, welcome it all and actively co-create your miraculous life!

It is time for your TRUE SHIFT?

Your brand new special oofer includes TWO options:

Option 1: How Would Your Life Change if you thought 'No One Needs My Help?

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FREE YOURSELF and live a life where the support you offer is both mutually beneficial and desired.

You are surrounded by angels and have been brought nothing but miracles. Although life can be challenging, Neale shares through this remarkable and really beautiful Conversations With God Spiritual Renewal Retreat how important we all are in relation to one another.

This Incredibly unique video seminar was recorded LIVE at Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations With God Spiritual Renewal Retreat in the beginning of 2013. This exclusive event offered individuals a window into the Conversations With God series by exploring the true potential of spiritual growth and development.

Consider a Few Questions:

Through this session, Neale works with his group of participants as they address the question, "How would your life change if you thought, 'no one needs my help'?"

Take advantage of these real-world examples from people JUST LIKE YOU who are focused on spiritual growth and progress and discover how they see and relate to the community of individuals around them.

In this really wonderful and beautifully candid session, Neale:

Watch as the light bulbs click "on" and learn to apply their growth and progress to your own life.

This life can be one of so many shifts in understanding and this time spent with Neale opens your eyes to a reality without black and white circumstances.

Knowing yourself and understanding your own habits, trends, and self imposed limitations does something amazing for you. It offers a direction and sets you up to release them!

We are all Divinely-inspired beings of love and light and we are all here with the ability to offer our help. Discover how we relate to one another and understand the difference between need and want as it relates to life and more specifically, HELP.

This is one AMAZING conversation. It's here in support of your relationships with others and it's not available anywhere else.

Settle in and open your mind to the potential of a life where no one needs your help.
This will shift your WHOLE perspective, trust me!

BONUS - Conversations With God in a Nutshell

eBook Download (Retail Value $19.95)

Option 2: Best of Messenger Circle AND Life Lessons

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Not available anywhere else but right here, option 2 delivers some of Neale's most remarkable and compelling content.

Get ready for a transformation on all levels with this most relevant and transformational material...

Item 2: The Best of Messenger Circle - 10 MP3 Downloads or Hard-Copy CD’s Retail Value: $129.95

We are SOOO excited to share Neale's Special Offer with you this time around. This material is so powerful, we can’t wait for you to experience the new levels of being that open up for you.

You Get First Pick!

This package guides you to the deepest parts of yourself to:

THE BEST of Neale's Messenger Circle, 10 audios that will change your life, goes deep into his newest material that directly addresses these changing times...This is transformational stuff centered around the shifts and developments that are going on RIGHT NOW.

This AMAZING audio set brings you wonderful insight on a variety of topics that have been hand-selected to guide you in new ways of being and identifying modes of change that are immediate and impactful.

dive into:

Pop these utterly AMAZING tracks into your CD player or pull them up on your iPod to begin your in-depth shift and heightened understanding, today.

Your journey into a world of greater compassion, abundance, love, limitlessness, release, and success is just a click away. Take full advantage of Neale's most profound and pressing insights... whenever you want them!

Track 1: True Love Teleclass

This is the single most impactful topic Neale has ever discussed. Love is the most important ingredient in your life experience and LOVE is the thread that holds humanity together.

It’s time to talk about love, the Conversations With God way

Allow Neale Donald Walsch to bring you into a greater relationship with the romantic love in your life. Jump into this beautiful experience and discover how to release the limitations on love – open your heart to a love that exists without boundaries.

Discover How To:

Track 2: Happier than God - A Teleclass in Spiritual Awakening

Life was meant to be happy, REALLY, TRULY HAPPY. Do you believe it? Are you experiencing true, uninhibited happiness?

It’s time to manifest happiness in your own life.

Neale shares the 17 steps to truly Divine happiness. Life wasn't meant to be an embrace of pain and suffering. While some people argue that life was meant to be a trial and is ultimately going to hold unhappiness, you were designed to be happy.

Discover what Neale means when he shares that "You don't have to go through hell in order to get to Heaven" and see the shift in your experience that only comes from embracing the happiness you deserve.

Track 3: Creating Financial Prosperity and Physical Abundance

Financial prosperity and physical abundance are easily confused as the same thing. But, as Neale explains, they are quite different and have profoundly different impact and outcomes on our lives.

There is so much more to this experience than what the gifts of financial prosperity can bring. Join Neale and discover THE REAL SOURCE of money. Overcome the limitations of "market value," redefine your relationship with abundance and embrace a life that overflows with abundance on all levels.

See the Difference Between:

THEN, discover how to apply your understanding to welcome all three into your life, right here and now.

Track 4: How to Stay in Your HeartSpace - When the World is Telling you No!

Relax and welcome the shift into peace and calm in the midst of all of life's challenges. By embracing and knowing how to stay in your Heartspace, you gain access to a new sense of peaceful understanding.

Your Heartspace has no victory or loss, no victim or villain, no need of any kind, no agenda, no manipulation and no requirement.

Your Heartspace is completely centered around love.

Allow Neale to open you to the power and sanctuary of your Heartspace as you gain access to a limitless resource of love and light. Join in and triumph over loss and lack to welcome the fullest and richest expression of your Self.

Track 5: Running a Business Under the Principles of CWG

Wouldn't you love to do the work that you choose to do, produce the income you desire, express your passions and talents, and achieve the success you know you're capable of?

With Neale's guidance, you get to do ALL OF THAT!
Sounds amazing, right?

Through this hour-long session with Neale Donald Walsch, you gain valuable insight from his personal experience and Conversations With God insight to:

Reset your priorities and discover how to do what brings you the MOST JOY – you deserve it.

Track 6: Creating Your Right Livelihood

Creating your right livelihood can be one of the greatest challenges in life.

Neale opens your eyes to the misconceptions surrounding work, effort, the exchange of input and output and offers a uniquely new perspective to transform what the world has been telling us for years.

It's time to start doing what you know is within you. It's time to embrace your passions. It's time to create the livelihood that brings you the highest and most joy because you KNOW it is within you.

Track 7: Staying Centered in Crisis

Crises happen. Tough times can occur in each and every one of our lives BUT, it is how we react during those times that completely shapes the impact they have on our experience.

You have the power to choose and co-create this life – challenges are just a part of what it means to be human. As a part of this society of ascension beings, you are more in-tune with the shifts that arise so, how do you co-create centeredness?

Spend this hour with Neale Donald Walsch and open your heart, mind and spirit to your power of peace. Stay centered, co-create the experience you desire, and offer the world your best and highest good at any time and in any place.

Track 8: The 10 Most Important Messages from the CWG Material

This is a concentrated grouping of what Neale believes to be the most important messages of his wonderfully influential Conversations With God series.

Explore How:

He's boiled it down to 10 specific messages and delivers them to you through this one-hour audio session, get ready and jump on in!

Track 9: What Makes Money Come to Us

This is the topic that can hold more misunderstanding and misinformation than any other topic out there. People tend to hold money and finances very personally, yet most fail to understand how it comes to us.

This session brings you out of the haze of misunderstanding and into a beautiful relationship with money so that you may achieve the financial abundance you deserve.

Change your mind, shift your beliefs about your money life, and release all barriers surrounding money. it's time to get down, dirty and honest and re-write your money story.

Let Neale show you how!

Track 10: Letting Go of Your Ego

This is not a purge or removal of the ego. As Neale shares, true spiritual Masters believe that ego is an enormously important tool.

Your ego actually allows you to differentiate yourself from the whole – without it, you are unable to know yourself as something other than All That Is. It keeps you in a relationship with your unique and incredible self.

Get ready to see the beauty and purpose of your ego, overcome the notion of superiority, and redefine your relationship with this essential part of being human. Maintain your individuality and see how to differentiate your Self from others without having to be less or more than anyone else.

Remember, we are all one – this is where you put your ego to work and grow with it as an invaluable resource.

Item 3: Life Lessons With Neale Donald Walsch - Finding Grace In Challenging Times - MP3 Downloads or Hard-Copy CD’s Retail Value: $297

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Join in this private session with Neale Donald Walsch and discover what it really means to find GRACE in challenging times. All around us, grace exists and is showing you its expression of love and light – are you tuning in?

By allowing Neale to take you by the hand and lead you into this new state of understanding and expansion, you are saying "YES!" to all the miraculousness you deserve.

You're ready to experience more light, allowing, expanded perceptions, and more peace and grace in your life. It's time to welcome the beauty of this world and really start living as you were so lovingly designed to.

Settle Into These Sessions and Truly KNOW:

The profound solutions Neale offers are packaged in sage wisdom and captured in anecdotal stories that not only offer greater understanding, but help welcome you into an experience of profound joy on this planet.

This is some of the most important information Neale has presented in years, so important that Neale is considering taking these transcripts and developing them into a book. And, you are able to welcome all of them right here and now IN THIS BEAUTIFULLY MASTERED FORMAT and at an astonishing discount.

Through 6 shows and bonus Q&A audio tracks that were created SPECIFICALLY for you, our Healing With The Masters audience; you gain the tools and insights necessary to shift the way you approach each day and be the change you desire.

As you read on, open your heart, mind and spirit to the potential of living a life of incredible spiritual insight where each decision is made from the heart.

Track 1: Spiritual Parenting, Some Guidelines From Conversations With God

Through a uniquely candid conversation with Healing With The Masters' Jennifer McLean, Neale Donald Walsch answers pressing questions that apply to any parent in any household.

As a parent, teacher or even an influential individual in a child's life, you have the power to impact and shape the very foundation of their experience on this planet.

Join In and Discover:

From supporting creative expression to aligning with children during disagreements, Neale explains it all from a place of genuine love. Listen, learn, and apply what he shares to welcome a balanced friendship-relationship with the children who rely on you most.

Track 2: Dissolving the Illusion of Lack

In this empowering conversation with Neale Donald Walsch, he unravels one of the most difficult challenges in the modern first-world society – the concept of need, want, and lack.

Join in and grow through Neale's explanation of the significance of "things." His profound understanding of what we really need in this life is a shift-inspiring one.

Embrace a life where you can release the "want" in your life, embrace the need and ultimately BE COMPLETELY CONTENT.

Create the necessary change that supports our true growth and rid yourself of the distractions that keep you from accomplishing your life's plan.

Track 3: Releasing Old Patterns, Habits and Stories

Dive into the realm of self-discovery and understand why being able to discern between your habits, patterns and stories is the first step in shaping who you are. The things we do repeatedly have a HUGE impact on daily life – it's time to see how you're subconsciously impacting your own experience.

Open your eyes to a new way of viewing your life events as you become an active participant in shaping them. Understand what your patterns reveal, determine how to change for the better, and discover how to let go of the reins and allow your soul to help you see the one true story that lies within each situation.

This is a very unique opportunity to analyze the way you interact with others, the way you view the world, and most importantly – how you serve yourself. What are you waiting for?

Track 4: Dealing With Negative Energy As You Walk Your Talk

Embrace the power of composure as Neale shares how to overcome negative energies in this transformational teleclass.

Negativity can be the source of so much conflict, pain and struggle... if you let it.

Go in-depth and see the structure of the soul, the ways in which all of our souls interact and understand how to shift the subconscious, subtle interactions into active experiences centered around love.

This applies to anyone and everyone – YEP, EVERYONE. It's time to let your soul lead the way.

Track 5: Staying “Centered” When Life Goes Wild

"Finding your center" is a phrase that gets used time and time again by individuals who are pursuing a greater sense of calm, but what does it really mean?

Join Neale as you create and know your center and see the true power that exists in your 3 Realms of Being.

It’s time to develop an unshakable sense of calm. Every event in your life has happened and is happening for a reason.

You have a higher purpose. While the distractions and complications of today may be clouding your vision of tomorrow, Neale helps you see the world from a new perspective where there is only love.

There is only here, there is only now, and there is only you.

Track 6: Connecting With The Mind & The Soul: How to Do it When You Need To

As Neale puts it, he wants to be sure that everyone listening in has the information he or she needs to properly share this content with anyone. It's his desire that you know why you not only need a physical body, a mind and a mental state, but a spiritual being as well.

Answer Questions Like:

Your soul is the key player in all your daily interactions. Know your soul exists, understand how all souls are intertwined, and discover the ongoing roles that they play.

Welcome the bliss and absolute serenity of a soul-connection. This experience is meant to be magnificent, join Neale and make it so.

Track 7

Neale tackles topics ranging from how to overcome financial issues to managing anger with what the world is delivering, and so much more. He even discusses the holocaust in a way we have never experienced.

Neale's interactions open your heart and mind to the possibilities of a truly expanded life and offer a profound depth of understanding.

PDF Transcript Downloads of ALL The Seasons

PDF Image

Many members of this community love to use the supplemental material we create to tap into different parts of their learning aptitudes. These transcripts are yet another way to immerse yourself in these incredible materials and go deeper with Neale Donald Walsch as your guide.

Reading this information as you progress through each track allows you to fully digest what you're learning and brings you into a new way of allowing and a deeper understanding.

Regardless of how you learn, what really matters is that you learn. Pair these wonderful transcripts with Life Lessons With Neale Donald Walsch, and know what it means to truly grow through this series.

Option 3: ALL OF IT - Items 1-3 - 17 Tracks and video

17 MP3 Downloads, 1 Video Download or Hard-Copy CD's/DVD + PDFs
Retail Value: $514

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You receive not only the groundbreaking material out of Neale's remarkable connection to the divine... bringing forward what is needed right now for your expansion, but also the BEST OF his life's work.

Option 3 allows you to move into a new understanding of How Would Your Life Change if You Thought "No One Needs My Help?" PLUS his BEST OF the Messenger Circle Content that delivers spontaneous messages in the moment of group work, AND his seminal "Life Lessons" where he and Jennifer plumb the depths of the hardest question we face on the planet at this time in our evolution.

Yep with this option you can have it all!

NOTE: Option3 is for those that have not purchased one of Neale's offers from Healing With The Masters in the past.

THIS MATERIAL IS NOT FOUND ON ANY OTHER SITE OR PROGRAM. This has been created for Healing With The Masters audiences only!

This offer is literally the MOST PACKED collection of powerful, insightful, shift-inspiring, vibration raising, ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL tools we have offered this season.

From mind-expanding collections of powerful sessions to tools and products that your very own Jennifer McLean has purchased time and time again as gifts for her loved ones, there's nothing missing from this generous offering.

It's time to be the change you desire, live a life overflowing with love, achieve the states of abundance you know you deserve, and embrace these life-shaping tools to co-create the experience you desire most. And, all of that is what you achieve through these products.

Neale Donald Walsch is placing it all at your fingertips in either MP3 or hard-copy CD from so that you have everything at your disposal whenever you need it.

Welcome a life sculpted by You with a Heartcenter focus and an intent to inspire the most JOY possible.

Transformation awaits at a wonderful discount that won't last long – join Neale today!

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About Neale Donald Walsch:

Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before beginning his now famous conversation with God. His With God series of books has been translated into 34 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives.

In addition to authoring the renowned With God series, Neale has published 16 other works, as well as a number of video and audio programs. Available throughout the world, each of the CwG dialogue books has made the New York Times Bestseller list, Conversations with God-Book 1 occupying that list for over two and half years.

The With God Series has redefined God and shifted spiritual paradigms around the globe. In order to deal with the enormous response to his writings, Neale created the Conversations with God Foundation, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to inspiring the world to help itself move from violence to peace, from confusion to clarity, and from anger to love.

Neale's work has taken him from the steps of Machu Picchu in Peru to the steps of the Shinto shrines of Japan, from Red Square in Moscow to St. Peters Square in Vatican City to Tiananmen Square in China. And everywhere he has gone-from South Africa to Norway, Croatia to The Netherlands, the streets of Zurich to the streets of Seoul, Neale has found a hunger among the people to find a new way to live, at last, in peace and harmony, and he has sought to bring people a new understanding of life and of God which would allow them to experience that.