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Jennifer McLean's Healing With The Masters Season 13

Freedom From Judgment - Harnessing the Power of Divine Alchemy to Transform Suffering into Joy, Peace, Freedom and Ease

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Spiritual Teacher, Mystic and Intuitive Healer, Matt Kahn and Sound Healer Julie Dittmar are giving you access to one of the most profound points of Divine heart opening they’ve ever created.

Listen to what Matt has to say about this Special Offer. Click the arrow to play.

Right now, you have the opportunity to grow, expand and transform your life through 15+ hours of Divinely-inspired, consciously-created workshop shows.

These are the very same teachings that led live participants to achieve complete freedom from the limitations and pitfalls of internal judgement.

Each of these tracks is a fully embodied transmission of presence and every single word has a purpose

The energy that comes through Matt’s words is already doing the healing, awakening and transforming work that you have been asking for.

Simply by listening, Matt takes your burdens, your challenges and your perceptions of lack and makes them his to carry. The energy in these sessions releases you from the bonds of your mind’s struggle, freeing you to create your life without limitation.

The power within these teachings has only been experienced by those who participated LIVE

By joining this brilliant team of spiritual guides,
you’re going to be one of the first to experience...

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Today’s the day you learn to live consciously in every moment

Are you tired of acting out the same unconscious patterns toward yourself and others?

Have you been frustrated with how little seems to shift no matter how much spiritual work you do?

It is time to finally...

Your releases, your healings and your breakthroughs no longer have to be arduous.

This nourishing, uplifting, and transformative journey leads you to experience perfect, permanent freedom from all aspects of personal judgment.

This is your opportunity to resolve each worry, release every distraction, and enter the doorway of your highest destiny in the most heart-centered way.

Just look at the transformation people have achieved through this course:

“Matt is an incredibly accurate guide that is able to traverse the inner energetic wilderness with supreme love and unfathomable clarity. His energy is of a raw love that leaves no strings attached, combined with a level of humor that allows you to not even know that you are healing in his presence.

"Julie brings a level of beauty, gentleness, and grace that is unmatched among the spiritual community, and is totally dedicated to the complete integration of every energetically-sensitive soul through her gift of music and chant.

"Julie and Matt form a duet of compassion, aliveness, and love that will leave you transformed at the heart of your awakening presence.”

~Dave Agnew

“Dearest Matt and Julie,

This retreat was truly a transcendent experience for me. Matt, I am continually amazed that you can take such complex subjects and transform them into simple teachings that go right into my heart. I experience “Ah-has” that bring both peace and clarity – and sometimes tears. You are the clearest, most loving, most enlightening teacher I have ever experienced. You have changed my life in a way I could never have imagined.

And Julie, you bring so much joy, exuberance, sincerity, wisdom, and creativity into your work – it expands the experience for all of us. Your chants come straight from your heart. I bless you and Matt for all you are doing for me and for all of us, as we are certainly blessed by you.

With much love”

~Kathryn Thalden

“Words cannot adequately express my abundant love and gratitude for both Matt and Julie. The “Freedom From Judgment” retreat was simply amazing and I feel so blessed to have somehow found them both four years ago. My life has been so touched and transformed. All I can say is thank you, with every fiber of my being thank you. I am forever grateful to them and send immense love and gratitude!”

~Tanya Trahan

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Your Brand New Freedom From Judgement Retreat Package Includes...

Item 1: Freedom From Judgement Retreat

Available as 15+ Hours of Digital Audio Downloads or Hard Copy CD’s (Retail Value $285)

This soul journey was designed FOR YOU so that you might receive everything you need to create the life of your dreams without lack, fear, worry or doubt.

Join Matt and Julie here, right now and experience the power of intentional, directed, whole-life transformation.

Your path is not your problem. Matt is taking on your points of density so that you might fully receive the energy in these transmissions.

As Matt explains, it is his honor and duty to serve you along your path. And, through this retreat, that is exactly what you receive.

This retreat package includes...

Read on to explore what’s in store and know that by being here, on this page, you are already playing in the energies Matt is calling forth.

Track 1: Introduction

You’re going to lay a brilliant, perfect foundation for making the most of this retreat course.

This graceful introduction warms your soul and perfectly prepares you for the journey ahead.

Explore Matt’s transmission of healing energy and discover how to maximize the transformation received throughout the entire retreat.

Track 2: Surrendering Blame

This is where you discover the transformation that has already occurred. Through very powerful forms of intention and quantum reality, Matt helps you manifest the most miraculous release of blame and shame.

Here, Matt and Julie lead you to demystify your old spiritual paradigm, freeing you from judging the cleverly-disguised catalysts that ensure the completion of your journey.

In the most gentle and loving way, you’re going to discover that your transformation is already ready and waiting.

Track 3: Breathe in, Breathe Out

Through this guided experience, Matt invites you to discover yourself beyond all boundaries, beliefs, and ideas.

Prepare to receive a deeper understanding of breathing and see how it can be used to unravel anger, dishonesty and fear from your life at any time.

The amplified feeling of aliveness you receive here is the catalyst, awakening your subconscious mind.

Track 4: Specialness without Superiority

Matt reveals how one of your greatest fears and deepest desires are actually one in the same.

Here, you’re going to fulfill your highest purpose without attachment to role, identity, outcome, status or circumstance. This also includes a way of viewing apologies in the most empowered way.

You are here for a reason.

It’s time to open your eyes to your desires without fear, judgement, worry or threat. Discover how to open to and embrace your absolute brilliance and know that you are unique and perfectly special.

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Track 5: Returning to your Innocence

This is where you get to reclaim what you once had and allow it to return through a mature vessel. Learn to embrace your true innocent nature as a catalyst for awakening in the most balanced and mature manner.

Through masterfully-crafted processes and intention, Matt welcomes you into a new relationship with your innocence.

Without altering a thing about who you are, you’re going to discover how special and spectacular you always have been.

Track 6: Gayatri Mantra/OM Chants

Join Julie in honoring the Divine essence in all of humanity with these deeply transformative chants.

Through chanting, you are able to integrate the healing energy of Matt’s transmission in a more accelerated way, balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain and relaxing the body and breath.

The Gayatri mantra is a sacred prayer to the luminous giver of light/life and that illumination within all.

Track 7: I Love You Song

Sing along with Julie as she shares her “I love you” song as a sonic meditation to open your heart.

You’re going to open a doorway to experiencing to the greatest miracles in existence as you are reunited with the grace of your true innocent nature.

Track 8: Harmony is Everything (Part 1)

Beginning with a powerful intention, Matt invites you to discover a harmony that is always present. This is going to be one of the most profound healing, releasing and transformative days of your entire life.

No matter the outcomes or circumstances you face in life, this session enables you to be in peaceful flow with all that is.

And, you’re going to have the opportunity to let go of beliefs in control, so you may directly explore the nature of reality in the most joyful way.

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Track 9: Ram Chant

Join in the group vibration to further integrate the healing energy absorbed through Matt’s transmission of presence with this deeply transformative chant.

“Ram” is a name for Source, Consciousness and God. Expanded awareness, truth and consciousness await as you gracefully progress through this beautiful chant.

Prepare to activate the solar plexus chakra (3rd) and third-eye (6th)chakras.

Track 10: Harmony is Everything (Part 2)

As the second half of the harmony teaching, Matt reveals your subjective experience as the nature of reality, rather than imagining it as something to change or overcome.

This track helps you pinpoint the prime pattern of ego so you can extinguish the fire of discontent in every aspect of your life and begin living in peace and harmony with all that is.

Track 11: Harmony is Everything (Part 3)

Taking the harmony teaching even deeper, Matt reveals the freedom of your eternal nature as the spontaneous experience of forgetting how to want.

By exploring the nature of “wanting,” you will actually liberate your innocence from the desperation of discontent.

How COOL is that?!

Track 12: Q&A: “Unworthiness and Money”

In this dialogue, Matt reveals how being honest about your personal difficulties guides you to the freedom that lies within.

Right now, you have the opportunity to invite...

...into your being

No matter what’s happening in your life, this session provides you with a way to return home.

Track 13: I AM Happy, I AM Healthy, I AM Abundant, I AM Free

Explore the I AM mantra practice to rewrite your subconscious mind and integrate the healing energy of Matt’s transmission into all aspects of your being.

Track 14: The Path of Love

Through Matt’s humor and transmission of healing energy, he helps you demystify many spiritual misconceptions to reveal the most miraculous, loving path in existence.

This is one of the most graceful adventures into understanding what’s really occurring in your being and what we’re all experiencing in this physical reality.

Track 15: I AM Love, Love I AM

With healing Solfeggio frequencies in the background, Julie spontaneously guides you on a lucid meditative journey into the heart of liberated joy through one of Matt’s teachings.

This profoundly transformative meditation further interweaves the energies of this workshop series into your being and invites you into a new realm of expansion.

Track 16: The Prime Fear of Ego

Venture beyond the core of human suffering by discovering the most unsuspecting thing the ego fears.

Once recognized, you are able to explore life as a timeless reality and make peace with the circumstances that only ensure your highest evolution.

Track 17: Letting Go of Understanding

A profound depth of clarity is ready and waiting for you here.

Join Matt as he opens your heart to know that I AM is the only answer in existence.

This is IMMENSELY powerful stuff!

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Track 18: The Activity of Honesty

As a way of clarifying the importance and simplicity of surrender, this teaching reveals a revolutionary approach to “letting go.”

This is where you get to relinquish the notion that anything is meant to be let go of at all.

From this space, greater connection with your innocence allows the Truth of your eternal nature to shine brighter than ever before.

Track 19: So Hum Chant

Join Julie and the group in this chant that awakens the presence of Divinity within you while further integrating the healing energy of Matt’s transmission.

So Hum translates as “I am that. I am that I am,” and serves to relax the autonomic nervous system.

Track 20: Unobjectified Feeling

Venture beyond the judgements of labels by feeling each sensation directly.

In the absence of deciding what any feeling means, you are able to sense reality as an aliveness of being within and throughout any feeling in particular.

Track 21: Loving the One Who Judges

Explore the nature of confusion as a universal sign that your heart is ready to open.

Once confusion has dawned, the opportunity to relax into it allows the Truth of reality to awaken.

Fully know and understand why thoughts exist and see how to create abundance through heart-centered joy.

Track 22: Seek Nothing But Love

Discover the importance of feeling good about yourself as a powerful way of inspiring potent spiritual growth and energetic expansion.

This allows true understanding, the grace of enlightenment, and the fulfillment of your highest destiny to find you, instead of trying to chase after it.

Inculcate the importance of honest communication and blessing others as a way of manifesting peace, joy, and fulfillment in your life.

Matt spent months preparing for the transmissions in this workshop series and went to incredible lengths to ensure that you receive everything you need.

This workshop will energetically transform your entire life experience into one that overflows with joy, peace, grace, ease and the absolute freedom from judgement, lack and limitation.

Simply by listening and participating here, you open your soul to fully receive all energetic healing and release the subconscious programmings that have kept you stuck for far too long.

You are ready for this Divine, graceful release. Join Matt and Julie today and discover how beautiful Spirit intended your life to be.

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Matt Kahn

About Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar:

Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, highly-attuned empathic healer who, along with sound healer and yoga teacher, Julie Dittmar, travel the world inviting seekers of all faiths to discover their true divine nature.

Matt's spontaneous awakening arose out of an out-of-body experience at the age of 8, and his direct experiences with ascended masters and archangels throughout his life. Many spiritual seekers have experienced amazing, unexplainable healings, and have awakened to their true nature through these profound and loving teachings and transmission of sacred heart wisdom.