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Jennifer McLean's Healing With The Masters Season 13

Pure Amplified Abundance Quantum Upgrade - Your Brilliantly Amplified Abundant Life - Seeing, Feeling, Experiencing & Creating Abundance in EVERY Aspect of Your Life Brand New, Never Before Released Vibrational Tools

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Mary A. Hall, also known as “The Abundance Queen,” has created one of the most powerful tools to assist you in accessing the purest energetic experience of abundance.

The silent audios contained in this offering deliver pure creation energy.

Mary has invented a way for you to be supported in the most refined and advanced frequencies of AMPLIFIED ABUNDANCE, really this is CREATION ENERGY itself.

This is a rare opportunity to move into a whole new paradigm of creation and flow and witness an unfurling of your potential in powerfully transformational ways.

The processes that Mary is placing in your hands will supply a quantum power to create a fundamental shift in your energetic field of abundance.

Your opportunity for growth and expansion is truly limitless.

She created each of these uniquely powerful tools with you (yes, YOU) in mind and would love nothing more than to see your unique soul expression blossom in this lifetime.

Right Now, You Have Access to Pure, Limitless<br>Abundance Energy in a BRAND NEW format

For the FIRST TIME EVER, Mary is placing two BRAND NEW abundance-inculcating audio tools in YOUR HANDS through this Healing With The Masters special offer.

BOTH of the items on this page are brand new, never-before-released tools that immediately and gracefully connect you with the flow of abundance.

...AND help you clear any barriers to receiving.

She’s then providing you with an entire collection of her most potent transformational tools to ensure that every aspect of your being is massaged in a soothing balm of truth, prosperity, hope, joy, love, and, of course, emotional, physical and financial abundance.

Using her proprietary amplification technology,
Mary has created a clear, very HIGH-VIBRATING, amplified
energy frequency of abundance.

So, by joining her on this adventure, you’ll soon be able to clear blocks, remove all limitation and replace any perceptions of lack with overflowing abundance.

Just imagine that for a moment...

Would you LOVE to experience a world that is masterfully shaped and crafted by your beautiful soul - now attuned with abundance and built on the wings of your own imagination?

...Then look no further because that’s EXACTLY what Mary has in store.

Through this Healing With The Masters special offer, Mary will provide you with tools for opening to the ultimate universal flow of abundance and actually integrating it into your being.

“Mary has a remarkable ability to tap into the energetic frequency of abundance and she is delivering it in a beautifully powerful, immediately applicable way.” ~Jennifer McLean

Mary harnessed THE MOST ADVANCED ABUNDANCE energy signature and devised a way to bring it to YOU right now.

Not only has she captured this advanced and amplified abundance energy, but Mary has also identified the necessary “clearing” energy frequencies to accompany you on this journey.

By simply experiencing these energies through each powerful audio session, you will fundamentally clear any of the old programs that may be running in your subconscious and impeding your flow of abundance.

Imagine waking up every day to play in these miraculous frequencies of abundance.

Mary’s amazing technology allows you to resonate with and activate the truth within you.

Once the truth is experienced, the lower-vibrating, limiting beliefs that have been running deep within you will simply surface and clear from your field.

Imagine wiping out all the barriers keeping you in lack, then shifting into the limitless abundance you deserve. Doesn’t that just sound DIVINE?

~WARNING~ These are some of the MOST advanced energies Mary has yet come across and the products containing these energies are powerful beyone measure. It is only for those who are completely committed to seeking the divine truth and clearing their way to their diving birthright of the true abundance. And, these audios and workbooks are only for those who are willing to play full-out and follow the suggested protocol.

Item 1: Pure Amplified Abundance Energy – Advanced Silent Quantum Upgrade (Completely Silent Advanced Quantum Abundance Energy)

Available as Digital Audio Download (Retail Value $97)

"I have never experienced anything quite like this. The Amplified Abundance energies projected me to a whole new level of opening. The first 4 days I tried it, I increased my business income by 85%.

It was also clear that it brought up the areas ready to be cleared and Mary’s unique energetic frequency of clearing shifted things so profoundly... I am truly blown away."

~ Jennifer McLean

“This is the best stand-alone audio for capturing and enveloping you in the Divine energy of abundance and well-being that has ever come through me.”

~ Mary A Hall

This BRAND NEW SILENT audio session invites you to move into the energy of abundance and apply it to every aspect of your life.

You’ll bathe in some of the most profound and powerful, pure creation energies that have ever been featured on a Healing With The Masters series.

Imagine feeling, experiencing and sensing the purest energies of flow as you open to infinite ABUNDANCE.

THEN watch as your life expands, presenting you with new wonderful possibilities of... flow, love, expansion, wealth, health and safe supportive relationships.

If you’re ready to tangibly feel and experience<br>what it means to be in perfect alignment with the <br>energetic frequency of abundance, this is your chance.

Mary transports you into a new, peaceful realm of conscious awareness where life’s challenges, difficulties and struggles simply fade away.

When in this new world of tranquility and possibility, the most remarkable thing happens: you can actually see all the abundance flowing into your being.

You become aware, enlivened and connected to the abundance all around you. You flow with ease, clarity, focus and deep appreciation, seeing and connecting deeply to your marvelous life here right now.


Mary has developed technology to not only capture her impressions of the abundance frequency—a remarkable gift all on its own—but also use this technology to amplify the vibration for YOU.

This SILENT audio delivers this energy to you AND, using Mary’s technology, provides it in a powerfully amplified way. It delivers the perfect, high-vibrating energetic environment to visualize and actually play within in the energies of what you want to create in your life.

This powerful tool has only been shared with a handful of individuals. Here’s what they have to say about it...

“I could immediately feel what I can only describe as a refining, tuning and clarifying of focus....

I felt a physical massaging on both sides of my head as my sight (both literal and energetic) honed in and offered me the capacity to see in an entirely new, expanded way. As I continued listening, I felt an influx of abundance coming into my being that overflowed with appreciation of the love and wealth around me.

I even received TWO messages from separate individuals who shared insights that they thought would benefit me while I was listening!

This is a tangible energetic experience that will leave you in awe of the Divine abundant flow we so often overlook. Thank you, Mary for sharing your gifts and opening my eyes to see that which has always existed!”

~ Jon Griffin

“This new Amplified Abundance audio is remarkably powerful and actually took me by surprise when I first clicked ‘Play.’

From the onset, I was connected with my Divinity, well being, love and abundance. I had chills running the length of my body and within minutes, moved into a state of weightless conscious awareness. I was able to see the abundance I’d been ignoring in my own life and received multiple messages while listening to Mary’s audio reminding me of the emotional, financial and physical abundance I’ve been blessed with.

If you’re looking to actually feel abundance in your own life and settle into a warm, nurturing state of peace and presence, this session will far exceed your expectations.”

~ Matthew Thompson

“Mary's NEW advanced Abundance audio has a sweet, clean energy and feels like a continuous purification of all the clutter and debris blocking me from my greatest potential. I have a knowing that unwanted things are leaving, opening me up to more possibility and simplicity. My heart feels expanded. When listening I received an email that significantly reduced the money I owed on a bill making the payment of it super easy”

~ Jessica

Everyone can benefit from and tap into this<br>beautifully supportive energy.

The flow of abundance is universally accessible and this awe-inspiring tool ushers you into a state of freedom and possibility that transforms any situation into one of positivity and Divinely-inspired creation.

Take a moment to consider the freedom of living in alignment with the frequency of abundance, where you are the limitless creator of this life and world and all energy reinforces your knowing that all-is-possible.

What if the words “can not," "do not have,” and “will not receive” actually exist without meaning?

This powerful transformational audio exists to support and expand your brilliant creative frequency through regular practice.

Allow Mary to provide you with a daily dose of pure, Divine creation energy and watch as your entire life rapidly transforms.

Item 2: Amplified Abundance Healing & Clearing – Advanced Silent Quantum Clearing Upgrade - (Gentle, Silent, Amplified Quantum Healing, Clearing and Releasing Energy)

Available as Digital Audio Download (Retail Value $97)

This is the second BRAND NEW piece of your complete vibration-raising, abundance-infusing master toolkit.

Your Advanced Silent Clearing Energy Upgrade is here to offer YOU even more of your brilliant self.

Mary has, through pure dissemination of Spirit, tapped into powerful clearing energies and profound healing frequencies that zone in on releasing and clearing old beliefs and patterns, and transmute and transform them.

This brand new silent clearing audio delivers these frequencies in the most powerful ways. It is amplified using her proprietary technology that allows these energies to move in and through you with grace and ease.

You are going to effortlessly discover and<br>align with your flow of abundance...

AND, Mary has “downloaded” powerful truth energies into her being so that she might bring them to the forefront of your life.

As the gentle clearing frequencies leave your being, the frequency of truth enters and fills the spaces left behind. This ensures that you remain whole but offers a HUGE vibrational boost that enables you to function at your MAXIMUM co-creative potential.

In order to fully and graciously open to all the Amplified Abundance energies that are here for you, clearing has to take place.

This audio is the most gentle groundskeeper... trimming back the garden of your soul, removing the dead leaves and creating room for all that is about to spring forth.

In fact, you can use this healing tool on ANY AND ALL life challenges that show up and are ready to be cleared, creating an opening for the truth to move in.

Limiting beliefs have no place in your physical or energetic being once you begin working with this clearing audio.

Mary’s Formula:

  1. Simply tap into a current challenge, belief or pattern of old programming...
  2. Then bring in the ‘knowing’ energy of the THE TRUTH of who you REALLY are...
  3. Then experience the pure Clearing Abundance Energy Upgrade infused into this silent audio that gently removes and releases the old programming and replaces it with THE TRUTH.
  4. Then if you are drawn to it, you can amplify the experience by listening to the Advanced Amplified Abundance Upgrade healing audio to vibrationally integrate the healing, clearing and truth into your being.

This potent combination and protocol are here to help you release and re-align into the true Divine you.

Mary is here, ready to realign you with your birthright.

You are meant to live a pure, Divine birthright of love, light, joy, allowing, compassion, abundance and more. Allow Mary to lead you there.

Bonus 1: Amplified Abundance & Creation Energy Training Video

Available as an Online Video (Retail Value $67)

In order to ensure that you have absolutely everything you need while gracefully progressing through this adventure into whole-life abundance, Mary is providing you with a series of instructional tools.

You can apply these methods to everyday life to<br>inspire entire-reality shifts.

Mary first guides you through a process of out-picturing what your abundance will provide for you. Not only will your mind’s eye actually see what’s going to happen in your new, brilliant future, but your energetic body will feel and flow in alignment with the vibration of that abundance.

This is SUCH a powerful process for allowing your soul to speak when describing the future you REALLY want to be living.

THEN, you’re going to have a roadmap – a beautiful foundation, from which you can begin making statements that best set you up for success, abundance and the expansion you want to receive.

Imagine what it would be like if, in those times when you just can’t describe what you want, you have a starting point and series of masterfully crafted cues that get the ball rolling.

This combination makes manifesting FUN and keeps you in a state of play so your heart’s desires flow forth as you create your most miraculous life.

Bonus 2: Abundance Golden Silence - All Is Possible Energy - (Completely Silent, Uplifting, All Is Possible - Abundance Energy)

Available as Digital Audio Download (Retail Value $147)

This is simply a must-have as part of your regular abundance practice. You can use it over and over again to deepen your connection with the Divine flow of all that is.

Mary is providing you with a timeless, evergreen tool for transforming your life and the lives of those around you.

Here’s a special note from Jennifer McLean<br>about this series of audios:

After receiving thousands of emails from folks sharing their financial challenges, I turned to Mary and asked her if she had a way to use the powerful energies she had practiced on me to share with you...

And she created... this remarkable SILENT energy experience.

This is the grounding frequency, the starting point, for all abundance. It creates the signature of “ALL IS POSSIBLE” in your field, allowing you to find a footing to then move into more advanced abundance signatures.

I have been hearing the wonderful responses to this gorgeous silence over the last year and, without exception, they were ALL blown away by the subtle delicacy of this intricate vibrational frequency.

I know you’re going to LOVE this tool as much as I have... I use it in my own practice nearly every day!

~ Jennifer McLean

Just by listening and really experiencing this silent energy, individuals are regularly brought into greater ease and flow in all of life’s experiences and challenges – creating a smoother resolve as they opened up to a reality where all is possible.

Over time, this audio set invites the abundance energy signature to be a permanent part of your life experience.

Many who experienced it burst into tears as they felt their hearts instantly open (safely and thoughtfully) to the new vibrations of flow, love and possibility.

Those who experience the silent energy of this audio will now have no ceiling to their abundance. This juicy and velvety energy puts you into your own flow and can dissolve any previous conditions of lack.

Imagine sitting at your desk as you tackle a large assignment or need to create something new... in the background, silently supporting you, is Mary and her Golden Silence – All Is Possible energy, nudging you to create at the highest level of vibration.

Play this SILENT GOLDEN SILENCE audio anywhere at any time without anyone knowing while simultaneously raising your vibration and exponentially increasing the flow of your abundance.

This vibration-raising tool will also positively impact<br>anyone else in the room who is open to its resonance.

If someone you live or work with is open, from an intention of abundance perspective, they WILL receive the benefit. If they aren't open, it will simply be like a cool breeze of upliftment for them, and no more.

Bonus 3: Morning & Evening Possibilities

Available as Digital Audio Download (Retail Value $147)

In this audio set, you will receive two variations - a long version and a short version of audios that will get you started in the morning and help you to finish your day.

You can listen to the morning 8 minutes or 10 minutes upon arising and, in the evening, 9 minutes or 14 minutes before you fall asleep.

JUST THESE AUDIOS will upgrade<br>your entire abundance frequency.

It can be easy – even second nature, to fill your thoughts with fear, worry, doubt and even dread of what the day will bring...

This kind of response leaves you longing for more peace, greater clarity and more profound understanding that isn’t shrouded in fear. And today, there’s hope...

Mary has designed these audios to anchor in a new set of possibilities in the realms of Love, Wholeness and Possibility. You’re going to begin your day within these high vibrating energies - again embraced by Mary as she holds you in your light.

And then, in the evening, release the day and be guided through, noticing the good things that you experienced that day, letting go of anything that upset you.

You are now preparing for a remarkable night’s sleep (the best you have had, we promise), and prepared for a tomorrow that is going to be a grand and brand new day of possibility.

This is one of the most important exercises in abundance you can undertake...

AND you are embraced with Mary’s rare and magnificent energies, shining an energetic light on YOUR light, which you will feel throughout your days and nights.

Bonus 4: 2-Part Audio Set: Exploring The Divine Energy of Money & Abundance, PLUS The Abundance Expansion Core Questioning Process

Available as Digital Audio Download (Retail Value $67)

"Wow, this was amazing Mary! I can't believe how relaxed I feel after it. I released so much heavy energy during the call, and so easily - it just floated up and out of me. I was listening to a recorded call on my ipod, but at one point it seemed like your voice was actually coming out of my heart rather than the earphones! I was surprised, but it felt so right. I was so touched when you told us Spirit never sees us as being unworthy or not good enough - it brought tears to my eyes. I'll definitely be listening to this one again and again! Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing these calls Mary."

~ Debra Rae-Smith

To assist you in finding the energy of abundance, to feel it and to completely play in it, Mary created a show on her membership site (Abundance Alive) where she shares aspects of the Divine Energy of Money & Abundance and the partnering of the Divine who wants to join with us in the beautiful dance of life.

She explores the Abundance Expansion Core Questionnaire, which now gives you the practice to use your dreams and what you want in life, to guide you to the abundance that lies at the core within.

In this audio, Mary guides you to use what you "want" to discover, and the energetic frequency of possibility in what your heart and soul are yearning for. Your dreams and desires are actually just the doorway to your true well of abundance.

The simple processes she leads you through integrate the vibrations of play and creation into your heart center and actually make you a vibrational match for all those “wants” and desires.

You are going to connect with your desires<br> on a fundamental, energetic level,<br>effortlessly welcoming them into your life.

Through this process, what you desire is no longer outside of you, but is NOW within you.

This audio, plus the downloadable worksheet, will show you the path to what is on the other side of your "wants." You’re actually going to discover the energy of possibility, flow and abundance that the initial desire has been pointing to all along.

It’s time to reveal your heart’s true passions.

It isn't the house, car, relationship, rent money, vacation etc... It is the energies and emotions that they will bring for you to experience.

You’re going to uncover the key to achieving your dreams.

This audio and the tools that Mary delivers on this product will guide you through a path to the core feelings, and to an expansion of possibilities.

When you use the information on this audio and play in what your desires provide, it opens up the expansiveness to your flow of abundance.

IT’S TIME TO TAP INTO YOUR CREATION ENERGY - then allow Mary’s technology to amplify it exponentially.

Bonus 5: Truth Abundance Heart Thoughts<

Available as Digital Audio Download (Retail Value $37)

"Wow!! That was simply awesome Mary. I could feel the waves of love and healing energy radiating from your words. I was in definite need of some 'uplifting' and that certainly did the trick."

~ Linda D

Mary has been guided through her Heart Activation work and her deep inner connection to love, flow and abundance to access a set of phrases and words that vibrate at the highest levels of inner truth. She discovered the "heart thoughts" as she searched deeply for ways to ignite flow in her clients.

Mary's two original HeartThought products have changed many lives through both the expansive energy and her soothing words—capturing your soul and transporting you to the truth of your essence.

These particular phrases take you to the next level of "I AM" and establish a sense of internal knowing, which activates new frequencies in your awareness and manifestation. Ultimately they add another thread in the weave of abundance that this package is creating for you.

Bonus 6: Healing Audio - Resonating to The Layers of Abundance

Available as Digital Audio Download (Retail Value $47)

This oh-so-powerful healing audio guides you to access and resonate with every layer of abundance and is profoundly powerful for connecting the power in all these tools.

Mary has the most amazing ability to extend healing energies at a distance and is definitely giving you that incredible benefit in this audio set.

The foundation for aligning with abundance lies within understanding, feeling, sensing and resonating with the different layers of abundance that resides within your being.

By tapping into this powerful session, you are taking Mary’s patient hand and carefully planned guidance to lead you to the most magnificent expression of your new abundant signature.

Bonus 7: Healing Audio - Expanding the Power of “I Can”

Available as Digital Audio Download (Retail Value $47)

"Mary, your second healing call had me dancing under the full moon with spirit last night. I could feel the flow of abun-dance in every cell of my body. Never before have I felt so alive and full of gratitude. I now have a new energy blueprint that I can call forth for the rest of my life. Thank you, sweet angel, I love you sooooo much!"

~ Kim Mcgehee

This high frequency healing audio offers you an opportunity to flow within the energetic frequencies of "yes" and "I can."

These are two of the most powerful statements you can align with when playing in a field of abundance and, through this track, you’re going to fully realize the gifts that they bring forward.

You’re going to move beyond the “can’t” and into a state of “Yes!” as Mary guides you into this effortless field of abundance.

These simple words contain life-changing healing energies of manifestation that, when we fully embrace, believe and allow, become our guiding energetic principles.

Through this Healing With The Masters special offer, Mary is offering one of the most abundant packages we have ever seen her create.

You’re going to receive the two BRAND NEW, most powerful, life-transforming audios she’s ever developed, as well as 7 bonuses that support every aspect of your adventure into abundance. From manifesting your reality and clearing all blocks that have kept you in a state of lack and resistance, to actually feeling the flow of abundance in a real and tangible way, this offer has it all.

Join Mary on this new brilliant series of adventures and open your eyes to see the brilliantly abundant world around you, today!

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Mary A. Hall

About Mary A Hall

Mary is one of the most powerful intuitive coaches. She not only leads in the field of abundance, wealth, money and success, she is also a renowned energy healer, assisting with physical and life challenges of all stripes and colors.

She has an uncanny knack for tapping into the level of flow, health and abundance and is able to then adjust the internal energies accordingly through coaching and energy work. Having worked with preeminent individuals; business leaders, health and wellness leaders, advertising and brand companies, doctors, financial advisors and more, she has proven over and over that there is always a point of access to shift one’s capacity for balance, harmony, abundance and health.

This is not just some philosophy or rote practice that Mary delivers, this is pure access. Mary helps individuals move the needle on their lives and open the floodgates of possibility. She creates a space of allowing for breakthrough changes in how one feels, looks at, and interacts with relationships, health, money, wealth and abundance, allowing in a new formed self love and acceptance. Get ready for your transformation.