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Quantum Lightweaving® – Tools and Trainings For Your Most Beautiful Ascension

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Kenji Kumara's Master Series Intensives are more than just workshops, they are life-changing 3-day events. With Kenji as your guide, specific core issues are cleared and released through the most beautiful discovery-empowering Quantum journey.

Imagine tapping into a limitless resource for your own personal development and growth...Whenever you need it! How amazing is that?

“The Quantum is a place of many possibilities and potentials in the Now, which is our place of personal and galactic power.”

Not only do you get to GROW through the hands-on wave collapse experiences and Kenji’s amazing instruction, you get the benefit of his transformational attunements and initiations. Kenji is literally setting you up with EVERYTHING you need to set off on your true Divine path and achieve the life you’ve been dreaming of.

With Kenji as Your Guide, You:

Prepare for the transformation of a lifetime. YOU are miraculous and YOU have the power to shape this very experience - it’s time you let Kenji show you how.

This is YOUR offer - It was pieced together to give you the most potent tools for life transformation and they’re all here.

Consider the POTENTIAL: With these tools in your possession, you get a custom-built skeleton key that has the power to unlock every door in your life.

These LIVE recordings now exist to serve you and your overall development. They attune you to the Quantum Lightweaving® matrix for rapid healing and ground-breaking shifts in Consciousness, gracefully moving you into the state of Oneness and Peace.

Each section has a unique focus that opens you through unique themes that apply to everyday life.

These Life-Changing Channeling Downloads Help Empower Your Spiritual Path

With initiations that continue to work over time, you’re able to embrace greater self-empowerment in the quantum. Yep! You get to dive in, OVER and OVER again.

Because these attunements are evergreen, they continue to live and grow, no matter when you’re listening. And, their effects are cumulative so the more you listen, the more benefit you gain.

To put it simply, each session builds on the last – keep your progress running forth and know that you’ll never have to stop growing.

Embrace a graceful alignment with the New Earth frequencies and say “YES!” to all you deserve.

Your Package Includes:


Available as MP3 Downloads or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $197)

This session comes directly from the Live Quantum Lightweaving Master Series 1 Intensive in Tubac, Arizona and is here to provide you with everything you need to receive the lightness, light and color activation and increased awareness you’re after.

Bring these works into your home, allow yourself to unwind, and open to the possibility of a life that overflows with balance, grace, ease, health and SO MUCH MORE.

As you get to know Kenji and discover all that he is working to do in your life, the pace of progress becomes astounding. You set off on a journey into discovering all that you have available to you.

Breathe into the light of your soul, let go of all unconsciousness and become aware of the miraculous state that you are.

Jump into this six-audio session and:

When you work with Kenji, you literally get to see the unconsciousness leave your body. It all starts by ridding your body of all energies that are not yours and no longer serve you.

YOU are the key to creating a vessel that makes your goals and dreams a reality. Allow your awareness and creative power to be activated, welcome the pillars of light, and bring these tools and processes into your daily practice.

Your growth and your progress are as big as you allow them to be.

Know that every aspect of your development is under your control. Bring Kenji in and open your eyes to the world of energy that surrounds us.

Take all of these home – they are your stepping stones to awareness:

  1. 1 - “New Vibrations”
  2. 2 - “Soul Fragment Retrieval”
  3. 3 - “Light and Color Activation”
  4. 4 - “Releasing Trauma and Stress”
  5. 5 - “Receiving Lightness”
  6. 6 - “Christed Awareness”


Available as MP3 Downloads or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $250)

You have everything you need to be successful.

Kenji leads you back into awareness of all that you’ve experienced and all you’re going to grow into. You are actively supported by every aspect of this life and with a little help and this part of your toolkit in your possession, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

Do you know that you are abundant and have a world of infinite possibility at your fingertips?

Enjoy continued progress with these advanced, live meditations and activations from the Quantum Lightweaving® Master Series 2 Intensive in Fairfield, IA March 2012.

Deep, transformational processes and life-changing activations.

These attunements bring you into direct alignment with Source and the powerful Quantum Lightweaving® matrix and reach into:

Did you know that you have the ability to define where your energy goes?

Are you aware of the energy you’re receiving and how you’re offering your own energy to those around you?

Do you know how to hold on to your energy while releasing that which no longer serves you?

Through this amazing second series of audio downloads or hard-copy CD’s, Kenji puts you in the driver’s seat and empowers you to play with your own energy. He removes and releases any potential fear or self-imposed limitation and pushes you to become the most incredible higher-self.

You are ready to progress. You are prepared for this epic shift.

Allow Kenji to move you into releasing and harnessing awareness and achieve the true balance you want and need.

This life is yours to make the most of...
...Shouldn’t it be a blast?

Give birth to your new self and become everything that you already are.

You get to play with:


Available as MP3 Downloads or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $97)

This is where you discover how to go back, remember where you’ve been and take those skills even further. By reaching back through your experience and tapping into everything you’ve learned, you’re able to take FULL ADVANTAGE of all you learned.

It’s time to learn from the past and be aware of changes that occurred, you’ll be amazed at how far you can go.

Make your next step a directed one and allow love, light, peace, patience, harmony and oneness to flow through you.

Dive into a More Profound Understanding With:

These Attunements were recorded live during the Master Series 1 Intensive training review in Fairfield, Iowa and lead you through an overview of your progress thus far.

You’ve come a long way over the course of these last few sessions and this next step enables you to apply what you’ve seen, heard, experienced and learned and continue along your path.

It’s Kenji’s goal to give you tools that go beyond the limitations of the here and now.

These processes and workshops give you critical information that can be used over and over again for years to come.

These are short attunements, which directly align you to the Quantum Lightweaving® matrix.

Once you receive the activations in the trainings, you will be able to provide the work to others and yourself. The attunements will take you deep into Oneness and connect you with the space of Infinite Possibility, for the potential of immediate transformation and healing.


Available as MP3 Downloads or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $97)

Open your body, mind and spirit to the potential of activations and Initiations into the Advanced Quantum Lightweaving® work and matrix.

After easing you into his Lightweaving techniques and building a flawless foundation of awareness, peace, grace and ease, Kenji takes you EVEN FURTHER through this advanced review. These sessions took place in Fairfield, Iowa and are really, really amazing to work with.

You’ve been working toward a goal of leaping into new realms by activating and letting go and this is where clarity of receiving really comes into play.

Effortlessly move into your ability and call forth the ENTIRE UNIVERSE to support and receive you in these processes.

You get to play with all of creation and invite them into your personal space...

...How cool is that?!

These activations prepare you to share the advanced work with others and align you more deeply with the powerful Quantum Lightweaving® energy transmissions.

Move into the oneness and wide open space and know that you have all you need.

Harness the power of your beingness and take this next leap into your self-development.

You will receive a deeper understanding of working within this field of Infinite Possibility.

These Audios Allow You to Help The Entire Planet:

All of these tracks provide you with what you need to spread this wealth of knowledge across this big beautiful globe of ours.

Re-train your Ego and reach out into the world to lend a shaping hand.

ITEM #5: MASTER SERIES ONE INTENSIVE REVIEW VIDEO - November 2011 Activations, Fairfield, IA

Available as Video Downloads or Hard Copy DVDs (Retail Value $250)

Have you ever listened to a series of processes or healing works and wondered if you were hitting the nail on the head when it comes to practice and actually DOING the work?

Have you ever questioned the effectiveness of something you KNOW, without a doubt, was working because you hadn’t seen it done before?

Do you know how to carry out EVERY process and make the most of every healing session ?

While audio is amazing and extremely convenient, sometimes, it’s just best to SEE what’s happening. Enjoy the comfort of knowing that you have these processes and techniques down by using these video downloads or DVD’s whenever necessary.

Being able to watch these processes and see all that Kenji is sharing sheds a new light on how simple all of this Lightweaving can be. Rather than imagine what he’s doing or potentially detach from your life-shifting work to try and guess what he means, you can now pair audio with video in a Swiss Army Knife of spiritual transformation.

See, first hand, what he explains and know without a doubt that you are maximizing your time each day that you work to better your world.

Not only do you get an overview of Lightweaving and all that it has to offer, you get specific and targeted processes and experiences that can reshape your daily interactions.

Kenji reviews everything that is taught in the Master Series 1 Intensive, including attunements and demonstrations of wave collapses.

You discover everything from how to place your hands in certain processes to the right protocols and tapping into your 3rd eye center. This program literally abounds with wonderful video to make sure you know all your heart desires.

Learn All The Basics and Then Some:

Harness the power of your own Quantum Lightweaving and welcome a wave of love, light, consciousness, knowledge, and divine harmony.

ITEM #6: MASTER SERIES TWO INTENSIVE REVIEW Video - August 2012 Activations, Fairfield, IA

Available as Video Downloads or Hard Copy DVDs (Retail Value $250)

These videos were recorded live during the November 2012 Quantum Lightweaving® Master Series 2 Intensive Review in Fairfield, Iowa. You receive the attunements, and Kenji teaches and demonstrates advanced transformational techniques such as:

The art of catching and meditation is a critical tool in moving through this life gracefully.

As you focus on downloading and light cocooning, keep in mind that meditation must be included as well. Regular practice is weaved in and through this recap series to make sure you have some consistency.

This section includes 5 advanced attunement activations for deeper meditative connection with the council of 14, counsel of clarity, guardian angels, inner child and the higher self and is just AMAZING.

This video series is the sequel to the Master Series One Intensive Review, and helps you further align to the Quantum Light matrix and the realm of Infinite Possibility.

The realm of Infinite Possibility is the space where the work takes place. This is where the real shift occurs and knowing how to move into that space allows you to work on the Self at will.

Make the most of each piece you’re given through this special offer and begin your transformation, today!

Single Theme Activations:

ITEM #7: Immersion In The Ocean Of Bliss

Available as MP3 Downloads or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $97)

How wonderful would it be if each day you woke up, activated a process and moved into a state of absolute bliss?

Wouldn’t it be incredible to go through life in a state of enjoyment?

Did you know that with a little nudge in the right direction, you can do just that?


This series lets you head full-on into a life that is immersed in an ocean of bliss.

This Live Group Healing event was recorded in front of a large audience in Des Moines, IA and YOU GET TO USE IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

In the first activation, you get deep cleansing in all bodies and release all energies that are not your own.

Let go of emotions like grief, loss, and sadness, which no longer serve you, and release the need to fit into tribal Consciousness.

The second activation invites you to receive the New Earth energetics as you merge with the heartbeat of all Creation.

This is a powerful re-birthing experience, and an opportunity to remember who you are, coming face-to-face with your Creator, and merging with Love.

ITEM #8: Your Divine Helpers

Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $29)

This Quantum journey provides you with a deep connection to your Divine Helpers. You get to spend time with your Guardian Angel(s) and your main Guide or Inner Teacher.

You also bring in your home-world vibration, receiving waves of information - Light and Energy.

Imagine connecting with your Soul Group, who are a like-minded group related to your soul’s destiny. How amazing would that interaction be?

Every being that is looking out for your well-being comes forth to support you in one way or another. Take this opportunity to discover how and why.

Finally, you receive a Divine blessing via a messenger that is designed specifically for you from Prime Source.

By the end of this series you emerge from your voyage with a new understanding of the support and love that you have from your Divine Helpers.


ITEM #9: Journey To Your Home World

Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $29)

Take a journey to your home world (your favorite place in all of Creation) and join your guide in the process.

Once you get to your home world, you gain access to your own Light codes and special knowledge about the consensus reality that exists here on Earth.

Gather and bring back information about your soul’s purpose, your destiny, and receive special knowledge about how to heal the physical body and even receive gifts, like Light Language.

You also receive an awareness of how you have given your power away, and then learn how to reclaim it.

When you return with a special gift from your home world (your vibrational home world energies, which will be available in a storage area for retrieval), you begin to establish a new way of life.

This amazing voyage is an advanced activation that takes you deep into the Quantum and back again. Strap in and get ready – it’s an amazing ride!

ITEM #10: The Art of Quantum Meditation

Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $29)

Kenji asks you to release all expectations of what you will experience in meditation and enter a field of imagination where you have the ability to manifest with grace and ease.

As the voyager, you move into the stillness at the doorway of Creation to receive your next vibrational awareness, your next level of empowerment and self-healing, and your next level of illumination.

This is a deep and profound journey into the Void. Know that you are bound to return from this Quantum journey with new frequencies.

And, Kenji gives you a special blessing and gift of etheric Angel/Fairy Dust to use in your life wherever it is needed.

ITEM #11: Higher-Self Downloads - Seattle, WA  October 2012

Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $29)

This advanced activation assists you in becoming a clear and perfect channel for Divine Source.

Kenji explains the nature of downloads, the Archangel Kingdom, and the Ascended Masters.

Your channels are prepared to receive Light Language codes from your home world that relate to the New Earth vibration, i.e., embodying Light in the living flesh, so no surprises arise through this process.

As a voyager, you clear all cords that have had a binding or controlling effect on your life and you experience deep cleansing on all levels in order to breathe in your own Divine Light and receive your next level of understanding.

You also commune deeply with your Inner Child, Guardian Angel, and Master Teacher – I Am presence to I Am presence before emerging from this advanced Quantum experience with a remarkable gift from the Universe and a new awareness of the New Earth.

ITEM #12: Clearing The 4 Major Archetypes: Wounded Child, Saboteur, Prostitute and Victim

Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $29)

Kenji sets the protocol for Quantum Lightweaving®, allowing you to journey deep into the Quantum field, where healing takes place. The Wounded Inner Child receives immediate healing from a space of security and loving support, releasing wounds and deeply receiving Unconditional Love.

The Saboteur Archetype comes from a subconscious feeling of being unworthy to receive, and can sabotage all your progress or positive things in your life. The vibration that holds the Saboteur archetype in place will be released, and you feel the new power within as this shift occurs.

The Prostitute archetype represents every time when you have functioned outside of your integrity, not speaking your truth, or compromised your being for the sake of fitting in, often creating pain or dysfunction in the body. Open up for a powerful release from the influence of this archetype and a deep Quantum healing.

Finally, get ready to be released from the sense of being a victim so that you can go forward manifesting as a Creator. This activation connects you deeply to the Stillness of inner space, so that you may receive all Divine Light and merge with Oneness, free of the influence of all 4 archetypes.

This process can take upwards of 14 days to integrate.

ITEM #13: Release From Separation And Merging With The Quantum

Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $29)

This powerful and deeply cleansing attunement replaces all old programming with your codes of the future. It begins with the connection of the brain hemispheres to come into a space of coherence and clarity.

All unconscious resistance and fears are released in a place of no judgment. After separating from trauma and chaos of the world and other people, you receive a deep cleansing of the body and energetic field, connecting you with Oneness.

Merge with Prime light from the Great Central Sun and re-calibrate the brain to hear the celestial sounds of the Universe.

Then, let yourself be released from density, and with the help of dolphins and the Angels, you receive healing from past traumas and a profound sense of playfulness, gentleness, wisdom, and allowance.

Before you emerge from this Divine Quantum space, you also receive the gift of “Angel Dusting.”


The Journey Home

Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $19)

Experience your true freedom and source of power and intelligence as Kenji leads you on an incredible journey, activating the 14 major meridians and the brain's inherent gifts of self-healing.

This attunement aligns you with the Quantum, bringing forth rapid cleansing, and allowing you to finally claim your own power. Open to your gifts, receiving clear-seeing and inner-knowing, as you pass through the veil of forgetfulness.

This is a powerful, transformational attunement to the energy of unconditional Love and Allowance and the space of Infinite possibility. Welcome it with open arms.

Dreamtime and Power Naps

Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $19)

Process for power naps, deep relaxation, and preparation for creative endeavors. Receive deep relaxation, joy, bliss, and peace.

This activation is perfect to use before sleeping. Call Angels of Peace to surround your body, creating a safe and calm cocoon of light. Bring pure colors and sounds from the angelic realm, and take them deep into the body.

Feel completely embraced and comforted as your brain goes into a quiet space of tranquility, joy, and healing.

And, in addition to ALL OF THESE HEALING MATERIALS you also get to take home a Free Quantum Lightweaving Logo for Meditation and Prayer:

Choose to work with Kenji and prepare for an ever-changed life. These processes are here to shift your life into greater expansion and move you to experiencing the love, light, grace and ease you deserve. Embrace your magnificence and explore this life as you were meant to. You are an incredible being with limitless power - take advantage of this time with Kenji and move into limitless potential with the quantum.

This is over 21 hours of Audio and Video with a retail value of $1,412. which means you get to use all these tools for up to 89% off!

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About Kenji Kumara:

Kenji Kumara, a Japanese-American, born in Berkeley, CA, resides on the west coast and serves as a messenger, initiator and quantum bridger between worlds. His goal is to service all those ready for their awakening and empowerment. He is a simple man with a simple message: Be the State you want the world to embrace. Love the world as you love yourself - Live by the Golden Rule. Do your spiritual homework. The best medicine: hugs, smiles and laughter.

Kenji has been in the transformational healing arts for over 4 decades. He holds Masters degrees in Education (Early Childhood specialty) and also Para Psychology, and a Bachelors degree in Humanistic Psychology. He is a former PreSchool-Grade 8 credentialed teacher and has tons of certifications in energywork, bodywork, healing approaches, trans-personal counseling, spiritual pyscho-therapeutics, and seminars training.

His specialty is spiritual emergence and awakening for the gifted quantum generation and serves as an awakener and catalyst for the New Earth energetics. Kenji travels to Fairfield, Tucson, Austin, Boston and Edmonton regularly to share the work through 3-6 day Intensives and weekend large group healing events.

Kenji established Quantum Lightweaving (R) - his synthesis of over 4 decades in the field - in 2007. His website is www.QuantumLightweaving.com where one can purchase his live and evergreen audios, videos and pendants.

His 39-year old earth dream is to build an off-the-grid community and retreat training center for world leaders and leading edge quantum thinkers of the new generation and to publish his direct transmissions through audio and video in many languages. The scope of his work is global and galactic in application.

His mission is Sharing the Joy of Awakening and his vision is New Earth embodiment in daily living.

Kenji is gathering his staff and calling forth his soul group to connect and build together the Quantum Ligthtweaving field of dreams. He is working on his first teaching book about the Quantum.

Quantum Lightweaving ® is not a substitute for standard medical care and treatment. We do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. Recipients of the work take full responsibility for their experiences on all levels and will not hold Quantum Lightweaving® or the facilitators liable for any after effects and shifts in consciousness. Quantum Lightweaving® is an complimentary modality to standard medical, therapeutic, counseling and mental health practices and is a soul-based transformational approach for Unity Consciousness.

Student/Purchaser Legal Agreement:
Students, whether taught in person or through viewing the video and receiving the audio attunements, are encouraged to share the work as taught and agree not to blend or mix the work with other modalities or therapy/counseling processes. One may receive financial donations for the work. Only those apprenticeship students, authorized by Kenji Kumara, are allowed to teach, advertise, or promote themselves as certified QL practitioners, instructors or event leaders. It is recommended purchasers read, sign and date Student Legal Agreement and return to Kenji.

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