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Jennifer McLean's Healing With The Masters Season 13

Redesigning Your Destiny

Adventure into the quantum,
exploring and harnessing your Divine potential
while shaping the reality you truly deserve, starting today!

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Kenji Kumara, Quantum Lightweaving Visionary, is bringing you a collection of brand new, game-changing activations and attunements that hand you the combination to:

Imagine being able to Redesign Your Destiny

You’re going to expand and awaken to your innate brilliance through 11 BRAND NEW attunements and TWO bonuses from Kenji’s Redesign Your Destiny – 6-Day Live Activation Event. These activations have never been offered outside of Kenji’s event and are available right here, for your personal transformation.

These very attunements have literally changed the lives of countless participants and are now being offered for your personal use and empowerment – you’re in charge. Use these processes to begin steering your life exactly where you want to go.

If you are eagerly ready to consciously experience the full expression of eternal peace in every quantum moment and every cell and particle of your being, you are going to LOVE Kenji’s BRAND NEW, never-before-released series, recorded LIVE in May, 2014.

This is your opportunity to connect with Kenji Kumara in a whole new way

Welcome the gift of your direct connection to Spirit and experience unlimited possibility through this transformative Master Series Intensive.

Right here and now, you have the chance to dive into the quantum while connecting into the INFINITE expansion of you.

How COOL is that?!

He’s even taken the leap to connect with Emmy Award winning artist, Jim Oliver to offer you a whole new experience. You’re going to go deeper, expand greater and live more joy in every moment - all at your own design.

Yep! You’re going to craft your own brilliant experience.

A Note From Kenji:

The council of 14 are placed in your field and will assist you in learning and expressing from the Activations you experience through listening. Your inner child and guardian angel are called forth along with your soul group and home world essence to circulate through you and your field for your highest good and intent. The rest of the beings of great light, the heavenly realms and the ascended masters are all invited as you move into more self awareness and they assist you in relaxing yet staying alert and awakening.

Lastly, the brotherhoods and sisterhoods of light are also brought in as you breathe in the light and begin to let go of the old; this allows you to be in the present state to redesign your destiny. All your ancestors and departed loved ones including pets are invited to receive.

Namaste ~Blessings from Kenji

Your BRAND NEW Special Offer Includes:

Item 1: Redesign Your Destiny

Available as Digital MP3s and Hard Copy CDs (Retail Value $695)

Activation 1: Opening the Channels to Change

Enjoy and Relax into this activation and get ready to embrace peace, calmness and serenity.

Gently release all excessive energies as Kenji clears the pathway to the brain so that you can reenergize and renew the vortex of energy into your physicality with effortlessness and ease.

You’re going to:

Activation 2: Divine Reset

In this activation, Kenji takes you within to increase your awareness through breath as you flow to a place of consciousness, free from emotional triggers.

Divine Rest prepares you for a profound quantum upgrade - explore the power of breath and presence through this incredible call.

Prepare for:

Activation 3: Celestial Helpers and The Sacred Centers

Using the sound of the wind you will go very deep into this activation as one mind, one spirit and one intention. Take a cleansing breath; looking above your head bring your eyes up and together above and bring down a curtain of light through your energy field and do this two more times with different colors of your choice into your presence and energy field and your physical body.

Activation 4: Empower Your Soul & Redesign Your Field

Kenji takes a new and surprising twist with this activation as he assists his audience in letting go of the past and releasing oneself from what has ever held you back.

Become Self Regulated and Soul Infused.

Know I am Eternal Peace in all aspects of your life and that you are Truly lovable and blessed.

You're going to shift through:

Activation 5: Release and Renew

In this Activation begin to connect to earth mother, breathe into the belly up into the lungs and to the brain and exhale through the mouth.

Do the cleansing breath and open up all your joints in your body. Close your eyes, lay down follow the words and receive the imprint as Kenji explains how to facilitate an advanced gentle modality of offering and receiving all possibility.

This offers you the kinetics and cocoon of light technique intuitively and through the quantum. Allow time after for full integration.

Kenji is helping you:

Activation 6: Liquid Light in Oneness

In this fully loaded activation, relax, breathe, and place your awareness around your body, focus on your soul light in that it is non local. Feel the magnetics under your feet, the space above your head and the base of your spine.

There is a long silence in this activation; use this sacred time and space to integrate and receive fully.

Activation 7: Soul Grand View

Kenji leads us into a deep earth activation to rejuvenate, recharge, and replenish your bodies by going very deep into the earth and thus able you to rise very high above.

End this activation with 6 deep breaths into the lungs and refresh; come back fully into the body and allow time for brain to adjust.

Activation 8: Dove of Peace

Let go of the day, breathe into the light and enjoy this activation as Kenji leads you into the protocol, detaches you from the collective astral plane of humanity and moves you deep deep within.

Kenji uses the analogy of a computer when explaining freeing up the brain of old programs and making ready for the new as we are bathed in tranquility, serenity and deep inner peace.

Prepare to progress through:

Activation 9: Sparkles of Joy

As the relaxation wave moves through and the pillars of light cocoon, you know the building you are in is enveloped in a deep calm and peace and you breathe deeply.

Kenji leads you to welcome your healing team to join you through this activation of oneness.

You will...

Activation 10: Crystal Core Expansion

Kenji leads into this activation with a pink halo and the brain on pause so that you can bring full awareness into the body. Breathe deeply and slowly through the nostrils and exhale down the spine into full relaxation.

Breathe into the belly and the lungs and slowly release on the exhale as you shift through:

Activation 11: Rhythmic Field Infusion

Begin this activation by collecting your energies through the breath and bring them in, relaxing all areas of muscle tension and stress in the body.

Then feel the waves of peace moving vertically and horizontally within your field and body through this clearing meditative experience with Kenji.

You're going to receive:


Bonus 1: Issaquah Meditation Class - Recorded Live February 2013

Available as MP3 Download (Retail Value $52.50)

Join Kenji in a rare and enlightening personal experiential lecture of why we need to stay in the body and face all of our fears, learning to trust and follow our bliss.

If you have gone through or are going through a difficult situation in your life, this bonus enables you to gain insights and connections to the soul as you travel into the quantum.

Kenji shares a mini life review and many personal life experiences enabling you to open to your next step. It’s time to achieve clarity as you drop your carry-on baggage, releasing your fears and doubts as you continue along the road to ascension.

Bonus 2: Acceleration into Possibility - Recorded in front of a live audience

Available as MP3 Download (Retail Value $52.50)

Through this bonus, Kenji leads you to effortlessly merge into the unified field of oneness as you bring your awareness into a still point, free of all worldly concerns into a perfectly safe state, ready to deeply receive.

After about a 30:00 minute classroom training, Kenji leads the LIVE group into an activation meditation where the brain shifts into a very deep Delta state.

Discover how to consciously reconnect yourself with your I AM presence and live more fully on the earth plane.

Welcome the gift of your direct connection to Spirit and experience unlimited possibility through this transformative Master Series Intensive.

Kenji is leading you to unlock your dreams, expand into the Quantum, discover your true self, and embrace true inner peace, all through this never-before-released 11-attunement & 2-bonus collection. Join him on this adventure into the heart of your being and watch as difficulty fades away while ease and flow come gracefully into your field.

This offer won’t last long - join Kenji and begin your adventure into oneness, today!

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About Kenji Kumara:

“Sharing the Joy of Awakening with the World”

Kenji Kumara is one of the world's leading visionaries and pioneers in the field of energy consciousness. He works as a transformational messenger, reaching and guiding people from every corner of the globe to New-Earth Consciousness and personal and planetary ascension. The results have been profound with many who have overcome major difficulties, others who’ve experienced transformational change and multiple consciousness shifts – and the best part is that it’s experienced effortlessly with Kenji’s style of ease and grace.

Known for his unique ability to guide people into deep meditation with his gentle activations he keeps it simple and effortless as the doorways to source connection are opened, the I AM God self invoked and in a loving manner people are shifted into higher-awareness and self-mastery. It has been his personal joy to help people understand their life's purpose and claim their true destiny.

Kenji’s recent focus is on the art of Receiving, Knowing and Being. He is available through his new website, live activation retreats, personal live online workshops and personal Quantum Lightweaving Sessions held in person and remotely. He shares the “Joy of Awakening with the World” and invites all those to participate in his work that are ready to receive and be in Eternal Peace in every fiber and cell of their Being