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Jennifer McLean's Healing With The Masters Season 13

The NEW Realms of Possibility - Transcend Beyond The Boundaries of This Universe to Realign With Your Divine Powers of Manifestation

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Quantum Lightweaving Visionary, Kenji Kumara, has teamed up with extraordinary musician, Jim Oliver to welcome you into the Quantum flow through this new series of attunements.

Under normal circumstances, individuals must actually attend a retreat at Kenji’s private ranch in Tubac, Arizona.

But right here, through this exclusive Healing With The Masters Special Offer, you can receive all his energetic healing frequencies and use them whenever you want.

This represents the highest frequency healings that Kenji has created, delivering a remarkably abundant package.

This program is designed to carry you through life’s most difficult challenges and open you to receive all the brilliant joy, ease and abundance the universe has in store.

You will be immediately transformed.

This is your unique opportunity to take a journey beyond knowing, into the most powerful co-creative space, where you can manifest all your heart’s desires.

Imagine putting on your headphones, at your leisure, and being gracefully transported into another dimension of light where...

All of that and so much more is what Kenji has planned for you.

Begin your interdimensional vibrational journey into the heart of the quantum and redesign your destiny.

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New realms of limitless possibility await.

These activations offer you the opportunity to explore quantum applications of transformation beyond healing, processes and therapy.

How effortless would every day be if you...

This powerful Quantum Waves package includes guided activations that Kenji developed and has refined for the last 20 years. And now, it’s your turn to experience their healing power.

These Master Series Activations will enable you to to:

“The Quantum is a place of many possibilities and potentials in the ‘Now,’ which is our place of personal and galactic power.” - Kenji Kumara

With divine guidance, knowing and grace, Kenji leads you to the still point, beyond the fabric of creation, where pre-manifestation resides.

Join him on this energetically expansive adventure into the silence and warmth of infinite love and rediscover your true power, potential and greatness.

The sweet embrace of all that is awaits... read on to learn what’s in store for you.

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The Realms of Possibility - Available as Digital Audio Downloads or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $797)

Activation 1: Healing Waters

Kenji leads you to focus on the breath while cleansing, releasing and freeing your being of any unconscious negative energy that no longer serves you.

As you settle into this session with Kenji, he takes you through a deep, powerful energetic clearing process.

You will receive...

Activation 2: Illuminated Guidance

Through this deep vibrational dance, Kenji invites you to achieve a profound new state of relaxation as you are guided into the Earth’s energetic core.

Once there, you receive infinite universal support and an immediate connection to Source.

Along your journey, you will...

Activation 3: Luminescent Space

This calming meditation offers you a chance to re-ground, center yourself, cleanse, release tension and relax after being surrounded by other individuals and their energy.

Kenji helps you:

Allow the angelic presences to touch you deeply as you access and settle into this immense heart and mind space.

Activation 4: Radiant Splendor

Use this remarkable tool to support yourself, friends, family and loved ones.

Kenji invites you to be supported by all creatures of nature as you breathe in and enjoy this heart centered voyage.

Here, you receive...

Activation 5: Your Sacred Light Force

With Kenji energetically standing behind you, he symbolically brings forth your soul group, angels, masters and all those who have agreed to support you in this moment of awakening.

This session provides a HUGE opening and enables you to receive...

Activation 6: Joyful Mastery

Timeless universal assistance is available to you - can you feel it?

Journey within and feel the gentle love and support as it surrounds you.

A peaceful cloak of love rises from within you, creating a deep state of receiving while also restructuring your magnetic field.

Use this activation over and over again to welcome and experience

Activation 7: Tranquility

True tranquility awaits you through this wonderfully calming session.

Lay down and listen to this transformational music piece brought to you by Jim Oliver and allow yourself to transcend that which no longer is required.

Together, you will transmute and transform your experience, creating the unfoldment of your dreams and destiny.

Activation 8: Immaculate Light Emergence

Kenji leads you to call for the Divine consciousness from the East, West, North and South.

Prepare to be transported to the resurrection temple where, with your permission, you will experience the resurrection with our Earth Mother.

Through this session, you will:

Activation 9: Mother’s Song

Allow for the detachment from your emotional body, tribal consciousness, all of your knowledge, the day and your life, to gain the highest level of receiving.

As a profound new sense of peace overcomes you and your body, Kenji brings forth the sounds of the heavens and the mother’s energies.

You will...

Activation 10: Inter-dimensional Inflection

This activation includes a process of Cocooning that Kenji teaches in his Quantum Lightweaving Retreat.

Invite the Archangel of your preference to assist you in receiving this attunement.

You’re going to welcome your inner child and your I AM presence to experience profound renewal, expression and expansion.

Activation 11: Light-weaver Melody

Allow the Archangel energy to work through your fingers, hands, eyes, voice and body.

This wonderfully relaxing and self-regenerating experience assists in alleviating any old non-serving beliefs and patterns of suffering that may have been stored in the body for generations.

Kenji enables you to:

Activation 12: Home Realm Excursion

Allow the air and space around your body to envelope and wrap you with the light of the angels. As they show up in all sizes, colors and distinctive signatures, you have the opportunity to use their support for self healing, transformation, awareness, and expanded states of consciousness.

Here, you will experience...

Activation 13: Tapestry of Totality

All the animals of the past and future are invited to join and emerge in this activation.

Experience an all-inclusive adventure through the tapestry of timelessness and spaceless where you receive the offerings available to you from the angels of integration synthesis and wholeness.

This session provides you with...

Activation 14: Universal Peace

Allow this activation to capture the previous 13 attunements and with grace and ease.

Then, use this session as an energetic tuning fork to transform your day at home while traveling for the rest of your life.

You are going to...

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Bonus 1: Activate Your Awareness - A Super Cosmic Full Moon Activation

Available as a Digital Audio Downloads (Retail Value $39)

You are going to breathe into a new level of receptivity and oneness.

This is your turning point for loving acceptance of all things.

Invoke your soul group into this activation and invite your ancestors, pets and those on the other side of the veil, to join you in this powerful, very intense and moving activation.

In this meditation you will up-root your consciousness from all old fear and pain and connect effortlessly with the pristine destiny blueprint.

Bonus 2: Activate Your Inspiration - A Cosmic Full Moon Activation

Available as a Digital Audio Downloads (Retail Value $60)

Illuminate your life path and embrace a new state of grace and INSPIRATION.

This session is for both those who are new to activations and those who have been practicing for years. Even if you don’t meditate or consciously notice the moon’s energy, you can and will benefit as easily as the Masters and Enlightened beings.

This boost of assistance from the angels and masters enables you to access higher intelligence, energy and Divine frequencies.

Make the transition into your higher self and receive the inspiration you’ve been waiting for!

Bonus 3: Bonus 3: $100 OFF - Receive $100 off of a Personal Telephone Session with Kenji

Available as a Coupon Code When You Purchase

Kenji, assisted by his council, ascended masters, light beings and angelic presences, is going to facilitate your “homecoming” event. This is a remarkably joyful experience that will live with you forever.

In your personal session with Kenji, he’ll provide you with the essential space to clear your personal, ancestral and group Karmic patterns.

Any imprinting that may be keeping you from achieving and embracing your soul’s destiny will be released and you will see your true self, anew.

Take this journey to oneness and Divine Awakening and discover the freedom and joy that lies within his profoundly empowering sessions.

Normally $450, you receive $100 discount off the cost of your life-changing session.

These brand new sessions take you beyond the typical boundaries of this physical reality and into a new, expansive state of universal energy where anything is possible and your ability to manifest your destiny is more potent than ever.

Join Kenji on this series of powerful energetic adventures and discover your true power, potential and purpose in this lifetime. THEN, inculcate the highest vibrational frequencies of love, peace and abundance to fully adore your experience in this physical reality.

But hurry - this limited time, BRAND NEW offer won’t last long!



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Kenji Kumara

About Kenji Kumara

Through experience and a life long journey in search of spiritual wisdom, Kenji Kumara, has a true gift in bringing forth ancient wisdom and life lessons with simplicity, humor, and a lightness-of-being. His dedication to assisting others to enter the temple of their heart, connect with their true essence and shed that which no longer serves them brought him to develop his own modality, Quantum Lightweaving.

“Quantum Lightweaving” is a unique approach to finding your soul purpose, and deepening your psychological and spiritual awareness with ease and grace. The result is comprehensive assimilation and application of ancient wisdom and joyful living.

Kenji’s natural talent is to reach our heart center, the official operating system of self, through facilitating initiations/activations, meditations, self-empowerment, emergence and spiritual awakening. He acts as a visionary, a way-shower of the now, and a channel for ascended masters. His message is for everyone on all levels, for those just beginning their search for spiritual wisdom and enlightenment, as well as those well along their journey. His style is well suited for the healers, teachers, and artists on this journey in this time of new earth consciousness. As this new age develops, we no longer have to go through all the old layers of release. We simply breath through and enter into our sacred heart kingdom. Renewal takes place in an instant, truly it is just a matter of following the energy and receiving; it’s that simple.