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What if things you use every day could become healing tools?

What if you could have more energy, experience less pain and more mental clarity...

And you wouldn’t have to change anything about your routine, habits or even what you eat?

Now you can, with…

VibesUP Evolutionary Crystalline & Essential Oil Tools - The Easiest Way to Bring Nature’s Healing Properties Into Every Aspect of Your Life

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For centuries, humanity has understood that crystals, minerals and raw earth material emit uniquely powerful, healing vibrations.

From jade in ancient China to lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald and clear quartz in ancient Egypt, Native American cultures and more...

People around the world have used crystals for energetic protection, healing aches, pain and disease.

Nature, at its most basic level, is here to help us flourish.

You’ve felt nature’s healing power before…

The moment when, after a long day, you step outside and are touched by the warm, rejuvenating sun on your face...

You take a breath of fresh air, let the breeze comb through your hair and kick off your shoes to feel the grass between your toes…

Nature brings you into the present, grounds you and focuses your energy on creating within the moment.

And yet, we now find ourselves cocooned in artificial environments.

From synthetic materials in our clothes, cars and homes to the lotions and makeup on our skin, we have created barriers which actually keep nature at arm’s length.

Healing properties are all around you, waiting to be invited back into your life.

And that’s exactly what Kaitlyn Keyt, inventor and creator of VibesUP, is here to help you do.

Over the years, she has seen these tools help individuals around the globe get back on their feet, out into the world and reconnect with nature.

These potent energies in each of her tools help you...

  • Regain your youthful glow and look as young as you feel
  • Speed up your metabolism, enabling you to get fit, faster
  • Relieve pain and get back to the active lifestyle you love
  • Achieve greater mental clarity and focus when you need it most
  • Overcome emotional dis-ease like depression, and so much more

This is the real-deal...

I can really feel the difference when I wear and use VibesUP products. My brain keeps getting sharper the older I get, while people around me are getting fuzzier all the time. I think the effect must be cumulative. I made a big road trip by myself, and got home in 2 days (26 hours of driving) sitting on a mat, with divine soles in my shoes, bracelets and pendants galore, and pockets full of Vibes intention stones. Ahhh, bliss… Thank you for making all this possible for me and others. You are truly an inspiration to me. How you have been able to bring these ideas from nature into reality just boggles my mind. Amazing doesn't even cover it.


First I wanted to say "THANK YOU!!!" for making the eye mask! It has been a true lifesaver for me. I can't thank you enough. I have recurring iritis (inflammation of the iris) that has been causing me many difficulties, and your mask has been great support. My treatment time for a flare up has been cut to at least a quarter!


I can't tell you how much your products are just making an amazing difference in my life and also my clients. I've started using them in my work and my results are so much better – we are speeding up the healing process. I have noticed in my healing work and in yoga healing, that somebody's vital force needs to have a certain level to actually start the healing process. Your products are helping me lift up their vibrations to the place where they have enough feeling of well being to get them started on their journey to physical mental and emotional health. Someday I imagine myself having all of your products in my physical space Also, I use the crystal cream daily and love it.

LISA JAYA WATERS M.A., ITH, Integral Coach™

LOVE your products and every time I try a new item, I am never disappointed.

ALICIA WISH, Lake Mary, Florida

I am very sensitive to my environment. I've tried several different things that are supposed to help with the computer EMF etc (plants, crystals, special 'plates' etc), nothing made any difference as far as I could tell. Than I sat on the VibesUP grounding mat, wore the special earth ionizer necklace, Divine Soles & attached a bit of excess divine soles to my mouse (with sellotape!) than I put a mat ON the computer itself & IMMEDIATELY!!! My body just LET GO…. I am (within minutes!) breathing a little easier, tension in my back that I did not even know was there is releasing & I have tears in my eyes as more of my scatty sensitive spirit has a home-coming re-union with my body.


So, to make it as easy as it possibly could be, she created kits that ground you and reconnect you with this well of healing potential.

Each of Kaitlyn’s products emits pure, renewable zero-point energy.

Which is essentially a bottomless well of creation energy that supports your endeavors, helps you heal more quickly AND accelerates the manifestation of your intentions.

Through a unique creation-process and the structure they maintain, Kaitlyn’s VibesUP products emit bioavailable, infrared energy that your body can access and use immediately.

Rather than relying solely on energy through food, water or digestible resources...

These Tools Supercharge Your Innate Ability to Heal, Learn & Focus While Increasing Your Unique Human Potential

Option 1 is your Summer Vibes Bag and includes...

Your Price $127


Imagine wearing a bag that activates nature’s healing properties along your back and spine as you wear it...

THEN, consider the potential of being able to raise the vibration of everything inside it...

This jute bag is made from natural, renewable plant fibers and is the perfect companion for all your summer adventures.

From the store to the beach, woods, mountains and everywhere between... Take it with you and carry healing properties every step of the way!


This ultra-portable hammock fits in your hand and expands into a comfortable floating bed anywhere you want to kick your feet up.

Turn any spot into your own personal living room with this swinging lounge...

Relaxation, meditation a mid-day nap or an off-ground place to sleep while camping are all waiting for you with this pocket hammock.

You never know what inspiration or communication you will receive when you fully relax in nature!


Have you ever tried to secure a hammock to a tree with pair of rope and your own knot-tying knowledge?

Take the guesswork out of your set-up and use these straps to hang a hammock in minutes! Easy-hang hammock straps make relaxing in nature as easy as finding a couple trees to lay between.

Adventure awaits and is just a short hike away.


These barefoot beauty sandals contain VibesUP earth circles, which send therapeutic waves of nature’s energy from the tops of your feet to the Earth.

As Kaitlyn explains, this essentially surrounds your your feet in an Earth-sandwich! When energy surrounds your body, it generates even more momentum and activates even higher vibrations.

Your feet connect to all the organs in your body and are a great way to care for your whole system.


These are the most uniquely beautiful and useful water bottles ever created!

The bottom of each bottle contains healthy essential oils, liquid crystal and around 15+ gemstones also known for their therapeutic abilities. This uniquely balanced formula has been tested and shown to help clear non-beneficial energies, and assist in bringing a healthy infusion of good energy to anything it comes near.

This is done with powerful sun-like rays of natural crystal piezoelectric energy which can deliver the healthy essential oil energy infrared deep into you, your food and your drinks.

AND, all of this energetic goodness is amplified with the VibesUP Liquid crystal formula.


This Gemstone Bracelet is infused with the essential oils of 11 types of tree in a patented liquid crystal piezoelectric coating.

This beautiful stone is known as Forest Jasper or Rhyolite and it captures a self-portrait of nature with swirling colors you would effortlessly find in a forest. While you can’t always be out and in nature, you can always wear its essence on your wrist!


You can now get your hands on the smartest deodorant ever created.

This pocket-sized deodorant is a tested, proven pocketable miracle...

It can neutralize odor & enable you to release toxins without using harmful ingredients, artificial materials or damaging your body’s systems.

AND, it will even neutralize bacteria and odor that has already started…

Even if you're camping and can't get a bath just apply this deodorant and it will erase odor that has already taken hold while preventing more.


Once you try this special cream you really won’t want to be without it.

Not only will your skin soak up the moisture, you will feel a literal firming and uplifting in 1-3 min after use!

This cream is one of VibesUP most popular products and is perfect for after-sun care and everyday use.


This personal size 2 oz. bottle contains a powerful blend of essential oils known to be extremely beneficial for humans while repelling bugs and insects.

A healthy alternative to applying chemicals to the skin, this is an important part of the 'play in nature kit' as mosquitoes can make a person want to run indoors.

Now you can really enjoy your time in nature and smell divine at the same time!


When at a higher vibration, you naturally breathe deeper, which can raise your oxygen levels and improve overall health, awareness, even posture and luck.

This formula includes 11 different tree oils and a blend of oils known to be beneficial in the area of allergy relief.

This is a great 24/7 bracelet with its comfort design that is adjustable to all sizes.

Don't let allergies keep you away from your valuable nature connection. Say ‘goodbye!’ to stress and allergies while wearing this powerful bracelet!


These pendants are infused with natural ingredients known to inspire more joy and happiness.

Citrine is not only the happy stone, it is also known to spark up our creativity and, as a result, real, natural citrine has become increasingly rare.

In fact, Kaitlyn sleeps with citrine under her pillow when she wants even more creative inspiration.


Fluorescent Ruby is a rare and natural treasure and now you can take it with you everywhere.

It will literally glow when exposed to UV lighting and Kaitlyn has added the formula of passion to this fun gemstone to enhance your day every time you wear it.


This blown glass pendant is infused with the essential oils of real flowers and small crystal batteries that create pulsing rays of infrared flower energy.

Flowers are much more than beauty, they each bring their own wisdom therapy and are known for balancing emotions and shifting past traumas.

OPTION 2 is Your Ultimate Nature Connect Bag and Includes...

Your Price $297


These sandals take advantage of a new design that enables them to support and ground you for years to come.

These flip flops contain essential oils, gemstones, crystals, black tourmaline, flower essences, minerals & amplifying liquid crystal in a pulsing piezoelectric delivery.

While you’re wearing these sandals, it’s as though you’re standing barefoot on energized earth!


These upgraded straps are a high end, adjustable tree hugger hammock strap.

While the original straps will set up in minutes and support you where you choose to rest...

These are Kaitlyn's favorite hammock hanging straps and enable you to suspend your hammock from more locations and a variety of different widths.


Now, you can invite a friend along on all your adventures and give them the same bliss-filled experience you’re having.

The Buddy Bag includes an extra backpack for a friend with Hammock Straps, Earth Energy Pad, and the Breathe Deep allergy/tree connect bracelet.

Invite a friend, make some spectacular memories and have a group-adventure!


Take advantage of the ultimate drink pack with a Crystal Sun Tea bottle and 1 Guzzle Earth-Bottom Bottle

This is a five-way vibrational therapy warm or cold beverage infuser that enables you to...

  • Brew tea in the bottle
  • Fruit infuse your water
  • Make coffee right in the bottle
  • Store any hot or cold drink
  • Brew tea in the top or bottom

This unique, double-wall glass bottle has a built in filter between double layers of lids, which makes this a handy infuser system for Brewing Tea or coffee right in the container. And, the double wall allows you to keep hot beverages inside while keeping the outside at the perfect hands-on temperature.


Comes with a bottle of actual tree essential oils, including the rich beautiful scent of cedar (You can also use with your own favorite essential oils).

The scent is activated as the stainless steel pendant is warmed by your body heat creating a natural expression of your life-breathing energy.

NOTE: This comes with 3 color pads to change background color and apply oils to (colors may vary).


This VERY popular crystal cream comes in a combination of both BugLESS and SunLESS formulas.

Containing natural ingredients known to be helpful in repelling insects and reducing sun exposure damage, these creams ALSO help raising your whole-body vibration.


This Tall, 8 oz. bottle contains a delightful blend of essential oils known to be yummy for humans, yet icky for bugs and insects.

A healthy alternative to applying chemicals to the skin. We felt this to be an important part of the 'play in nature kits' as mosquitoes can make a person want to run indoors.

This yummy mist helps you enjoy your time in nature and Smell Divine at the same time!


This package includes both a small and large VIBE Deodorant that can be refilled and will continue to offer the same odor-neutralizing qualities for years to come.


Imagine never having to buy laundry soap, dishwasher soap or dryer anti-static sheets ever again…

Now, you can say “Goodbye!” to a common source of environmental toxins by taking advantage of this all-inclusive soap kit.

  • Great for Your Body: Synthetic toxic chemicals contained in soaps (even most eco friendly soaps) leave a toxic residue in our clothing that is absorbed transdermally bringing toxins to all your systems.
  • Incredible for the Earth: No more polluting the Planet and her precious water with toxic soap chemicals that end up back in your water supplies, harming you, plants, trees, animals and children
  • Easy on Your Wallet: The average family spends between $300 – $400 each year on dishwasher soap, laundry soap and dryer sheets
  • Ultra Convenient: The days of running out of laundry or dishwashing detergent and lugging the heavy containers home are over
  • Less Plastic Waste: think of all the plastic detergent containers per year that are no longer going into the landfills. AND, one ball last 6 months to a year


Includes special VibesUP technology included to help reharmonize synthetic clothing. Just put the ball in with each load. NO SOAP NEEDED.


Contains specific ion beads to help ground out your clothing, removing the unhealthy electrical static.

Then, the inner beads are uniquely porous and hold essential oil drops, releasing the scent slowly to your clothing with the heat of the dryer. This action Infuses nature's energetic frequency and pleasant scents into your clothing.

(NOTE: a bottle of essential oils and special dropper are included)


Place the three ion soap alternative pillows around your dishwasher racks and...

'viola!' clean dishes with NO more toxic soap residue on your glasses, plates and cutlery.


Stains or extra potent areas that need a little extra cleaning can be easily cleaned with this natural enzyme stick.

Kaitlyn calls this the “magic cleaning wand” and it enables you to take care of those hard-to-release spots on your clothes.

Your days of waking up in a haze and struggling to make it through the day are over.

This is your opportunity to have everything you need, at all times, to be connected to and aligned with the energetic healing properties of this earth.

Free yourself from the vibration-limitations of your modern, synthetic surroundings...

And discover how you can more rapidly achieve mental clarity with eagle-eye focus, physical healing, relief from emotional upset and more.

Experience the tools that are reconnecting humanity with the natural world, today...

  • Jute VIBE backpack
  • Pocket Hammock
  • Hugger Straps
  • Barefoot Sandals
  • VIBE Water Bottle
  • Gemstone Bracelet
  • Vibe Deodorant
  • Crystal Cream
  • BugLESS Mister
  • Tree bracelet with Allergy Ease
  • Natural Citrine Pendant
  • Fluorescent Ruby Pendant
  • Blown Glass Pendant

OPTION 2 Contains All Items in Option 1, PLUS these additional tools & upgrades:

  • Earth Flops
  • Adjustable Tree Hugger
  • Hammock Strap Upgrade
  • Buddy Bag w/ Backpack, Hammock, Straps, Bracelet & Squishy
  • Crystal Sun Tea Maker
  • Tree Diffuser Locket
  • BugLESS SunLESS Combo Cream
  • BugLESS Mister Upgrade
  • No More Soap! Alternatives for Laundry & Dishwasher.
  • Plus Essential Oil Dryer Infuser & Enzyme Stain Stick

NOTE: We don't warehouse these physical products so shipping may take 3-5 weeks. Longer delivery times, but the price is right!

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Kaitlyn Keyt

About Kaitlyn Keyt

Kaitlyn Keyt is a five-time Visionary Awarded Inventor, Speaker and the creator of VibesUP, a resource for Vibrational Energy Education and Tools.

She is referred to as an Intuitive Scientist, who takes us on a playful journey into the atom, revealing the simple KEY to unlocking the mysteries of our universe and solving everyday challenges.

Kaitlyn feels common sense and our intuition are the way back to tapping into our inner genius. She communicates with Nature for answers to the big questions in Life and believes wisdom can be fun and simple. Journey with Kaitlyn as she demonstrates how science and magic have now come full circle to explain each other in ways that we can apply to our everyday lives.