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Transform Thoughts, Behaviors, and Actions into a Beautiful Reality Overflowing With Love, Peace, and Abundance

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Isn’t it time you used your mind to attract the life you deserve?

One of the amazing parts of being human is the unique ability to make thoughts a reality and create a real, measurable response to something that could be completely imagined.

Right now-at this very moment, your thoughts are triggering a response that will lead you to act. Do you have control over that process?

Dr. Joe Dispenza one of the featured teachers in the transformational movie What The Bleep, is here to ignite your experience using a powerful mix of guided techniques based on science. You are about to go on a journey where your brain will make a leap that will guide your life to greatness.

Steer your existence into a state of greatness and:

Know and embody true happiness

Rid yourself of painful memories

Rewrite negative thoughts and live in positivity

Conquer nagging stress, frustration, and anger

And even

Reshape your physical body

Dr. Joe Dispenza and Healing With The Masters have put this special offer together so that you will live the miraculous life of your dreams. Contrary to popular belief, you are in control of everything that happens in and through your life.

Your thoughts, actions, and reactions shape who you are and define your personal reality. With the tools in this special offer, you have the power to write each moment of every day and actively build your future!

Item 1: Audio Brain Imprinting & Transformation, 12 Audios with Dr. Joe

Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $187)

Gain access to the result of a year-long project with Dr. Joe Dispenza and grow by leaps and bounds as you listen to 12 hours of amazing live calls.

These calls are the result of conversations with real people who had real issues and you now have the opportunity to grow alongside them.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to be a part of 12 one-of-a-kind classes taught by Dr. Joe from anywhere around the world.

Each month tackles something uniquely new and has an energetic imprint that enables you to evolve simply by listening!

You’ll dive into:

Audio 1 – Past, Present, and Future

Understand why we keep creating and experiencing the known familiar things in our lives and begin experiencing the unknown and less experienced. In short, you cannot go into the future while you’re holding onto the past.

Audio 2 – Making Waves

Deepen your understanding about what science has to say about brain waves and their effect on your life and know the real power and benefit of meditation. As you see, hear, feel, and taste certain things, your brain draws connections between your existence and the world as you see it. If the connections it makes induce a state of emergency, you live in stress and panic.

Overcome stress, achieve true relaxation, slow down your brain wave patterns, and see how to live a life of directed purpose.

Audio 3 – Using Your Brain for a Change

Determine what you want in your life, know how to ask the right questions, and build the circuits that are necessary to bring those desires into reality. By asking questions that engage your frontal lobe, you have the ability to let your brain fire in new ways and re-map the stored information in your brain.

Because nerve cells that fire together, wire together, discover how actively thinking through and reminding yourself of your desires solidifies the pathways to a model that brings those desires into your life.

Audio 4 – Pay Attention – It’s Worth It!

Examine your established beliefs and attitudes and release those that no longer serve you. The thoughts that you focus on and continue to revisit are those that actually shape your reality.

Discover the power of paying attention to yourself, sift through the subconscious thoughts that shape your reality, and see how easily you can make a change that positively impacts your life.

Audio 5 – Good Vibrations: Change Your Energy

Change your energy and change your life.

Because emotions are energy in motion as well as the end product of past experiences, you must liberate the energy that is connected to the old you before you can move on to a new self.

Allow Dr. Joe to teach you how to release the energy of your past life and experience a new reality by creating a new energy!

Audio 6 – Open Session, Q & A

Understand the power of creating a new state of being through mediation, alter your chemistry, overcome sadness, see the process of re-wiring your brain from the perspective of someone new, and teach your mind and body to work together in beautiful harmony.

This Q&A session is packed full of useful information that serves as a guide for your own journey into transformation.

Audio 7 – Open Session, Q & A

Understand the difference between learning something intellectually and conjuring a new meaning and truly knowing that something is right, true, and destined to become reality. Allow your future to unfold and have a sense of knowingness, clarity, and certainty that lets you surrender to what will be.

Then, see your own subconscious vulnerability and the power you have to inflict good in the lives of others and so much more!

Audio 8 – Mind Your Gap

Understand what it means to change, how to meditate for change, and how to appear as you truly are. Our past experiences or situations emotionally brand us and can ultimately shape our character and personality.

Move out of the limiting set of emotional behaviors that determine your reality and discover how to learn your way into a new future with new emotions and conditions.

Audio 9 – Open Session, Q & A

Identify the habits you’ve changed that had a positive effect and compare those instances with the times when habits have prevented you from really growing. By breaking the habit of being yourself, your body begins to actually change and you begin to feel what it would be like if your desires were to become a reality.

Move into a state of being and push your mind and body to work together by releasing the habits that keep you from being your most efficient and clear self.

Audio 10 – The Time is Now

Gain an understanding of energy medicine and the changes that have reshaped the way we interact with healing in this modern world. See the power of EFT clearings and understand what the process does and how it works. And, move to a more balanced and coherent state that allows you to embrace the events that are seemingly out of your control.

Audio 11 – Turning the Divine Inside Out

See the difference that living in a coherent state can make. The impact of meditation has been documented time and time again. Meditating and actively working toward a desire or purpose helps to solidify that pursuit of change and can even improve your health.

Remind yourself of who you want to be and who you do not want to be in life then demonstrate a degree of peace and love that shows your mind and body are working together.

Audio 12 – Breaking the Habit

Jump into the notion of mining for the divine and see how you can use that divinity to influence certain areas of your life. The Divine mind is the giver of life, is powerful, willful, abundant, adaptable, and is giving you all kinds of things in this universe.

Discover how to make contact with this universal and personal intelligence and know how to take advantage of all that it has to offer you.

Item 2: Becoming Aware, Giving, Conscious, Loving Workshop

Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $47)


Reach the summit of your energetic state and experience freedom, a lightness of heart, and limitless possibility in every aspect of your life.

Learn how to just let life flow out of you and have the confidence to trust in what brings results rather than analyze every step of what you’re doing.

Through guided meditation, patience, direction, and intelligent explanation you become more aware, giving, conscious, willful, and loving.

By listening and taking part in this BRAND NEW workshop, you are jumping into a new world where your behaviors, moods, and personalities are transformed.

Dr. Joe is determined to provide you with the information you need to become a creator rather than a reactor and help you produce the same behaviors as the thoughts and beliefs in your mind. Love yourself enough to become a work in progress.

Prepare to:

Dare to be original

Know when you’re present

Embrace the greatness of your being

Overcome the limiting aspects of your Self

Commit to doing what it takes to achieve your dreams


Make a conscious decision to take off running and
leap over the hurdles that try to hold you back

Your mind is a garden waiting to be cultivated, nurtured and tended to.

This workshop is designed to teach you how to rip out the weeds that suffocate your beautiful blooming gifts and pick the fruit of your labor when it’s perfectly ripe. From here on out, you are developing and evolving into a magnificent and beautiful work of art.

By taking this step with Dr. Joe, you join a select few who have drastically changed their lives and know how to cultivate greatness. Affirm that you desire to change and BECOME THE MOST BRILLIANT VERSION OF YOU. Acknowledge that you have the power to co-create this life and begin working on developing the qualities that you admire in yourself.

Your thoughts ultimately lead to your personality traits. Consume the knowledge you need and begin this adventure into creating greatness and overcoming adversity in your life.

By your act of taking time out of your busy life to be present and take part in this workshop, you are taking time to invest in the power of thought.

Item 3: The Art of Change: A Practical Approach to Transforming Yourself & Your Life

Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $24.95)

Allow Dr. Joe Dispenza to take you on a journey into the inner-workings of your brain and discover how to define your own path.

Change requires becoming aware of your thoughts, beliefs, actions, reactions, and a certain degree of attentive focus to your internal growth.

Discover how to recondition your mind to accept new ways of being. Prune the synaptic connections that no longer serve you and learn how to grow and nurture new ones.

Allow Dr. Joe to teach you how to take control of your thoughts, reshape your behaviors, and utilize his experience and expertise to write a new life, overflowing with potential!

Make every step an active decision to transform who you are and what you do.

Go from thinking to doing to being. Embody knowledge and condition your mind and body to work toward your new life at the subconscious level.

People from all walks of life and from all different parts of the planet ask Dr. Joe the same questions. There is a profound longing to change their lives and experience more happiness, love, success, and health.

Through his uniquely simple and practical approach, Dr. Joe Dispenza answers some of the most commonly asked questions and shows you the path to living a life transformed. Rewrite your automatic reactions, shape the way your brain responds in every situation, and define yourself as a being overflowing with love.

This life is meant to be a joyful and loving experience – these are the tools that cultivate the strength you need to LIVE YOUR HEART’S DESIRE EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR EXISTENCE.

Item 4: The Reinvention of Self: A Guide to Changing Your Reality From the Inside Out

Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $24.95)

True reinvention happens from within. Join Dr. Joe Dispenza as he offers you real-life practical steps to transforming your life and achieving everything your heart desires. This CD or MP3 series is your second step in truly profound life changing transformation and is sure to leave you with an entirely new perspective on the impact of your actions.

Your personality creates your personal reality. How you think, react, and feel shapes your day-to-day; with the power to control those thoughts, actions and reactions you define each next step.

Discover how to redefine your personal reality by changing your thought processes, some aspects of your behavior or habits, and alter the emotions that have shaped who you are now. Your genes can change through the simple act of altering emotions and signaling a new state of being.

The way you think and feel create a new state of being or personality, so in order to create a new personality, you must change how you think and feel at the subconscious level.

Allow Dr. Joe to show you how to change your behaviors and in turn, offer you a new life experience. While most people believe that life and the accompanying experiences happen to them, in reality, you are co-creating everything that occurs each day.

Everything from an emotional response triggered by seeing someone who has wronged you, to a belief that you just aren’t good enough to get that new job, raise, or meet that man or woman of your dreams is the product of your current personality.

Jump into this eye-opening question & answer series and unravel the mysteries behind the blockages in your own life. Leap over the hurdles that are keeping you stuck and become the miraculous individual you know you are destined to be.

As you progress through these monthly calls, and BRAND NEW incredible workshop series, plus life-altering question & answer audios, you'll discover the power of your own mind and learn how to harness each moment for your own benefit.

Embody the knowledge that Dr. Joe shares and condition your mind and body to move into a state of being that truly benefits you. Each piece of this incredible offer was included for the sole purpose of helping you to achieve the life you’ve decided to progress toward.

The fact that you are here, right now, and are looking for a way to turn your life into an abundant and loving reality, means that you’re ready. You’re ready for this next step. You’re ready to take control of your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and reactions and in turn, redefine your personal reality.

You’ve already committed to co-creating this reality, now you’re able to use the tools valued at nearly $300 and have the priceless understanding of what to do next for only $97 for Mp3s and $117 for CDs!

This offer has expired.
Managing Stress, Creating Vibrant Health, Finding Love
~ Volume 10 Starts Sept 11 2012 ~

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About Dr. Joe Dispenza:

Neuroscientist, chiropractor, author and lecturer, Dr. Joe Dispenza is an expert on the brain, mind, and human potential.

Dr. Dispenza is the author of the bestselling book Evolve Your Brain – The Science of Changing Your Mind and also featured in the smash hit docu-drama “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” He has taught thousands of people around the world how they can reprogram their thinking and eliminate self-destructive habits so they can reach their goals and visions. Dr. Dispenza draws on both scientific and universal principles to deliver practical tools and techniques that empower people to truly change from the inside out – and so, change their results in life.