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Jennifer McLean's Healing With The Masters Season 13

JO’S LIGHT WAND!! 	Harness Life Force Energy & Heal Physical and Emotional Trauma

Jo Dunning has dedicated her life to serving others, healing pain, upset and frustration, and freeing them from their many life challenges.

In fact, many call her “the Miracle Worker.”

Jo has been on almost every season of Healing With The Masters because, time after time, she delivers immense healing gifts and live change.

>Now... for the FIRST TIME EVER, Healing With The Masters is thrilled to offer her BRAND NEW Light Wand for emotional healing, pain relief and 100% physical restoration.

After a traumatic event in her own life over 20 years ago, Jo discovered that she had become aligned with the Universal Flow of Life Force energy.

This new alignment enabled her to create instant healing in others that would repair broken bones, heal dis-ease and release emotional upset and trauma.

It has been her passion to share these gifts with the world for over two decades and, now, thanks to a new technological breakthrough...

She is handing you that same universal healing power.

Jo Dunning’s Light Wand is a tool that quickens your capacity to step into a new state of health and wellness on all levels.

Consider how much more joy you would experience if you could speed up the healing process and get back on your feet in a fraction of the time...

Jo has aligned The Light Wand with life force energy, which has the capacity to do all of this and so much more.

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Imagine... mental, emotional and physical restoration can be yours...

Just look at what some of her customers are saying...

I could eat food, that previously upset my stomach,<br> without any pain, inflammation or side effects?

My big toe had been unbendable since I injured the tendon and it now bends!!!!

I have successfully used the Light Wand to help heal left shoulder bursitis, a stiff neck, stiff lower back and even a two week bout with Bronchitis.

I love the Light Wand.
I've used it when I eat dairy a few times (which I was avoiding totally because it gives me digestive problems and major joint and back pain). I took digestive enzymes and used the wand and I had no consequences. The last time, I had no enzymes and just used the wand and still had no consequences. That is remarkable for my body. Thank you.

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Watch yourself truly heal with...

THE LIGHT WAND developed
			by Jo Dunning. BRAND NEW Healing Tool For Relieving Physical + Emotional Pain and Dis-Ease. (Retail Value $297)

Known as the “Miracle Light” by many of its regular users, the Light Wand is THE TOOL for assisting the body in speeding up the healing process.

It emits a powerful healing radiance that streams through clothing, stone, wood, and all parts of the human body.

Align with Universal Life Force Energy

The effectiveness of this powerful tool is derived from its alignment with Universal Life Force energy, which can travel up to 3 feet from the end of the device.

This is the same energy Jo aligned with and is tapped into for profound healing and whole-life transformation.

Simply turning it on and shining the light on a desired area for healing with the intention of healing enables you to tap into an unlimited wellspring of Life Force energy.

Now, you can heal yourself, moving into new states of<br/> vibrancy, presence, awareness, vitality and joy.

From releasing mental and emotional upset to overcoming stress and sleeplessness, the Light Wand also works remarkably well for physical healing.

Light Wand testimonials have poured in indicating the reduction or elimination of...

  • Pain,
  • Swelling,
  • Torn ligaments,
  • Vision problems,
  • Heartburn,
  • Headaches,
  • Sinus infections,
  • Allergies,
  • Hip and knee pain,
  • Arthritis,
  • Cuts,
  • Bruises,
  • Sprains,
  • Muscle strains,
  • Sore muscles,
  • Abscessed teeth,
  • Sleeplessness,
  • Dementia,
  • Flu and upset stomach,
  • Colds,
  • Anger,
  • Grief,
  • Loss,
  • Disappointment and stress

This important tool has users around the globe sharing about the significant changes they have experienced.

Portable and discreet, you can easily <br/>
			take it anywhere you go.

To the unknowing eye, it looks similar to an ordinary flashlight. BUT, it carries a powerful alignment with Source energy that has already changed many lives.

It’s your turn to carry a device with you at all times that can assist your body in speeding up your healing process and realign your mental and emotional states with your highest self.

Even more praise for this revolutionary healing tool...

This is a marvelous tool that I now carry with me all the time. I even and give it to friends to use while we are visiting.

I wanted to share with you that I have found great benefit from using the Light Wand on my food. I have long experienced periods of cramping after meals that seems like irritable bowel syndrome or food allergies. Now, after using the Light Wand before eating, I am finding that I don't have any problems with my food.

I have had an amazing breakthrough with a 27 year-old young gentleman. He had a serious nervous breakdown 2 yrs ago and after using the Light Wand, he has totally had a life changing turnaround!

My dog has had a couple little episodes... They were something misfiring in his brain causing him to start running around in circles barking (Neither running nor barking are usual things for this 16/17 year old dear). One flash of the light wand stopped it and got him back on track very quickly.

I have used the Light Wand for multiple purposes on my body and each time that I have used it, there has always been a benefit. Whether large or small - the benefit has always been noticeable.

I have used the Light Wand for my left foot, which had been sore from tennis, with great results. Not only is the soreness gone but the development of a bunion seems to have been halted! I also had a sore right-heel which totally went away after using the wand when I first got it!

This is your opportunity to own a potent tool held in Jo’s amazing energy.

This is your chance to use it to not only support you, but also your pets, friends, family and loved ones. The Light Wand is directly aligned with Source Energy to help you heal, restore and overcome all forms of trauma in your life.

Imagine always having this implement available to support your body, mind and emotional state while releasing pain, upset and dis-ease.

You can now harness the power of Universal Life Force energy while enlivening and supporting the expansion of all life in this easy-to-use, handheld Light Wand... physical and emotional healing are ready and waiting for YOU.

Join Jo Dunning today and discover what true health, happiness and vitality look like in your own life..

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Jo Dunning Profile

About Jo Dunning

In today’s world it is often difficult to known what is true and authentic and where to turn to find the solutions you seek. The “real deal” is hard to find. And yet, that is often what Jo Dunning is called. She is revered in the world and fondly called The Miracle Maker.

She has been offering these miracles for over 25 years using energy directly from Source. Each year her abilities seem to become more powerful. Jo was among the very first to create Initiations, Activations and Energy Processes to Awaken Consciousness. Her abilities are so unusual and rare they are referred to as the gold standard which others strive to achieve.

Jo first discovered her ability while recovering from a traumatic incident many years ago. As a result she awakened to discover a powerful energy flowing through her hands, so intense it could leave a hand print on the skin. She soon discovered she was able to see inside the body and could use this energy to repair broken bones. Gregg Braden was so amazed by her abilities he wrote about her in his book, The Isaiah Effect, after witnessing her heal the broken skull of an elderly man. This amazing energy has helped rebuild health, restore happiness, build self confidence and offer abundance. She now shares this energy with groups as large as 50,000 people and has helped transform their lives and consciousness.

Jo is a world renowned Spiritual Teacher, author, presenter and popular talk show guest. She offers many exciting and often free events to assist everyone to have a more fulfilled and happy life.