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Guy Finley’s ADVANCED Life Training Tools… Access Your Magnificence, Your Light, Your Evolution, NOW…

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Bring Meaning Back Into YOUR Life  - And Change The Planet…

This is the most critical point in your development as a human being, AND the evolution of this planet.

We believe you are ready to rise above your challenges and day-to-day difficulties. (Why? Because you are reading these words.)

We know you have within you all the resources you need to overcome your current circumstances including the seemingly insurmountable life challenges that are before you.

Are you ready to truly push fear aside AND LIVE fully?

It is your time, right now to bloom into the new understanding of your own evolutionary enlightenment, which starts with the clear truth that…

You Are a Magnificent Being of Love and Light!

This is YOUR MOMENT in history and these tools are present to take you into a NEW STATE of BEING.

Join acclaimed guide and teacher Guy Finley, and progress through these incredible life training tools to start living the life you know you were born for.


NOW IS YOUR MOMENT to engage in PERFECTED TOOLS designed for this time in history, to expand & maintain a brilliant new state of being…


Item 1: Wisdom's Path to the Happiness Within - 5 Video Hours of Powerful Transformational Stories, Applicable Insights & Deep Practices

Available as MP3 Downloads or Hard Copy DVDs (Retail Value $99.97)

Making New Choices, Seeing REAL Changes…

Open up to a world of warmth, humor, and infectious enthusiasm as Guy harnesses illuminating concepts and converts them into stories to help you master your life.

Did you know that the human mind stores information as pictures and images?

Yep, it’s true.

Any time you’re given a written or verbal idea, your mind translates that message into images in order to really understand it.

So, it only makes sense that the easiest way to really understand spiritual ideas and concepts is to skip the translation and go right to the meaning.

That's exactly what you get in Wisdom’s Path to the Happiness Within. In this comprehensive program, best-selling self-realization author Guy Finley – a true master storyteller, speaks directly to your heart and mind and uses stories to convey profound spiritual ideas.

Just sit back, relax, and let the pictures and images communicate directly to the part of your mind that comprehends them. Lose nothing in translation and receive a truly pure form of understanding.

DVD 1: “The Secret of Finding Real Spiritual Gold”

Opens Your Eyes To:

DVD 2: “See Through These False Beliefs and Be Free”


DVD 3: “Learn to Trust in the Goodness of Life”

Truly know:

DVD 4: “Start Flying Above the Storms of Life”

DVD 5: “The Spiritual Prescription for Whatever Pains You”

DVD 6: “Five Words to End Any Negative State”


DVD 7: “Three Words to Overcome Any Fear”

DVD 8: “The Practice of the Presence Moment”

DVD 9: “Open Your Eyes to the Endless Kingdom of Yourself”

You Learn To:

DVD 10: “Practical Steps to Awaken Your Highest Spiritual Possibilities”

Item 2: Secrets of Spiritual Success - The Lost Elements of Enlightenment - 7 hours of life-changing audio

Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CD (Retail Value $34.95)

In this brilliant new album featuring eight powerful talks by Guy Finley, you discover how to harness timeless truths that transform any dark moment into a bright revelation, leading you to genuine self-liberation.

Realize a completely new kind of success that is perfect, confident and totally secure.

Awaken the part of YOU that brightens and empowers every area of your life – both in the material and higher worlds. Forever change your life and the lives of those around you.

Discover How To:


CD 1: “Three Words That Lead to Self-Liberation”

Melt into this track and join the ranks of the happiest human beings on earth. Guy leads you through processes that overcome struggles and give you the capacity to reclaim meaning in your life.

Truly become one with everything that you are.

CD 2: “Relax Your Way Into Self-Realization”

Life can be overwhelming at times and push you to believe that there is no release. Now, with Guy’s help, you can overcome that weight and know what it means to really relax.

Know the fullness you were intended for, achieve true spiritual enlightenment and have peace in knowing that all is well in any situation.

You have a miraculous purpose and were designed for an unbelievable destiny, let Guy show you how to get there.

CD 3: “Let Go of What’s Useless and Walk Lightly Through Life”

Discover the root of all “problems” in your world and have the clarity to change them for the better after participating in this track.

CD 4: “Free Yourself From the ‘Anti-Change’ Factor”

CD 5: “Fulfill Your True Purpose and Find the Power to Be Free”

Authentic love is yours for the taking; did you know? Use this track to toss off the hurts and false representations of your past so you can welcome in the future with open arms and a warm heart.

You can literally change the entire world - discover how. See the beauty of serving a brilliant purpose and become eternally successful by overcoming the difficulties in this life.

CD 6: “A Three-Word Instruction That 'Guarantees' Self-Awakening”

This track is the key to a new way to answer life that guarantees self-awakening.

Take advantage of a simple moment-by-moment exercise that guarantees spiritual enlightenment and have confidence in your ability to overcome anything. Stop feeling overwhelmed by life, especially the feeling that there is not enough time to do what must be done, and discover how to live in the present.

Discover a form of “deep listening” that connects you to life in ways that are unimaginable and achieve true contentment.

CD 7: “Consent and Ascend, Defend and Descend: Agreeing to Be Made New”

CD 8, Parts 1 and 2: “The Garden of Meditation: Learning to Attend to Life”

This is your chance to move past the potential monotony of meditation routines and into an authentic meditation unlike anything you may have experienced before. What you’re bound to experience through this process is so profoundly moving that it can’t be experienced in any other way.

Let go of all interference and gain a glorious understanding of all that you are. Get to know YOU on the deepest level and have the sense of calm to realign with what really matters—your relationship with the Divine.

Through this guided meditation, you have the power to permanently change your life...

...Are you ready?

Item 3: Design Your Destiny - Shape Your Future in 12 Easy Steps - A Transformational New Book

Available as hard copy or ebook (Retail Value $9.95)

Whether you know it or not, you create the content and the quality of each moment in your life. In fact, you are creating and experiencing your destiny even as you read this. Which means that what you think of as being your future is really the choices you are making—and experiencing, right now. To understand this truth is to unlock the treasure of your True Self, and gain the abundance of a mind and heart that cannot compromise yourself, or anyone else.

Think for a moment about this next question; your answer to it will determine your destiny:

Would you prefer a life in which unhappiness is offset by temporary pleasures won at the cost of your health and relationships with others OR a life that is permanently enriched by transforming unhappiness into true spiritual abundance?

If you chose the latter, Guy Finley's book Design Your Destiny: Shape Your Future in 12 Easy Steps is exactly what you’re looking for.

Design Your Destiny shows you how to take charge of the strong and subtle forces that, until now, have been secretly deciding your life choices for you. By taking back control of your own life, you gain the ability to command each aspect of your day-to-day.


And remember, as the wise ones have taught all through the ages: the one who commands him or herself, commands the world.

As you work with the down-to-earth practices described in this book, you'll marvel as:

Design Your Destiny provides you with all the instructions you need to make the journey to the invisible world within and take possession and command of your own thoughts and feelings.

An amazing adventure awaits, you just need to tap into your own innate power to design your destiny.

This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to Make the BIGGEST Change of Your Life with the gentle, caring wisdom of this renowned teacher and guide…

You will be able to take all of this wonderful transformational content home at prices that have never been seen before (and will probably never be seen again).

YOU have the power to change this world… You can make history

With Guy’s 5 hours of video, 7 hours of audio, and 180-page book at your fingertips, you’ll have the insight and information you need to not only change your life, but reshape our planet.

Move past fear, overcome the obstacles in your life, connect with true divinity, and achieve genuine personal enlightenment all through the tools in this offer.

The future is in your hands, begin shaping it TODAY.

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What Guy’s Participants are Saying:

"What a gift this is..."

Not only did my stress disappear I started feeling WONDERFUL. So far on my journey, this is the most valuable lesson. I feel as though a door has opened that I've been pounding on for years, perhaps lifetimes. Just in one day the difference is already amazing. I've committed myself to remain awake at all times and people smile at me everywhere I go, speak and say hello. They can SEE, sense and FEEL what's going on inside me. What a gift this is.

Lauren R., Asheville, NC

"... hit me like a ton of bricks."

I just re-listened to your Secrets to Being Unstoppable audio and your lesson hit me like a ton of bricks.

The last few days you've shone a light on my own dark mind. I have been sabotaging myself my entire life and I didn't even see it. I suspected it but I never really got it - or more importantly, what to do about it.

Now I do. I know you get notes like this all the time and one more isn't going to make any difference but I had to thank you just the same.

Eric H.

"... beyond anything I could have imagined..."

The freedom I am experiencing is beyond anything I could have imagined. Thank you.

Keith R., Needles, CA

"The single greatest discovery of my life..."

I have been around the world and back again on the spirituality circuit and I took something positive from each and every phase but your program is the stopping point for me. I will listen to this information until I breathe my last breath. If there is such a thing as "the answer" to life's mysteries, this is it.

Nelson M., Cortlandt Manor, NY

"... this is the clearest, most thrilling course I've ever heard..."

I think [your audio program] is the best value I've ever come across in decades of seeking for answers. My wife died a year ago and I've tried a thousand ways to console myself and fill the emptiness... but this is the clearest, most thrilling (and entertaining) Course I have ever heard or read. I ain't there yet but at last I KNOW I'm looking in the right direction.

Peter G., Harleston Norfolk, United Kingdom

"... radically different from the 'push to succeed'..."

Thank you for the instructions and information you have put into your audio program. They haven't just helped me through a difficult time - they've given me a path to have a life that is radically different from the "push to succeed" that has characterized my life to date. A heartfelt thank you to Guy Finley and to everybody that has made this information available..

Lola G., Palm Desert, CA

About Guy Finley:

Guy Finley is a self-realization teacher and the best-selling author of more than 40 books and audio albums on the subject of authentic spiritual enlightenment.

He is the founder and director of Life of Learning Foundation, a nonprofit center for self-study located in southern Oregon where he gives talks four times each week.

Guy is a faculty member at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York and is a regular expert contributor to Beliefnet and the Huffington Post.