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Do you often feel exhausted, unbalanced and like your health is constantly a burden?

Maybe there is a haze of mental fog, struggling to start your day, relying on coffee to get you going?

...Then the moments when you doubt your abilities and even question your own purpose?

What if... You could wake up energized, excited and balanced, ready to meet the day head-on, knowing what’s next with confidence?

This is YOUR CHANCE to do just that...

YOUR Full-Body, Mind & Spirit TUNE-UP

NOW You Can Easily... Align Your Chakras, Achieve Vibrant States of Health, Healing & Well-Being While Experiencing Your Life As The Joy-Filled Expression You Were Born To Receive

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Dear Transformational Change Agent (Yes, I’m speaking to YOU),

Odds are, you know you are destined for something good and important.

You have likely felt the internal nudge telling you that you were born to...

But you’ve been hit with a seemingly insurmountable roadblock...

You feel drained, depleted and can’t seem to drink enough coffee, green tea or matcha to keep going through an entire day... Much less the whole week.

Your internal knowing is speaking to you—maybe even yelling—saying there’s more to do and greatness to be achieved.

But... something is just out of balance.


What can you do to overcome this new barrier and get on track
to bring your magnificence to the world?

Who can you turn to for support in getting realigned and re-energized?

How are you supposed to deal with this newfound internal conflict?

The answer to all these questions is right here.

Emmanuel Dagher is a #1 International Bestselling Author, Multidimensional Intuitive & Profoundly Powerful Healer who has helped tens of thousands realize their true potential.

He does this by helping YOU tap into your innate greatness and align your physical, mental and spiritual bodies to achieve maximum performance, energy and clarity.

PLUS, he uses his own healing modality...

Core Energy®: A Life-Changing Healing Modality

Embedded in every one of his sessions is Emmanuel’s Core Energy Therapy® healing method, which he developed from his training in spiritual psychology, energy medicine, Advanced Theta Healing™, Zero Point therapy, and the principles of quantum physics.

As Emmanuel explains...

The majority of our experiences spring out of our subconscious beliefs, often based on painful and traumatic experiences from our childhood or past lives.

The energy blocks that result can hold us back from creating our greatest vision for our life.

Core Energy Therapy® leads you quickly release limiting conscious and subconscious beliefs and energy patterns at their core, offering emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and financial healing.

Emmanuel goes right to the root cause of what may be causing your challenges, then allows higher energies to work through him so that you shift and resolve it.

Release Limiting, Unconscious Beliefs and
Energy Patterns Once and For All

Emmanuel’s Core Energy Therapy® is considered to be one of the most thorough, lasting, and complete energy modalities available today.

You don’t need to know how it works to enjoy the benefits! Just listen to the audios with an open heart—the rest happens automatically.

And based on client results, the outcomes are often miraculous!

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The Chakra Healing Series

Available as Digital Downloads With a Retail Value of $2997

Align Your Energy Systems with Your Highest Vision for Your Life!

Balance, cleanse, and activate your body’s first seven chakras with this powerful healing series.

These seven energy-packed healing sessions support you at the core of your being, helping you anchor your greatest potential for this life.

You’ll raise not only your own vibration, but the consciousness of the planet with these powerful, freeing energies!

Release your chakras’ limitations, blocks and hidden programming, including:

As you balance each chakra, you’ll absorb the blessings and lessons of imbalances with grace and ease

Release them for good—as you claim your Divine Wisdom,
Clarity and Co-Creator power!

Seven power-shifting sessions that open, align, and balance all seven chakras

These audio sessions also hold the blessings of the thousands of people who have worked with them, which has created a magnified healing effect.

Because, when two or more hold the same intention to welcome in healing, it manifests very quickly.

Know that whenever you receive these energies—whether the session is live or recorded—they’re working!

All clearings, healings, and releases are also extended to your ancestors and your current and future family—on all levels, in all cultures and timelines.

As you peacefully and gracefully absorb all lessons learned from the trauma and limitations of the past, you’ll dissolve the karmic cycle of these lessons, so you never have to repeat them!

Session 1 - The First Chakra: The Root

The root chakra is our physical foundation, keeping us grounded and helping to activate our energy.

This chakra can become imbalanced due to painful early life experiences that remain unhealed.

Too little root energy can cause anxiety, lack of confidence, and a lack of ability to complete projects. Too much can cause self-involved, aggressive, survival-type behavior.

When this chakra is not working properly, it can show up as problems in the legs, bones, adrenal glands, colon, kidneys, or spinal column.

When the root chakra is balanced, we feel healthy and alive, active, optimistic, patient, and full of vitality.

Unblock, align and empower your Divine Foundation!

Session 2 – The Second Chakra: The Sacral Plexus

The second chakra or sacral plexus is where our emotions are stored.

It influences our sensuality, physical force, passion, open-mindedness and our ability to have meaningful connections with people, places, and experiences.

If this chakra is out of balance, energies such as guilt, shame, blame can come up, and lead to addictive behavior, sexual dysfunction and problems with the reproductive organs and fertility.

If this chakra is overly active, it can lead us to be too self-involved, egoic, distrusting, and cold.

If it’s not active enough, we can become too shy, hypersensitive, untrusting, and uncertain.

When our sacral plexus chakra is balanced, we feel healthy, friendly, imaginative and creative, showing compassion, using our intuition, and having a balanced mind and energy that leads to success.

It’s time to balance, heal, and align your emotional chakra!

Session 3 – The Third Chakra: The Solar Plexus

The third chakra or solar plexus is located at the base of the rib cage, just above the belly button.

From here, we pick up vibrations and essences of people, places, and experiences.

This is also where we store our personal power, desires and patterns of self-acceptance.

A lack of balance in the third chakra may cause us to feel insecure, and to hide from the world.

When the third chakra is balanced, we can more easily accomplish what we want, embracing our power with confidence; knowing greater prosperity, security, and joy.

Bring balance back to your third chakra and turn on your Divine Power!

Session 4: The Heart Chakra

Located in the center of the chest around the heart area, the fourth chakra is the foundation of the light body, where our physical and spiritual bodies meet.

Fueled by love, the heart influences compassion, forgiveness, connection, trust, balance, and ease with life.

It also aids in rejuvenation, success, growth, prosperity, development, and rebirth.

A lack of balance in the heart chakra can lead to emotional instability, the martyr or victim role, feelings of unworthiness, rigidity, and lack of compassion.

When the heart chakra is balanced and in harmony with the other chakras, we can experience grace and unconditional love—helping humanity flourish, while being at peace with ourselves.

Go deep into the sacred chamber of the heart and awaken Divine Love!

Session 5 - The Fifth Chakra: The Throat

Located at the base of the neck and throat, the fifth chakra influences communication, dreaming, creative expression, discernment, wisdom, out-of-body experiences and clairaudience.

This chakra is all about self-empowerment: making choices, willpower, and the right to speak and be heard.

The throat chakra is where our karma is stored—the idea that what we put out, we, too, shall receive. Karma can be cleared and resolved once lessons have been learned.

A healthy throat chakra makes your voice clear as it resonates with truth.

Clear lifetimes of stored karma—create communication that’s clear, full of integrity, and Divinely guided.

When the fifth chakra is balanced, it allows for free communication, helping us feel centered, appreciated, seen, and heard.

Go deep into the sacred chambers of this karmic center, and activate Divine Expression of your Truth!

Session 6 - The Sixth Chakra: The Third Eye

Located in the middle of the forehead, the third eye chakra/pineal gland influences our capacity to see or sense the future and is the basis of intuition and inner knowing.

Blocks in this chakra lead us to become unimaginative and indifferent with poor focus and low concentration.

But when the third eye chakra is balanced, we become the creator of our lives—confident in our own abilities, with no need to look to others to feel whole.

We’re able to tap into our intuition and imagination—to visualize, concentrate, have Divine insight and achieve enlightenment.

Go into the deepest dimensions of the third eye chakra and awaken your Divine Wisdom, Clarity, and Insight!

Session 7 – The Seventh Chakra: The Crown

The seventh chakra or crown chakra is located at the top of the head and influences spiritual will, inspiration and celestial knowledge.

If this chakra is not working properly, we will be more influenced by ego than by our Higher Self.

We will more easily buy into the illusions of lack, separation and fear.

When the crown chakra is balanced, we are released from ego-driven desires—we’re able to trust and know we’re divinely guided in all we do.

Activate your crown, anchoring massive amounts of Divine Light into your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual reality!

Normally, This entire life-transforming session is now available for ONLY $97

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AND, Emmanuel is handing you ANOTHER series of profoundly transformative tools you can use at all times, in any situation, when you want to HEAL INSTANTLY ... even when you don’t have time...

The Instant Healing Collection

Available As Digital Downloads With a Retail Value of $1,100

It’s time to Energize, Heal AND Revitalize Reach a Higher Vibration in Every Area of Your Life—in One Minute!

Have you ever found yourself saying that you’re JUST TOO BUSY to do the kind of healing work you really need?

Emmanuel’s hour-long energy sessions can offer miraculous healings.

But what if your schedule—work, family, and other commitments—leaves you with little or no time for longer sessions?

Nurture and pamper yourself with these fun and easy, one-minute healing sessions.

Listen to just one or two a day and get a fast pick-me-up that lasts throughout the day—a daily instant super-energy charge that can transform your life long term!

These 50 energy-packed healing sessions will support you at the very core of your being, giving you easy access to life-changing expansion and rejuvenation.

It’s like natural caffeine (without the side effects)

Each one-minute session holds a particular energy alchemy that works with your conscious and subconscious mind.

Dissolve the long-held, limiting beliefs and energy blocks holding you back in your health, finances, relationships, life purpose, and overall life experience.

The BEST OF THE BEST in Healing designed for YOUR BUSY SCHEDULE

This is foundational healing that awakens and activates the powerful Lighthouse within you, to help you create the joyful, fulfilling, abundant life you envision.

Raise Your Vibration in Just One Minute a Day!

Each time you listen to a session, an even deeper level of healing will occur. And based on client results, the outcomes can be miraculous.

These audio sessions also hold the blessings of the thousands of people who have worked with them.

Their energies have created a magnified healing effect.

Because whenever two or more hold the same intention to welcome in healing, it manifests very quickly.

All of these sessions offer rapid and radical transformation for...

1 - Activating Courage
2 - Activating Inner Passion
3 - Activating Joyful Laughter
4 - Asking for What You Want
5 - Attracting Abundance
6 - Attracting Love
7 - Awakening Positive Self-Worth
8 - Awakening Your Love for Life
9 - Becoming Present
10 - Creating More Than Enough Time
11 - Embracing Your Beauty
12 - Financial Circulation and Flow
13 - Healing Your Body Image
14 - Inspired Action
15 - Knowing Your Purpose
16 - Mastering the Art of Manifesting
17 - Money Healing
18 - Releasing Worry
19 - Restoring Optimum Health
20 - The Gift of Service
21 - Understanding the Ego
22 - A Shift in Responsibility
23 - Attracting Good Luck
24 - Creating Happiness
25 - Divine Opportunity
26 - Divine Patience
27 - Divine Recognition
28 - Embracing the Journey
29 – Expanding Out of Your Comfort Zone
30 – Feeling at Home
31 – Giving Yourself Full Permission
32 – Healing Jealousy
33 – Honoring the Process
34 – Joy Rising
35 – Letting Go of Being Hard on Yourself
36 – Living in the “Have it All” Paradigm
37 – Overcoming Fear
38 – Releasing Blame
39 – Releasing the Patterns of Paying Dues
40 – Seeing Miracles
41 – Self-Confidence Boost
42 – Shining Brightly
43 – Simplifying Spirituality
44 – Speaking Your Truth
45 – Stepping into Authentic Power
46 – The Greatest Gift
47 – The Power of Celebration
48 – The Spirituality of Movement
49 – True Validation
50 – Understanding Flow and Surrender

Get Your Energy Boost for the Day In Minutes!

PLUS, if you want to take your body, mind and spiritual transformation to the next level, enhancing every aspect of the Chakra Healing Series and The Instant Healing Collection, you’ll LOVE...

The Super-Charged Healing Prayers Collection

Available as Digital Downloads With a Retail Value of $220

These Quick, Joyful, Power-Packed Healings Provide the Energies for You to:

We are energetic beings.

Our mind, heart, body and spirit each contain billions of frequencies that dance together in an amazing energetic mix of sound and light.

When we lift our vibrations, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies start to match a new and higher frequency—and miracles begin to happen.

Isn’t it time you began creating miracles in your life?

In these quick-but-powerful Super-Charged Healing Prayers, Emmanuel taps into the quantum energy of Oneness.

Lifting your vibration at the atomic level, he works with your soul to help you achieve a new state of consciousness and clarity.

Each of these powerful prayers
last only three-and-a-half minutes or less...

SO, each one is power-packed with Divine grace and empowerment, to restore you to your natural state of Love, clarity of purpose, abundance and wholeness.

Healing Prayer + Music Therapy Session in One

The music supporting each prayer holds same healing properties that are found in Emmanuel’s astounding Awakening Series.

Each Super-Charged Healing Prayer is charged with different healing, sound and energy therapies—Light and higher frequencies that help you align with the specific theme of each prayer.

Relax into these supportive healing energies as you dissolve inner obstacles such as fear, doubt, and other limiting patterns.

Let these powerful, effective, expansive healing frequencies pave the way for you to live out your higher good and greatest vision for your life!

Session 1: Forgiveness and Compassion

Know that you are One with Spirit Energy and, therefore, One with everything.

From that space of Oneness, receive the healing energies needed to:

Session 2: Clarity and Divine Remembrance

Step into your Divine Self, and call forth Divine Clarity and Divine Remembrance to reveal themselves to you more and more.

Receive higher light and frequencies that empower you to:

Session 3: Prosperity and Abundance

Affirm that you are a fully alive, fully awakened being of Love and that all are One.

From this expanded field of infinite possibility, you now:

Session 4: Romantic Partnership and Love

Know that you are One with Source/Creator energy and, therefore, One with All That Is.

Be lifted into accepting a new and joyful love:

Session 5: Wholeness and Healing

Know that there is only One Life in the Universe, that this Life created you, and that you are One with this Life.

Accept and know the truth of your wholeness:

These sessions all perfectly complement one another,enabling you to take your healing and restoration journey to new heights, more quickly than ever before...

Emmanuel has designed this series for you.

You can now heal more quickly than ever before, achieving the state of energy, health and vitality you’ve always wanted to FINALLY achieve your dreams.

The world is waiting to receive YOUR GIFTS...

Isn’t it time you permanently align your chakras, released mental, physical and emotional pain and achieve the energy you need to share with an eager audience?

Join Emmanuel today and discover how blissfully beautiful it is to wake up rejuvenated and excited for what lies ahead!

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Emmanuel Dagher

About Emmanuel Dagher

With a background in Conscious Evolution, combined with his natural intuitive abilities, and having received a plethora of speciality certifications in holistic and alternative healing therapies, Emmanuel humbly shares his gifts with those who are ready to receiving it. Emmanuel is also a #1 International Bestselling Author, which has expanded the message of compassion and Divine Remembrance he is so passionate about sharing.

As one of the new generation of inspirational wisdom leaders, Emmanuel fully connects and engages with people from all backgrounds and walks of life, making whomever he comes into contact with feel like they've been lifelong friends.

Emmanuel serves as a Humanitarian, Spiritual Guide, Healer, Energy Alchemist, and Author. Humble, authentic and committed; his soul-inspired wisdom emanates from pure love, and emboldens all to journey within to rediscover our true selves. He has dedicated his life to being of service to humanity, co creating hundreds of thousands of spontaneous miracles by helping people remember who they are at their core, and realize their full potential as the amazing whole beings of love we all are.

Emmanuel also creates music that have been described as “Otherworldly, life-changing, energy healing masterpieces." Incorporating Solfeggio Healing Tones, Rife Frequency Healing, and other sound healing components; Emmanuel has blended these with his successful Core Energy Therapy Healing Protocols to bring about healing that is so deeply profound, it is almost incomprehensible as they lead the listener into a place of pure bliss.