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Jennifer McLean's Healing With The Masters Season 13

Know, Beyond ALL Doubt, That You Have What it Takes to Become EVERYTHING You Have Ever Desired… Health, Wealth, Happiness, Harmonious Relationships + More Are Waiting For You, RIGHT HERE

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This BRAND NEW special offer from Internationally-Revered Psychic, Dougall Fraser, connects you with the deepest resources you need to embody joy, fulfillment, peace, presence and more.

What if the life you’ve been dreaming of—the one where you jump out of bed EXCITED to start each morning—was within reach?

Would you reach out and grab that opportunity or just let it pass you by?

Dougall is offering to help you build a new life… One that connects you with your most lofty dreams and desires.

Just for Healing With The Masters, this remarkably powerful psychic and master teacher has compiled a collection of tools for healing wounds and paving the road to your heart’s desires.

This offer is BRAND NEW & not available ANYWHERE ELSE


This offer is all about YOU, transforming into your most brilliant, capable, prolific, present and passionate self...

Now I can hear you saying…

“Is it really possible for that kind of whole-life change to take place?”

“I have A LOT to work on and I don’t think anything can compare to the transformation I need.”

“I want to TOTALLY uplevel everything about my life. How can that even be possible?”

And to that, I give you THREE WORDS…

Consider The Butterfly

Did you know that when a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, a certain set of cells are activated to initiate and support that change?

It’s true, and when you take time to consider what happens… it’s an astonishingly remarkable shift.

The shift-supporting agents are called imaginal cells and exist solely for the purpose of transformation.

With the help of these imaginal cells, a cute little caterpillar, who is tied to density and stuck crawling on the surface, becomes an entirely new magnificent being and takes flight into a BRAND NEW LIFE.

Fueled by freedom and supported by the butterfly’s desire to soar, it now has access to an awe-inspiring life that a caterpillar could never have imagined.

It’s time to begin your own metamorphosis and activate your Divine set of imaginal cells…

This offer gives you access to a new way of thinking, being and existing within this world.

Join Dougall along this 6-tier life-adventure and activate your new vibrant, purpose-driven and Divinely-aligned life.

MILD CAUTION: These brand new, game-changing processes have been designed to help you shed the weight and burden of your old life while activating the imaginal cells of everything you want to achieve. By joining Dougall now, whole-life TRANSFORMATION WILL OCCUR.

Your transformation begins NOW, through...

Item 1: Healing Through The Higher Self

3 part audio course. Retail value $147

THIS IS BRAND NEW + Not Available Anywhere Else

Your Higher Self is the most elevated and evolved expression of your soul’s energy.

When you are connected with your Higher Self, you experience yourself the way that the Universe intended... perfect.

Welcome joy, bliss and expansive freedom into your life by:

Today is the day you discover how to PERMANENTLY align with your Higher Self

Through this course, Dougall helps you release the negative effects of holding a grudge, being negatively impacted by the density of life or even staying in a draining relationship.

If you feel stuck in any area of your life, it may be because you have been hurt or underestimated by someone and are holding on to the pain of that experience.

Releasing the resentment associated with that other person is the key to moving forward.

It’s time to forgive...

Forgiveness is essential to moving past an obstacle or understanding a life lesson AND it enables you to achieve true freedom in the present moment.

In this 3-part series, Dougall helps you...


Connect with your own Higher Self to receive information from the purest part of your soul. This is a guided journey that raises your energetic awareness to the highest level of information that anyone can receive.

By elevating your wisdom, you are then able to make the best possible decisions for your spiritual path


Communicate with another’s Higher Self. Understand their perspective and alleviate excess pressure on the relationship by seeing their greatest expression.

You will receive emotional fulfillment on all levels and be able to move past any upset in the relationship.

Release the pain associated with anyone who has hurt you. You will journey back to the safety and security of your Higher Self to disconnect from the pain of that experience and release it to the Universe.

Connecting with the guidance of your Higher Self for forgiveness will help create healing on a BRAND NEW level.

Item 2: The Cosmic Coaching Community

4-Week LIVE Online Group Coaching & a Private Facebook Community. Retail Value: $600

The Cosmic Coaching Community was actually created out of need during one of Dougall’s online courses and now, YOU get to join!

Each week, you can dial-in to unite in group energy and global-support for creating positive and effective changes everywhere.

From career and relationships to weight, creative goals and more, this is a transformative coaching program that will give you new tools to achieve success in your life.

AND, it will introduce you to a community of supportive and like-minded individuals to cheer you on!

Each Monday at 5pm Pacific Time, you will meet via telephone to join in this potent community of planet-shifters.

Dougall provides a weekly lesson or goal which is then followed by live interaction for questions and answers within the group.

Participants are invited to present topics that you would like to highlight or study in an upcoming class, so that it can be tailored to your needs.

PLUS… There will also be a private interactive Facebook Group to interact with other participants.

Join this dynamic group experience to gain wisdom & friendships that last a lifetime!

NOTE: If you can’t make a live class, all recordings and materials will be emailed to you the following day.

Item 3: Empowering the Empath

Retail Value: $199

It’s time to harness and express ALL of your gifts

Take a moment to consider a few questions…

Empathy is one of the most profound psychic abilities that someone can possess.

It is an ability that can attract wonderful people and experiences to your life AND it can also make it difficult to distinguish between your personal emotional experiences and something you picked up from someone else.

It’s time to use your empathy to your advantage

Through years of coaching and private readings, Dougall honed several tools that help empaths safely access the emotions of others and NOW, you have access to them.

Whether it’s supporting a loved one or helping a client move through a particular hardship, he will teach you how to use your empathy without letting dense emotions stick to you.

In this class you will learn:

Item 4: Building Your Rainbow Bridge

10-Week Online Audio Course with Accompanying Teaching Documents. Retail Value: $149

Embark on a ten-week journey to establish a clear connection to your higher self.

Countless people have asked Dougall to teach them to connect with information about others and NOW, you have access to his methods. This course gives you direct access to the process that he uses.

The rainbow bridge is a link between the physical and spiritual aspects of your being.

During each of the ten sessions, you will be led through a guided meditation, working with one color at a time to build each leg of this bridge.

PLUS, you will receive a workbook with each week’s recording, explaining the properties of that color.

Imagine being able to build a permanent bridge to a source of Universal knowledge.

Through a proven four-step process, you are going to align with the universal knowing that has always existed for you, enabling you to:

Whether you want to strengthen your own wisdom or create a clearer channel to offer guidance to others, the Rainbow Bridge meditation process is a powerful exploration of your own natural abilities.

Item 5: Color is my prozac

10-Week Online Audio Course with Accompanying Teaching Documents. Retail Value: $99

Dougall is going to help you learn to use color and light energy to identify strengths and weaknesses in yourself and in others.

Discover where you are strongest and where you need the most support

Once you discover where you are strongest and where you need support, you can utilize the other items in this exclusive special offer to transform lack, doubt, pain, frustration, aggravation and more into peace, joy, harmony and bliss.

You will be taught the very same meditation that Dougall uses every day when he connects with light energy and works with clients

In this class you will learn:

Dougall will lead you through his process, teaching you how to use a certain color and what transformations to expect by inviting specific energies into your life.

NOTE: This class is pre-recorded, so you can progress through it at your own pace. It is designed to let you focus on one particular color and its properties every week, mastering one before moving on to another.

Item 6: Color Clearing Audio Series

Retail Value: $29

This series provides you with quick, effective tools for clearing three specific spiritual bodies… the Mental, Emotional and Perceptual.

Dougall has master-crafted a three-part series that covers all aspects of clearing your being to make space for all that serves you.

You are going to clear...

Part 1: The mental body

This is the sphere of energy around your head that is the root of practical thinking. The mental body is where you hold your thoughts, goals, and ideas.

When the mental body gets clouded, you may notice that you experience:

By clearing the mental body, you’ll achieve a renewed sense of balance and clarity within your thought processes.

Part 2: The Emotional Body

The emotional body is the sphere of energy directly around the heart. This body holds our feelings, such as love, happiness, anger, or sadness.

A healthy emotional body allows your feelings to flow with ease.

If you notice yourself holding on to specific emotions for a long period of time, your emotional body may be clogged.

Here are a few signs of a clogged emotional body:

This clearing will bring a sense of needed balance and harmony to your emotional space.

It’s time to release emotions that no longer serve you while keeping the ones that are serving your highest good.

Part 3: The Perceptual body (Your psychic center)

This is your psychic center, the source of intuition, “gut reactions” and practical judgement.

A healthy perceptual body results in accurate intuition, feeling safe in a variety of environments, and a sense of peace and tranquility.

If your perceptual body is clouded, you may notice the following happening in your being:

This clearing will help you release psychic impression “overload,” and bring you back to a state of balanced perception. SO, you may notice heightened intuition and an overall sense of well-being.

You are here for a reason. You are ready for this whole-life transformation.

Dougall Fraser has worked with thousands around the globe to help them live the lives they had previously only dreamt of. He is the REAL DEAL and, right now, you have the unique opportunity of accessing his BRAND NEW materials.

This is your time to activate your Divine Imaginal Cells, answer the call of your Higher Self and begin to transform into the joyful, vibrant, loving, passionate, creative self you’ve always dreamt of.

Say “Yes!” to the call of your soul and click below to begin this adventure with one of the most abundant special offers at one of the largest discounts in Healing With The Masters history.


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Dougall Fraser

About Dougall Fraser

Dougall Fraser is a psychic, author, and cosmic coach in los angeles. Over the last 18 years, he has honed a unique set of light and color energy tools for healing. Dougall is recognized as one of the country’s best psychics. His international clientele ranges from CEOs and celebrities, to people just like you who may need extra insight. With his own spiritual belief system, Dougall feels that we all have a blueprint for our lives. His main purpose is to help people assess and attain the life that they dream of.

The self titled “Queer Guy with a Third Eye” Dougall maintains a refreshing and humorous approach to his new age practice. Dougall utilizes clairvoyance, intuition, empathy, color therapy, interior design, and practical advice to help people achieve their goals and dreams.

Dougall has been featured on many national TV shows, including Dr. Phil, The Real Housewives of O.C., and Dancing with the Stars! He has also been recognized as one of the country’s top clairvoyants/psychics by Spin magazine and The New York Post. Dougall is the author of the bestselling book, But You Knew That Already: What a Psychic Can Teach You About Life. His next book will be available through Hay House in April 2017.