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Jennifer McLean's Healing With The Masters Season 13

It’s Never Been Easier to Balance Your Energy And Overcome Past, Present, And Future Physical, Emotional, Social And Mental Blockages

Thanks To This...

These 3 Powerful, Complementary, And Guaranteed To Work Energy Medicine Techniques...

...Will Balance Your Energy Systems, Introduce Your “Life Color,” Raise Your Vibrational Frequency And Help You Reclaim Your Natural Vitality, Health, And Future...

From: The Desk Of Jennifer McLean

To: Anyone caught in the “like attracts like cycle” of failure, depression, loss, or illness...

Dear Friend,

What you’re about to discover on this page are the time-tested techniques Donna Eden has shared with tens of thousands in her career as an energy healer.

3 innovative, exciting and ready-to-apply resources packed with dozens of real-world tested principles, ideas, techniques, and guides to attracting abundance, health, wealth, and happiness into your life.

The three resources you’re about to discover work almost as if they are MAGIC...

And they are quite possibly three of the most powerful magic wands you will ever have the opportunity to wave over your life.

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Donna Eden’s Techniques, Tools And Ready-To-Apply Resources May “Work Like Magic”, But They Are NOT “Magic Tricks...”

Yes—the 3 incredible resources you’re about to get access to work like magic...healing your life, balancing your energy pathways and, together, unlocking a higher vibrational frequency.

No—they are not “magic tricks.”

Magic tricks “cover up” the problem...

Like a pill, taken to treat pain or depression...

Medical magic tricks hide the symptoms, making them temporarily disappear without treating the root cause.

Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine targets the root cause of roadblocks, depression, anxiety, biological imbalance, and even the blockages standing between you and abundance.

Donna Eden

Donna Eden
Energy Healer

Over The Last 35+ Years, The Incomparable Donna Eden Has Developed, Tested And Tweaked Her Energy Healing Techniques...

...and now you have the opportunity to learn directly from 3 of her most powerful programs...

Packaged together (or available separately) and made available only for YOU, our Healing With The Masters family.

For over 35 years, Donna has worked directly with her private clients, therapists, neuropaths, and psychologists teaching Energy Medicine.

Now you have the opportunity to save THOUSANDS (you’ll actually pay NO WHERE near that) on the registration costs for Donna’s seminars, workshops, and private sessions AND get complete access to her most powerful Energy Medicine programs, tools, techniques, and resources.

Now Donna Eden’s 3 Most Powerful And Complementary Energy Medicine Programs Are Available In ONE EXCLUSIVE Package

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Donna Eden’s COMPLETE Energy Medicine Collection

The Step-By-Step Resources, Tools, And Techniques For Raising Your Vibrational Frequency And Defining Your Future

For our community only, Donna has generously offered to package her 3 most popular, most powerful, and completely complementary energy medicine programs into a single, HUGELY DISCOUNTED package.

Everything you see below is included and ONLY available to this Healing With The Masters Family (Yes, you can SHARE the link!).

Please Note: I’ll list everything that is included in the complete collection below but keep in mind, you can get all of these resources separately right on the bottom of this page. PLUS, I’ll include discount information to let you know exactly how much you will save.

As always, please just let me know if you have any questions.

So, let’s cut right to it and...

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Get Started With Program #1: Energy Medicine - An Introduction To Basic, Intermediate, And Advanced Energy Transformation And Healing Techniques

Retail Value: $295

Live A Healthier, Rich, And Fulfilled Life Though The Power Of Energy Medicine And Balanced Healing

Energy Medicine is the heart and soul of Donna’s Energy Medicine system...

...and the principles behind Energy Medicine make up a great deal of my personal wellness philosophy..

Donna is an Energy Healing pioneer who practically invented the applied techniques, tools, and resources energy healers, therapists, and new generations of psychologists use to help their clients raise their vibrational frequency.

Even if you don’t already understand how your energy and vibration relate to your wealth, happiness, and your health (and ESPECIALLY if you already practice other vibration-raising techniques) you’ll receive dozens of ready-to-implement strategies from the 8 DVD Energy Medicine series that will show you...

How To Increase Your Vitality, Health, And Wellbeing By Matching Your Conscious, Subconscious And Even Other Dimensional Energies

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PLUS You’ll Learn...

And You’ll Get Access To Dozens And Dozens Of Ready To Apply Tools, Techniques, And Healing Resources...

Donna’s Energy Medicine DVD series includes dozens of techniques, tools, and resources ready to heal your life on a biological, emotional, and spiritual level.

WOW, You’ll get access to...

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8 DVDs, Handouts, And Eye Chart Guaranteed Transform You To A High Vibrational Frequency

Here’s exactly what’s included on each DVD:

Disc 1 – Introduction to Energy Medicine & The Five Minute Routine
Disc 2 - Homolateral Patterning & Meridian Work
Disc 3 - Neurovascular, Energy Testing & Alarm Points
Disc 4 – Quickie Energy Balancing, Celtic Weave, Magnets & Vivaxin
Disc 5 – Radiant Circuits, Triple Warmer & Pain Techniques
Disc 6 – Chakras & Eyes
Disc 7 – Habits, Colds & Keeping Energies Moving
Disc 8 – Questions & Answers and Summary

You Can Get Access To The Definitive Guide To Transformative Energy Medicine Today For Nearly 70% OFF As Part Of Donna’s COMPLETE Energy Medicine Collection

The Energy Medicine DVD set, handouts and eye chart are normally part of a live workshop and seminar for energy healers. Registration for this constantly in-demand course costs $995.

Today, you can get complete access to everything you need to implement Energy Medicine in your life for as part of Donna’s Complete Energy Medicine collection.

If you’d like, our Healing With The Masters tribe only can also order JUST the 8 DVD Energy Medicine series at the bottom of this page.

Everything you are learning about right now is available separately when you scroll down.

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Program #2 Colors, Auras, And The Psychic Realm

Taking Control Of Your Life Color And Aura To Transform Your Energy Field And Attract Abundance With This 5 DVD Set. Retail Value: $249

Embrace Your Life Color and Align With Your Destiny Through Enhanced Subconscious Awareness As You...

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Here’s EXACTLY What’s Included In Colors, Auras, And The Psychic Realm...

Session 1 – Finding Your Life Color

An inspiring opening address by Jean Houston launches this fascinating workshop on colors, auras and the psychic realm. Donna and David present practical procedures and exercises to keep yourself grounded and offer suggestions for how to open your channels to the psychic realm as well as look at the various emotions and attitudes that might stand in the way of opening.

Donna’s introduction to colors sorts them into two kinds: those that are universal, as in the meridians, and those that are unique to you, as in your life color. Throughout this workshop every idea and procedure is amply demonstrated.

Session 2 – The Structure of the Auric Field & Opening The Auric Belt Flow

Donna probes the significance of your preference for, or aversion to a particular color. She explains with wonderful detail and clarity your aura -- what it is, the information it holds, which aspects do not change, and its layered structure with emphasis on the sensory system and how to test for your primary system.

The fields of the aura are contrasted with the layers of the chakras. Since a clogged belt flow can interfere with developing your intuition, Donna examines how to access and clear the belt flow.

Session 3 – Using and Testing Colors & The Black Pearl Sanctuary Technique

Returning to expanding your awareness, Donna describes a number of ways people receive information, some of the major factors that help or hinder developing your psychic abilities, and encourages you to follow your unique intuition. How to use colors to balance meridians, how to test to find out what color is needed, and whether that color is correcting an imbalance, are all developed.

Staff fully demonstrates the Black Pearl Sanctuary technique, which is intended to calm your hypothalamus, and helps to increase your awareness.

Session 4 – Stones, Crystals, Fabrics & Personality Theory

Donna elaborates on the characteristics of various colors and places, the importance of your life color, and examines stones, crystals, and natural fabrics in addition to glass and gels when using color.

In an intriguing lecture, David proposes the possibility of how your unique energy organization - the sensory system in the aura, your predominant rhythm and your life color - has the makings for a new scientifically based personality theory.

Session 5 – Muscle Testing & Opening Channels

Donna Shows both how to muscle test for the organization of your sensory system and ways of assessing your life color.

David leads a final meditation intended to open channels and concludes by reviewing the handouts and main points of the workshop.

Colors, Auras, And The Psychic Realm Is Normally $249, Today It’s Available For Nearly 70% OFF As Part Of Donna’s Complete Energy Medicine Collection

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Program #3 Available Today As Part Of Donna’s EXCLUSIVE Energy Healing Collection Is: Life Colors CD Set

A Beginner’s Audio Introduction To Your Life Colors. Retail Value: $16.95

Discover The 3-Dimensional “Framework Of The Future” This Will Eventually Replace Traditional Psychological Interpretation

Donna’s Energy Medicine system is complex at the core but easy to understand and apply in your life thanks to her step-by-step training materials.

With the Life Colors CD Set, you’ll begin to understand Energy Healing from the perspective of your life color and the way colors control and dictate your future.

Similar to the Law Of Attraction and your vibrational frequency (both important components of Donna’s Energy Medicine), your life colors can conflict with the colors associated with the personality traits, future occurrences, and energy pathways you need in order to achieve your life goals.

When You Listen To The Life Colors Audio You’ll Discover...

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This 3-Dimensional Framework Is The Perfect Starting Point For Absolutely Anyone Interested In Overcoming Obstacles And Controlling Their Future...

Your Life Colors are a vital component to your current and future state of being, impacting your subconscious, influencing your future, and dictating the obstacles that will stand in your way.

A better understanding of your life colors allows you to control your future and build an ideal path to your aspirations using Donna’s 3-Dimensional framework.

With this Streaming audio you’ll learn about...

Everything listed above is available today as part of Donna’s COMPLETE Energy Medicine Collection.

ALL of her most popular Energy Medicine resources, tools, guides, and strategies available in a single package, deeply discounted ONLY for YOU - our Healing With The Masters community, and your friends, family and loved ones.

Below, you can select any ONE or ALL THREE of the programs listed above.

AND, you will be protected by my 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try them ALL and I’ll simply pay Donna if you’re not satisfied and give you your money back.

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PLUS! This Complete Collection Bonus!! The Nine Energy Systems

Retail Value $24.95

[NOTE: This exclusive bonus is exclusive to Option 3: The Complete Energy Medicine Collection.

When you make the complete commitment to embrace ALL 3 OF DONNA’S PROGRAMS and bring the Complete Energy Medicine Collection into your life...

She will add an additional BONUS to help you take your energy practice
to a more profound level of understanding and depth.

Donna Eden partnered with David Feinstein, Ph.D to bring you essential insights into your body's energy anatomy.

Imagine being able to fully understand the intricate and multi-layered energy systems that keep you living a vibrant, healthy and joy-filled experience...

In The Nine Energy Systems, Donna and David deep-dive into nine primary, interrelated energy systems.

All nine of these systems work together to determine how healthy you are as you progress and evolve through this life.

This is Your roadmap to understanding how to
effectively create your dreams in this physical reality.

Consider how much more powerful you will be when you fully understand the systems involved in giving you a harmonious, energized and vibrant experience.

You are going to explore and understand: Meridians, Chakras, the Aura, Radiant Circuits, Triple Warmer, the Celtic Weave, the Five Rhythms, Electrics, and the Basic Grid.

This engaging series of steaming audios offers a closer look at all nine of these important systems and suggests ways you can help to keep them in balance.

Pick Your Program Below (Or Get ALL THREE!)

Save 81% ADD TO CART

Get Access To Any One OR ALL THREE Of Donna’s Energy Healing Or Life Color And Aura Programs Today And I Will Personally PAY For The Program If You Are Not Satisfied.

Here’s the deal...

I am so confident that you’ll LOVE each and every one of the tools, techniques and resources available in Donna’s complete Energy Healing program, that I will personally pay you back if you purchase all three or any one of her programs and are not satisfied.

Hopefully, that guarantees you take absolutely NO RISK when you click “get access” on this page and order.

It’s my...

“30 Days, 100% Money Back Promise”

Just let me know if you are not satisfied for ANY REASON at absolutely any time in the first 30 days after you get access to ANY of Donna’s programs presented on this page and I’ll give you your money back.

That’s my promise!

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Get The Complete Energy Healing Collection Today

Your Investment for the Complete Digital Energy Medicine Collection: Get started today for 2 easy payments of just $101
Or 1 Quick Payment of just $177, saving you an additional $25

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Donna Eden

About Donna Eden

For more than 35 years, Donna Eden has been teaching people how to work with the body's energy systems to reclaim their health and natural vitality.

Donna Eden is among the world's most sought, most joyous, and most authoritative spokespersons for Energy Medicine. Her abilities as a healer are legendary. She has taught more than 80,000 people worldwide, both laypeople and professionals, how to understand the body as an energy system. Now you can study with her through her videos, DVDs, books, and other home study resources.

Able from childhood to clairvoyantly see the body’s subtle energies, she not only works with those energies to further health, happiness, and vitality, she has made a career of teaching people who do not see energies how to work with them— joyfully and effectively.