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Jennifer McLean's Healing With The Masters Season 13

Awakened Wealth Unlock Massive Abundance & End Your Money Struggles FOREVER

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Are you ready to become a visionary changemaker?

No matter where you’re coming from, where you’ve been or where you’ve believed you were inevitably going, you NOW have the tools to create what you desire and live a miraculous life of grace and power.

There is an incredible wealth of abundance just waiting for you to emerge and take it…

Now, you get to learn:

  1. Where it is
  2. How to get there
  3. How to access ALL of it

You’re going to roll-up your sleeves and change your life, FOR REAL.

Derek Rydall, the #1 Expert on the Law of Emergence who has trained companies from American Express to Disney, wants to give you his personal secrets to success that took him from rags to riches.

He literally went from being broke, broken and living in a one-room apartment and eating 19-cent boxes of macaroni to living in million-dollar homes, living his dream, making an abundant living doing what he loves AND making more in one hour than he made in the first five years of his working life!

Imagine having more than enough to...

You are the Source of Your Own Abundance

It’s time to shed all the baggage that’s kept you in lack and move into a new realm of possibility and potentiality with your own financial abundance…

It’s time to create your own light by generating your abundance from within and reap the bountiful rewards of your soul’s journey into manifestation.

Derek helps you believe-in your inner voice and enables you to radically change your relationship with money and wealth.

In addition to 3 Exclusive Bonuses for making more money, healing your being and receiving an abundance of support, Derek is placing his Master Course: The Awakened Wealth Home Study Program, in your hands and supercharging it energetically to ensure that you can begin achieving your dreams immediately.


AWAKENED WEALTH Home Study Program

5-Session, 10+ Hours of Wealth-Consciousness Training (Retail Value $997)

You’re going to discover:

THE GREAT REVERSAL: Derek will open your eyes to a fundamental and beautifully simple principle that frees you forever, giving YOU your own power so you can truly shape your own life.

Never be dependent on anyone or anything ever again!

THE UNIVERSAL BETRAYAL: Wouldn’t you LOVE to have a silent partner to support your dreams and aspirations?

What if you could make the UNIVERSE your silent partner, supporting all your endeavors? Well, Derek is going to show you how.

THE GREATEST MONEY MYTH: Get rid of those money worries, overcome all limitations that make you believe you can’t have enough, and move into a beautiful new relationship where you manifest true financial abundance.

THE REAL CAUSE OF DEBT (It's not at all what you think)... Discover how to eliminate debt once and for all by breaking it down at the root cause.

WHY MOST MANIFESTATION TECHNIQUES FAIL Join Derek as he takes you off the hamster wheel of self-improvement and gets you on track to constantly creating more of what you desire, every day.

Derek’s Master Plan Includes Five Classes:

Class 1: The Core Principles of Awakened Wealth

Dive into all the key principles of Awakened Wealth and prepare for the journey ahead by exploring:

Class 2: The Real Nature of Wealth

Continue your journey as you dive into The Real Nature of Wealth.

Derek welcomes you into this paradigm-shattering realization that forever changes the way you interact with money and abundance.

By offering the 25 ways to manifest more, critical insights into myths and truths about wealth and abundance, and tools to make giving an effortless part of your life on a constant basis, he’s opening the door to your financial growth and ultimate transformation.

Aren’t you ready and excited to live in abundance and love your relationship with money?

Build your plan with Derek and learn how to execute it in the most effective way possible through proven action steps and quantum healing classes.

Class 3: Self Worth vs. Net Worth: Wealth & Worth-Building

Blast those long-held myths and reveal the truths about abundance and your powers of manifestation.

In this 3rd class, Derek welcomes you to:

WOW! Isn’t this remarkable?!

Class 4: Expansion Vs. Adaptation: The Key To Wealth Without Limits

Consider a few questions:

Allow Derek to help you do all of that and SO MUCH more as you move into a new realm without limits. Prepare to be healed, uplifted and radically transformed!

Class 5: Life IS Abundance

Prepare to be challenged… Derek is diving even deeper into wealth and truth myths as you uncover your own reality to overcome your conflicting values around wealth, money and success and cast open the doors to the flow of your miraculous life.

Crank up production within your internal power plant as you redefine your Awakened Wealth Vision and understand, appreciate and activate gratitude on a whole new level.

This is your BIG SHIFT into abundance

As Derek explains, “After all you've been through, all that's been uprooted, integrated, and healed, I’ll invite you to revisit your vision and make sure it's as big, bold, and abundant as possible.”


Just for being here, as a part of the Healing With The Masters community, you’re getting access to some amazing bonuses worth thousands of dollars!

Derek wants you to make the most of your time in this planetary experience and is providing you with these essentials for expanding your energetic reach to blossom into your most glorious and abundant self.

In addition to these remarkable BONUSES (Which can be worth over $1,000!), Derek will do energy work on the training to instantly shift your frequency, clear wealth blockages, and activate more of your power than ever before.

Are you ready?


Private Facebook Group Retail Value: $100’s to $1000’s

This is an exclusive Facebook group of individuals committed to creating massive abundance in every area of their lives while becoming masters of the energy of wealth and money.

And now, you can join them!

If you've ever been part of one of Derek’s Mastermind groups, you know how awesome this experience is. If you haven't, you’re in for a treat!

In addition to being surrounded by these thought leaders and visionaries, you'll also get additional support from the whole community and experience a spiritual synergy unlike anything you've ever had.

The healing vortex created when a group of people come together and agree on a higher possibility is life-changing in itself. It creates an environment where the limited beliefs and energies of the world begin to be neutralized and can’t keep their grip on you anymore.

The benefits of being part of a transformational support group like this can’t be underestimated – it’s the highlight of many people in the community. In fact, a MasterMind group like this is something people pay hundreds or thousands for on its own!

Bonus 2: The Real Nature of Wealth

QUANTUM HEALING - 30 Days of Personal Healing From Derek Remote Healing (Retail Value: $197)

As a part of this Special Offer, you’ll receive 30 days of transformational healing work from Derek. He dives into the perfect spiritual pattern of your being every day - and activates it more fully.*

You read that correctly… Every day. For 30 Days (or as long as you’re in it). He will do specific healing work EACH DAY that stirs your divinity into activity and strikes that mystic chord of memory - so that you can awaken more fully to who and what you truly are and why you’re alive!

We all need help and support on this journey. The mental and emotional demands of life seem to constantly bombard us and sometimes it’s hard to get up the energy to take care of ourselves and to do the deep inner work we know is necessary for our growth and development.

What if...

In this powerful healing program, that’s exactly what Derek does for you.

Once you join, just sit back, open up, and receive the gift of Divine Grace EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And be on the lookout for the miracles and the messages - because the Universe is calling you and the lines are now open and static-free so you can hear and answer the call.

*Note: Derek does this work in private, not on a call.

Bonus 3: MORE MONEY PROGRAM from Christian Mickelsen

Digital MP3 & PDF Downloads (Retail Value $497)

Christian Mickelsen, a friend and colleague of Derek’s, has very graciously agreed to include a FREE bonus copy of his highly successful program for breaking through your financial glass ceiling to uncover even more unconscious beliefs that sabotage your success and avoid the “abundance trap” and so much more!

This is an entire abundance-creating program that supports, augments, and complements The Awakened Wealth Program, which would cost you as much as this program on its own... and you get it for FREE!

This special offer is JAM PACKED, full of content that will bring you into a new expansion of self and capacity to create EVERYTHING you desire. With over $2000 worth of content, Derek is expressing a profoundly deep commitment to your growth and development.

Join him on this series of inner discoveries of your AWAKENED WEALTH finding out how miraculous your existence really is.

You were brought onto this planet to do miracles… By embracing your power and learning how to REALLY use it, you’ll be taking off into your brilliance and living the abundant life of joy, peace, grace and ease that you deserve!

Join Derek and permanently change your relationship with abundance (on EVERY level), right now!

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About Derek Rydall:

The #1 expert on the Law of Emergence, Derek Rydall is part of a new generation of spiritual visionaries and revolutionary thought leaders. He has trained top executives at Fortune 500 companies in communications and empowered leadership (from American Express to Disney), coached Oscar and Emmy winning celebrities and media professionals on creating conscious entertainment, is a professional screenwriter, best-selling author and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.

Through two decades of speaking, teaching, coaching and writing, Derek has built a global platform that touches hundreds of thousands of people around the planet with his message on finding your path, living your purpose and making a powerful impact in the world!