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The Foundations of Choice: Consciously Creating Your Life And World - Aligning The Essential Elements of Creation and Choosing to Consciously Define Your Life and World

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This Brand New, never before offered series of transformational tools is here to align you with the purest vibrations of love and open you to the brilliant creative potential within your being.

For the first time ever, Dee Wallace, Actress, Author & Transformational Intuitive Life Coach, is offering you this chance to fully and freely create your reality.

She has channeled this brand new collection of audio, video and an entire PDF resource library so that you might effectively align your energy and create all that your heart desires.

Now, here’s a question that will change your life, forever...

Are you willing to activate your own freedom of choice?

Tap in and listen to that intuitive nudge shouting “Yes!” and read on to discover what’s in store.

In this all-inclusive special offer package, you are going to rediscover the life-transforming potential of CHOICE.

It’s time to know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you always have the opportunity to choose what you want and whether you are going to create it.

You are Divinity in a physical body and as such,<br>YOU are creating your life and world.

As Dee explains... everything is energy.

From your house to your loved ones and all of humanity, every aspect of your daily life is energy and has the potential to be shifted.

Because everything is energy, Dee is going to teach you how to hone in on your creative potential and consciously define your reality. Your dreams can become reality – all it takes is an energetic realignment.

You’re going to be amazed at how simple the dream-creation process really is.

Through this remarkable, channeled series, Dee enables you to see that every aspect of this life is directable. So, you get to choose the direction of your energy.

When was the last time you felt that...

It can be so easy to live a reactive life.

You see what’s happening around you, respond accordingly, then wonder why you keep going in circles without ever getting to the source of the pattern.

But, what if you could suddenly see every hole in your energetic boat? What if you suddenly knew where limiting beliefs, patterns and conditionings came from?

THEN, what if you could plug those holes, redefining your reality and reclaiming all of your power?

Right now, in this moment, you have the power to define your reality.

This revolutionary course lifts you up to be the transformational change agent you really are and hands you the 4 keys to conscious creation.

You are going to embrace, understand and inculcate the energy of...

These are the cornerstones of shaping a consciously-directed life, which not only supports your dreams and desires, but has no space for undermining, limiting unconscious belief systems.

YEP, you read that right!

Everything you believe, everything you’ve been conditioned into accepting and everything you’ve been taught that keeps you living in a state of less-than spectacular will be brought to the surface and shifted into love and light.

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When you have these four cornerstones in alignment, you can create ANYTHING.

By aligning the four cornerstones in your own life, you get to choose how to define who you are and what you want from this life.

Did you know that nothing in this life just happens to you? It’s true - you are the only person who gets to choose what you want from this life.

Energy needs direction and through this brand new, exclusive special offer from Dee Wallace, you are going to chart your own course.

Remember, YOU are your own creation. Your experience and the overall quality of your life is defined by one magnificent, wildly simple understanding...

Everything is energy and all energy requires direction

Join Dee on this soul-awakening journey into oneness with all energy and discover the simplicity of creation.

Reclaim your Divine right of choice through...

Item 1: The Cornerstones of Creation

Available as digital audio, video and PDF downloads (Retail Value $200)

Dee just finished creating this BRAND NEW collection of tools for conscious and deliberate heart-centered creation. And now, YOU get to be one of the first individuals to benefit from them.

You’re going to receive definitive and simple guidelines that keep you aligned with expansion into new knowledge and understanding about how higher creation works.

This series of tools is here to help you...

Your time to create is NOW.

Read on and discover what Dee has prepared for you.

Element 1: 4 Cornerstone Basic Energy Introduction

Dee walks you through the foundation of this course and offers powerful insights into how creation really occurs.

By applying channeled information as well as her own life experience, Dee offers you a perfectly-balanced perspective for shaping your life through the shifting of energy.

Here, you’re going to learn...

This first introduction into The Four Cornerstones of Creation explains the foundations of this course and gets your process of learning started to teach you essential practices for redefining who you want to be and creating who you are.

Element 2: 4 Cornerstone Introduction

Begin to explore the circle of creation and discover just how simple creating your life can be.

You’re ready to go all the way and<br>start your own self-creation

Allow Dee to lead you through each of the Four Cornerstones as she offers in-the-moment teaching for expressing your greatest self at all times.

You’re going to experience a new, profound sense of peace and presence where judgement fades away and all that really exists is love.

It’s time to heal your being and fully know what you’re here to create. This life is your opportunity to play with Divine, sacred energy in a physical reality.

Dee takes your hand and leads you to discover that you have enough, are safe and secure and fully capable of achieving your dreams, right now.

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Element 3: 4 Cornerstone 1- I Love Myself

Love creates all things.

In this profound lesson, Dee takes you deep into understanding and exploring the first cornerstone and affirms that...

You have the right to love yourself, first.

This is where claiming who you want to be, what you want to receive and all that you want to offer, opens you to fully achieve all that you desire.

Dee takes you step-by-step into this first cornerstone and offers practical applications that not only make it easy to understand, but also immediately implementable.

You can create a HUGE energetic shift in your life by using this first cornerstone alone... AND there are still THREE more!

Element 4: 4 Cornerstone 2 - I Love All Energy

You are going to release any notion of lack, less-than enough, or absence of love.

Rather than focusing on your story, you get to honor it and release the shackles it has placed around your energetic being.

As Dee leads you to choose a new direction, you can actually watch the energetic shift take place in your being. You get to choose to see a world that exists in full support of your greatest and highest good.

It’s time to see a world of pure, uplifting,<br>supportive and brilliant creation.

The world is a safe place where you can create to your heart’s content. Join Dee in this heart-opening session and allow love to flow into and through your being.

Element 5: 4 Cornerstone 3 - Am I Living in the Present Moment

This third exploratory adventure into the foundational cornerstones of your new life invites you to exist and create in peace.

This moment, right now, is the only one you create within.

Today’s the day you get to cut your ties to the past, move out of a state of perceived abuse or misuse and shift your beliefs into present positivity.

In order to create, you don’t need to focus on what hasn’t worked or identify what you don’t want.

Dee teaches you to shift the energy of active creation and invites you into a new experience where all exists is this moment, right now.

There is nothing lacking from your life experience and nothing negative to be influenced by; rather, you are perfectly whole and complete, masterfully shaping this moment.

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Element 6: 4 Cornerstone 4 - I Am the Creation of Me

Accepting and owning that YOU are creating yourself solidifies your entire adventure into creation.

The universe has gifted you the opportunity to create this life and all that’s left is to embrace your gifts.

You, owning your creation, transforms any energy of lack into love, abundance, prosperity and positivity

This is where all four cornerstones intersect and align to offer you the chance to pick new beliefs, new thoughts and new definitions in order to create your world.

Consciousness is inculcated and fully expressed in every moment of creation through this final cornerstone.

You are the creator of all possibilities... Even those you don’t yet know about.

Element 7: Activation for Creation #1

This activation helps solidify your position as the creator that you are.

It’s time to integrate your knowing - that you create your life and world, into every molecule of your being.

Use this activation over and over again to amplify your own creation energies and amplify your Divine potential.

Element 8: Activation for Creation #2

This second activation integrates the energetic frequencies of happiness, joy, purpose and peace into your creation process.

Step passionately into the life you want to be living and use this activation to integrate...

Know that your I~AM presence is the energy that activates the life you’re choosing to live and take this leap into defining your beautiful, brilliant life.

Element 9: Your All-Encompassing Reference Library

This reference library pairs essential tools for understanding the creation process and further expanding into your Divine brilliance.

With seven BRAND NEW diagrams, Dee offers another layer of comprehension at the mental, emotional and energetic levels.

You are going to receive:

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BONUS 1: The Formula & The Symbol

Digital Video Download & PDF Download (Retail Value $55)

The Creation Formula is unlike anything offered on this plane.

This is a true statement of your potential, your direction, and your ability to open your heart center to your highest good and purpose.

As Dee shared...

“Love yourself beyond anyone or anything else. Love yourself so much that you can't do anything that doesn't make you love yourself more.”

...Know that with this tool in your possession, you can tap into all possibilities and accomplish all that your highest purpose is destined for.

The Formula is the culmination of nearly TWO DECADES of work.

Surpassing every known modality of conscious creation its authors have ever seen, Dee Wallace and Jarrad Hewett have spent their lives compiling the information that made this work possible. And now, for the first time anywhere, it is being offered to the public.


For eons, consciousness has been asking for the freedom and empowerment of easy, effortless, joyful, and instantaneous creation. The Creation Formula is the answer to that call.

Choose to trust the formula and own the reality that your belief systems dictate the kind of creation that you are.

Believe in your magnificent ability, use this tool and know that through LOVE and JOY, you can and will create everything.

Take hold of The Formula and you’ll have in your possession a roadmap leading directly to the creation of YOU as the ruler of ALL THAT YOU ARE.

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BONUS 2: Balance & The Sheets

Available as a Digital Audio & PDF Download (Retail Value $55)

This is a comprehensive training on how to use Dee’s Sheets to transform your life through love and release all that no longer serves your highest and best purpose.

This Energy Transformational Program includes information on...

AND, you’re even going to receive the pdf of Dee’s valuable sheets of channeled information that she’s developed over the last 18 years!

Embrace this remarkable bonus and use it to strengthen your abilities as the creator of your life and world.

Your adventure into pure, Divine creation begins now.

This Brand New, never before offered series of transformational tools is here to align you with the purest vibrations of love, opening you to the brilliant creative potential within your being.

From vibrant health and wellness to financial abundance, love, supportive, nurturing relationships and more, this brand new Four Cornerstones of Creation program invites you to have it all.

Join Dee Wallace on this adventure into soul-fulfillment and discover the keys to consciously creating your reality, today!

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Dee Wallace

About Dee Wallace

Dee’s important message to the world is: “Love yourself beyond anyone or anything else. Love yourself so much that you can’t do anything that doesn’t make you love yourself more.”

She began her channeled healing work over twenty years ago when she dropped to her knees after her husband’s sudden death and asked for a way we could “heal ourselves.” Seconds later she received her first message: use the light within you to heal yourself. She has passionately been teaching the art of self creation ever since.

Dee has authored five books on the subject of self creation: Conscious Creation, The Big E!, Bright Light, Getting Stuff and Wake Up Now! She conducts a live internet radio show each Sunday morning at 9 AM PST, and offers monthly webinars on a variety of creation subjects. She also conducts private sessions from her home in Woodland Hills via phone and in person.

As a much sought after speaker, Dee has spoken at numerous national and international venues including the Love and Harmony Forum in Japan, The Dillon Lecture Series, Unity Temple, The Kansas Film Commission, and this spring has been invited to introduce this valuable work to the people of China. And, she has appeared on every major news and talk show and has been featured on E! True Hollywood Stories, Oprah and The O’Reilly Factor.