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Jennifer McLean's Healing With The Masters Season 13

Healing Structured Water - Creating Water That Energetically Nourishes Your Body & Raises Your Vibration

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Prepare to experience the most amazing line of water-structuring units ever made available.

Imagine waking in the morning to shower in water that is completely cleared and clean of all memory (pharmaceuticals, pollution, emotions all of it). Feel water as it was at the beginning of time wash over you clearing your aura, refreshing your skin and moving you into a super high frequency.

THEN imagine drinking the purest most rarified water on the planet -- THAT JUST CAME OUT OF YOUR OWN FAUCET!

Yep you are about to hold in your hand a device that will create the most pristine water that when consumed nourishes and clears the memory from your own being and allows your soul to soar.


Clayton Nolte is making it possible for you, the Healing With The Masters Audience to bring home two of his most popular and versatile products of healing and transformation (with a free bonus item for those that purchase the full package!).

images of a lake at sunrise and a waterfall

Introduction to Structured Water

Structured water is about energy and consciousness, and supports our journey of transformation and transcendence during this time on the planet.

Structured water is water that is highly beneficial for life, and has been brought back to the state originally found in nature.

This is conscious water, wiping away negative memory, and energetically neutralizing toxins by changing their molecular structure so they are no longer harmful to us.

When water is structured it has more water molecules per square inch and less surface tension resulting in increased hydration and energetically enhanced nutrient absorption. 

It’s simple, it’s easy, and it works.

Our very own Jennifer McLean uses these products EVERYDAY, and loves the impact they have on her body’s health and vitality.

I have grown so fond and appreciative of these little yet remarkable and powerful devices. I can feel myself able to hold more light and manage the life adventures that show up with so much more grace and ease. Just drinking water allows my consciousness and evolution to grow while assisting in balancing my health. One of the coolest conscious raising products I own. ~ Jennifer McLean, Host Healing With The Masters

Get ready to welcome a life completely reshaped simply by the way you filter your water...

“Wu Wei” means “Natural Action” – a state of being in which our actions are quite effortlessly in alignment with the ebb and flow of the elemental cycles of the natural world.

Take advantage of TWO new ways to energetically release all memory from your water AND charge it to increase your healing potential each and every day.

The benefits of structuring water include:

WOW... imagine water that expands consciousness!

images of a boat on a calm lake at sunrise and of the sun setting over a mountain lake

By drinking more water - specifically energetically enhanced structured water, you give your body the love and nurturing resources it needs to help you perform at your best.

And, that’s exactly what Clayton Nolte wants for you. It’s his desire that you make the most of this experience and are able to give 110% each and every day. He spent forty years researching water and these devices are a culmination of his experience and expertise.

Did you know that your body literally runs on water? Water is a key player in supporting:

images of a sunny green rainfall into water and of a calm, mountainous blue lake

All of these varied facets of you that make you a vital and influential puzzle piece in this planetary experience are affected and in some ways, shaped by your relationship with water. Pretty amazing right?

With this tool in hand, you can literally pour positive energy through structured water all over your physical self.

Not only are you able to consume the positive healing power of this life-giving water, you can BATHE in the greatness as well.


Option 1: Dynamically Enhanced Whole-House Unit PLUS BONUS FREE Portable Unit

Physical Energetic Products will be Shipped to You. Multiple Fittings and Material Options For Whole House Unit - Professional Installation Recommended

With over 40 years dedicated to the development and improvement of structured water, Clayton is bringing you this incredible opportunity to experience its natural abilities in all aspects of your life.

Every pipe in your house will contain structured water

Images of galvanized iron pipe, PEX pipe, CPVC pipe, copper pipe and PVC pipe

Imagine having structured water flowing freely from every faucet, tap and spigot in your home.

From watering the plants in your garden to pouring a glass of water at the kitchen sink and even brushing your teeth in the bathroom, you will have access to the incredible benefits of structured water everywhere.

With the Whole-House Dynamically Enhanced unit installed where water enters your home (Fitting information will be available before checkout), every pipe in your house will be filled with the healing energies and powerful restorative capacities that Clayton’s water structuring technology incorporates.

There’s never been a more convenient way to experience the incredible healing qualities of structured water.

Without even thinking about it, you’ll be bringing structured water into your daily routine, taking advantage of more energy, better health, graceful aging more consistent weight management and so much more.

AND, as a very special BONUS, you’ll receive a Dynamically Enhanced Portable Unit absolutely FREE. (A $399 Value!)

Yep! You’ll be able to take all the incredible qualities you’ll know and love with structured water from within your home and experience them wherever you go. Not only will you feel more refreshed and heal more quickly when drinking water at home, you’ll be able to use this infinitely-valuable tool on every liquid you drink.

OPTION 2: Dynamically Enhanced Portable Unit

Physical Energetic Product Will Be Shipped To You

The Portable Unit is the answer when you want to enjoy the benefits of an energy infusion of structured water when you’re out and about, whether around town, at a local restaurant, or on the road traveling.

This diminutive unit packs a punch, it creates the entire power of nature as it puts water through the cycle of vortices and energy imitating the cycle of water running from the mountain peaks tumbling through the rivers and streams making its way to the ocean. THEN evaporated again into rain.

That cycle removes memory from water...

Memory such as pollution, upset, pharmaceuticals et al are removed creating the cleanest purest energetically potent water on the planet.

Water that not only heals you... but heals the planet

Enhancements and features include:

Use the Portable Unit For:

The Portable Unit is a wonderful way to improve the flavor, neutralize the toxins, and increase the energy of any beverage.

images of beautiful lake at sunrise and of a waterfall

Enjoy the benefits of structuring your water, coffee, soda, tea, juice, beer, wine, or the beverage of your choice and because it’s small and portable, you can literally use it ANYWHERE.

Just pour any liquid through the unit into a glass or container. And, to have an even greater impact on what you’re drinking, you can pass your beverage through up to 6 times!

Use the water from your unit to wash or soak your fruits and vegetables before cooking them or pour warm water through the Portable Unit for pleasant footbaths. Consider all the ways you come into contact with liquids and imagine how a better experience with liquids will change your life.

Fill up the pet’s water bowls, the fish aquarium, or the birdbath, take it hiking or camping on your next vacation, eliminate films and streaking when you’re washing windows. The uses are truly endless!

Length End to End: 7.5″
Weight: 10 oz

OPTION 3: Dynamically Enhanced Shower Unit

Physical Energetic Product will be shipped to you

The Dynamically Enhanced Units have a flow-form inside that is the same structure and size as the flow-form in the current units, but is made from a combination of proprietary materials that dynamically enhance the energy of the unit and create a static energy that exists even before the water flowing through the unit is structured.

Enjoy refreshing, life-giving, energy-enhancing water each day.

Structured water is dynamically and energetically enhanced by the energy in the added materials, enabling you to reap countless benefits just by bathing in this amazing energy.

Prepare for the change you’ve been waiting for and begin living an empowered and energy-enhanced life with Clayton’s Structured Water.

The new Dynamically Enhanced Water Structuring Units:

The Shower Unit is an amazingly convenient way to enjoy the healthy benefits of bathing in structured water and is easily removed to take with you when traveling. Just like the portable unit, you can have the same amazing experience and continue to live with the addition of Structured Water wherever you are!

Use the Shower Unit:

Never live a day without Structured Water. This environment and the contaminants that we are exposed to on a daily basis can all be eliminated - it only takes one step. Commit to enhancing your relationship with liquids and implement the powerful change that these Water Structuring Units have to offer.

Technical Specifications:
Length Including Connectors: 7.5″
Weight: 1 lb, 4 oz.

Option 4: Dynamically Enhanced Under The Sink Unit

Physical unit to be shipped to you (Retail Value $499)

Healing With The Masters is also offering you the opportunity to have a Dynamically Enhanced Water Structuring Unit under your sink at an EXCLUSIVE discount.

Yep, that’s right! All the water that comes through your tap will be beautifully structured, offering you the very same benefits as the portable, shower and whole-house units for every glass you pour from the tap.

Imagine turning on the faucet in your kitchen or bathroom and never having to worry about the quality of what you’re consuming again. From neutralizing pesticides on vegetables and more effectively cleaning your dishes to softening your skin and structuring all the water you drink, you’ll immediately see and feel the benefits of structured water.

Right now, you have access to the most powerful healing solution: transformative Water Structuring products. These tools have been proven by so many – even your very own Jennifer McLean, to offer a healing solution that is easily and effortlessly integrated into your daily routines.

Welcome a new experience, completely re-shaped by the Dynamically Enhanced line of water structuring units that work synergistically to provide you with better health in EVERY aspect of your life. Bring Clayton's REVOLUTIONARY TOOLS into your daily experience and welcome the power of structured water for yourself and your family.

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The smaller products may take 3-5 weeks. Longer delivery times, but the price is right!

NOTE: Clayton Nolte’s Dynamically Enhanced Whole-House Unit can fit into ANY home, within the United States or internationally. There are several different types of fittings, sizes and types of pipe that bring water into your home and we want to be sure you get EXACTLY what you need. SO, after you check out, you’ll be taken to a page where you can select the type and size of pipe and designate whether you need any adapters (Some adapters can be purchased directly from Clayton or through your local plumber).

Also, if you are unsure of which size and type of pipe you need, we will offer measurement instructions and pictures of each on the next page. You can also call a licensed plumber to help you determine exactly what you need. Your satisfaction is our highest priority and we really want to be sure you get exactly what you need for your home.

UP TO $399 OFF!!!

PLUS A Payment Plan Option Available at Checkout

Clayton Nolte

About Clayton Nolte:

Clayton M. Nolte, founder of Natural Action Technologies, Inc., is a researcher and the inspired inventor of life transforming water structuring technologies. Clayton has spent the last forty years exploring physics, math and the properties of water, and the effects it has on life.During Clayton’s research, he noticed that nature's own structured water had a unique recurring phenomenon of appearing where no water should. With an innate desire to emulate this for more in-depth studies in remote locations and labs, Clayton delved into the inner world of water, and has brought forward a dynamic line of water structuring units.

Clayton’s company is currently manufacturing 14 different structured water units, with plans for new and innovative technologies coming in the very near future.

Structured water is water that is organized into small clusters of five to twenty molecules. Drinking this water is the most fundamental way to help the body function and remain disease free.

The benefits of structuring water include neutralization of all toxins in the water through structuring, increased hydration, increased absorption of nutrients in our food, healthier bodies, skin, hair, and nails. Additionally the water has lower surface tension, dissolves hard minerals in the water, and decalcifies the pineal gland, which can assist in expanding consciousness.