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Jennifer McLean's Healing With The Masters Season 13

The Way Of The Mystic - Walking in the Shoes of The Master That is YOU

Guided awakening journeys and inspirational healing teachings to navigate this physical realm and awaken you into your infinite potential and innate greatness

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This special offer from trail-blazing healer Christopher Tims is available exclusively to this Healing With The Masters community and takes you beyond your current state into a more expansive space of clarity and sharpness.

This is BRAND NEW material and created JUST for this offer and developed with YOU in mind.

Christopher is delivering a totally new slant of ascension and awakening AND it’s not available outside his mystery school classes.

You are receiving this information for the first time… the insider secrets, myths and realities and knowing that will liberate you into a natural dance and flow of life. No goals, mindmapping vision boards, just knowing and flowing with the energy.

Have you ever wanted to…

Well, Christopher is here to help you do all that and SO MUCH more.

Path of the Masters, Navigating the Physical Realm and Behind the Looking Glass come together to provide you with nearly 16 remarkable hours of content that serves as a roadmap to living consciously and playing fully in your power.

You are Infinite Universal Oneness

There is no separation between any of us around the globe; we are all united, all infinite beings with infinite possibility.

Allow Christopher to guide you into the expansiveness that you are and open your entire being to the limitless possibility you hold. As an infinite being, you can literally accomplish ANYTHING you desire.

How COOL is that?!

Now is Your Time to Live Without Limitation

Through three exploratory collections of guided meditations, inspirational teachings and thought-provoking conversations, Christopher invites you to ask critical questions of yourself as you soar into living without limitation.

Open your heart to your true, Divine potential and discover that you actually are the master you’ve been seeking.

Your Special Offer, Valued at $650 Includes:

Item 1: Path of the Masters

Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CDs

Walking in the Masters Shoes

Paired with penetrating chants, these guided meditations take you on an exploratory journey into the reality of your own mastery.

Spend nearly an hour with Christopher as he leads you into a community embrace from within the Master’s shoes - your true shoes. You are the master and the spiritual giant which you seek.

The Way of the Shaman, The Way of the Mystic; Two Reflections of One Flame

Listen in as Christopher speaks openly about his experiences on the path of the shaman and how they relate to the path of the mystic.

The similarities are remarkable and the insight he shares will open your eyes to see an entirely new world.

The Spiritual Teacher in One’s Life

Join Christopher and answer these critical questions:

How to know God

How to know God welcomes you to see through the eyes of God in each moment.

Play through this elevation of consciousness and get to know the faceless nature of God that is all around us. God is expressed in all things - can you see the evidence?

Item 2: Navigating the Physical Realm

Available as MP3 Download or Hard Copy CDs

From Fear to Freedom

Fear wears SO MANY masks.

From the fear of living and fear of dying, to the fear of fulfillment and failure, fear of love and of not being loved, you’re going to shed them all, right here.

It’s time to discover the true face of fear

Christopher reveals all in this talk and, once you see the true face of fear, it will never have control over you again.

Discernment: What is it, Why do I need it?

Learn why Christopher believes that discernment is the key to making good decisions.

He shows you how to develop discernment: how to know what’s working, what’s not and what to do about it. You’re going to develop the internal strength to make the significant decisions that must be made to shape your future and re-write your relationship with change.

Being Present and Growing Beyond Self Sabotage

In this teaching, Christopher explores what being present means and how to move into a state of childlike curiosity without bringing the past into this present moment.

Overcome all limitation, which casts a shadow on your endless possibility, and open up to embrace your greatness.

Psychic Self Defense and Well Being

It's time to move out of the Spiritual Playpen and into your co-created reality.

This is beyond protecting yourself and beyond establishing boundaries. You’re going to get rid of all the energetic vampires (or vacuums) in your life and move into a place of peace and harmony.

Shift into your eternal awareness and play within your own innate greatness.

Item 3: Behind the Looking Glass

Available as MP3s Download or Hard Copy CDs

What Happens after the Change Called Death

There is a remarkably thin veil between this realm and what we call the afterlife.

Death is a doorway. On both sides of that doorway, there is life. Move beyond the fear of what lies beyond this world and experience the eternal freedom of living this life in the moment.

Life in the Other Realms

Explore the other planes of consciousness and learn how to access them.

Through this hour-long session, Christopher helps you see life beyond the physical, moving from density and separation into light and unity.

What are the other planes of Consciousness? How do we access them? What is life or existence like beyond the physical? Christopher explores the answers to these questions and more!

Investing in Eternity

Cherish this moment and invest in the mystical - your eternity.

We invest so much this life’s limited time into things that are temporary and of this world, yet so little of our attention is placed upon the eternal and Divine. Eternity is present - here and now - and wherever you put your attention is where your awareness will develop.

Full Spectrum Living

This fresh perspective on what we hear, see, touch, taste, smell and experience has the potential to change the way you think about everything you encounter on a daily basis.

Explore all aspects of life as Christopher helps you see that there is so much more going on than most people will ever realize.

Special Bonuses:

The Way of the Heart

Available as MP3 Download

Imagine living a completely heart-based life.

Christopher shares the wisdom of the heart and reveals the difference between the awakened and realized hearts. Dive into the true meaning of compassion and discover how to truly live a compassionate life.

The Essential Questions of Life

Available as MP3 Download

This two-part BONUS is an exclusive sneak peak into Christopher's cornerstone teaching - The Blue Star Mystery School.

In this fascinating session, Christopher investigates the nature of truth, shares his path in search of this truth and reveals a unique perspective on the four fundamental questions that frame our entire experience in this realm.

This conversation will challenge how you think about your life's priorities... forever!

Through nearly 16 hours of content, Christopher guides you to access and embrace your higher self - your master self - and live the miraculous life for which you’re designed.

Welcome your infinite greatness and embark on a journey into the heart and soul of YOU.

You have the opportunity to gracefully awaken, and part of that grace is an 80% discount on this powerful offer ONLY available on THIS PAGE.

Christopher is providing you with an all-encompassing special offer that is absolutely overflowing with pertinent insight and transformational breakthroughs of being.

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About Christopher Tims:

Christopher Tims is a renegade mystic, a true master, teacher and guide.

Christopher is here to remind us of our own divine nature and the abundance of the Universe that we are.

By helping us redefine our world view, Christopher guides us toward the experience of Oneness—resulting in a richly fulfilled life.

Highly clairvoyant and clairaudient since childhood, Christopher feels that these and other abilities, while blessed gifts, are merely byproducts of his union with the One Source that we are all a part of and inseparable from. Christopher teaches that it is natural for all of us to directly experience Sacred Unity, as he guides us to the Oneness that rests within each of us.

In addition, Christopher founded and facilitates the Blue Star Mystery School, and is a pioneer in sound healing, having developed his own technique using tuning forks called Sound Energy Dynamics, both of which he teaches to students around the globe.

Christopher embodies these powerful and profound Eternal Teachings, and as he shares his knowledge and understanding of them, people are able to experience a facilitated direct connection to Oneness through his presence or even his voice. Many people report that these experiential moments with Christopher completely transcend any of the teachings, materials or information he delivers. It is through this experiential connection to Sacred Unity or Oneness, that we will ultimately experience true freedom, and live the manifestation of our dreams.