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Jennifer McLean's Healing With The Masters Season 13

Opening Into A New Way Of Being

Gracefully expand into boundless light, love and energetic abundance through BRAND NEW, never-before-released workshops and audio transmissions

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This is an incredibly transformational collection of BRAND NEW, never-before-released insight, information and processes from Anamika, a pioneer in human consciousness who has been helping guide people to their greatness for over 35 years and you have access to ALL of it, now!

YEP, you’re going to expand, grow and learn through two video workshops and three transformational audio transmissions.

Right now, we’re coming into a palpable and potent energy - one that’s leading us into a paradigm shift that will forever transform our state of reality.

We’ve been living within a set of rules, laws and widely-accepted understandings about this life and world and we’re now at a point where it’s all about to change.

There’s an abundance of Light and Love waiting for you to tap in


Well, that’s EXACTLY what’s in store for you in these coming months.

As Anamika explains, we’re moving into a healthy balance between the masculine and feminine - one where our co-creation is wholly supporting our highest and greatest good.

You are already good enough, greater than and worthy of a blissful life

This offer is here to help you step into…

Settle into a new energetic connection in this profoundly moving collection of audios and videos designed to awaken your mind, body and spirit to the brilliance of YOU.

Your Special Offer Includes:

Item 1: Two-Part Video Workshop

Available as Hard-Copy DVD or Video Downloads (Retail Value $447)

A two-part video workshop, opening you to the potential of what’s coming while infusing your life with the energetic signature of gratitude.

Through two, hour-long sessions, Anamika guides you into a remarkable place of expansive awareness where we can exist in infinite hope, joy, peace and potential.

You’re going to:

This time is one unlike any other

Between now and 2015, there is going to be a tremendous acceleration and change into a whole new direction with extreme amplification of light.

This video series is a beautifully open and relaxed forum for experiencing, anchoring in and embodying the accelerated energies that are just now becoming widely available.

Video Session 1: Where We’ve Come From & Where We’re Going

Discover what’s happening in this transitional, transformational year and go SO MUCH deeper than understanding on an intellectual level. Jump right into the currents of change and explore what’s in store for you in this time of immense energetic possibility.

Now is your time to really, FULLY find your creative expression and come into your life’s meaning and purpose.

You have a greater state of being just waiting to be embraced

Join Anamika as she plays within this energetic expansion, leading you to open to your own greatness by embracing all that you’re capable of and designed to accomplish.

You are a conduit for expansion, lighting your own path and elevating the lives of others as you pursue your highest dreams, purpose and passions.

WOW, right?!

Join this conversation and discover where humanity has been, how we’ve been shaped and where we’re going in the future.

Video Session 2: Growing Through Gratitude

Within the last few months, there has been an influx of energy, overflowing with gratitude.

Take a deep-dive into the concept of gratitude, holding it as an energy and exploring the unique qualities it has to offer.

This wonderfully potent energy is constantly opening us to more. It is a living entity that inspires shifts in almost every individual and can even be the driving force in our major life decisions.

Join Anamika on this exploratory journey into the heart of gratitude and grow alongside an intimate collection of workshop participants to embrace an energetic frequency with the power to change it all.

From an exercise in the mental, emotional and physical responses we have when triggered to a process that enables us to understand their purpose and move on.

We’re in such a powerful and changing time, overflowing with momentum, transformation and shifts. This energy of gratitude is here to serve your highest good and ultimate expansion into joy.

Play with Anamika as she guides you to explore the energy of gratitude and the transformational capacity it holds for your life.

Item 2: Embodying a New Consciousness

Available as Hard-Copy CD or MP3 Downloads (Retail Value $247)

A three-part audio series for awakening to your brilliance and embodying your true self.

Through this series of energetic conversations, Anamika leads you to explore the inner-workings of a new spirituality, embodying a larger, new part of yourself.

This is your opportunity to embrace more of who you are and transition into who you are destined to become.

There is SO MUCH profoundly shifting energy in these transmissions

These transmissions are encoded with specific frequencies and energies to help you fully experience and understand all that Anamika has to share.

You’re going to be led to feel the breath of life as it moves through your being. Allow your body to loosen, let go of the limitations on your life force and discover the beautiful and miraculous flow that your body is really asking you to embrace.

Settle into this series of consciousness-expanding transmissions and explore:

Transmission 1: Tenderness and Compassion

Enter into this first transmission as you play in and fully experience the beauty of intimate community through tenderness and compassion.

Discover how to deeply and fully connect with yourself and with others on an entirely new level.

You’re going to:

Consider how INCREDIBLE it would feel to let go of the “If I could…” and move into a state of contentment and bliss with all that you are and everything you’re naturally becoming.

Let go of judgement and welcome compassion as you transition into a new state of awareness.

Join Anamika on this graceful journey into your own heart, mind and spirit and allow yourself to live in bliss, peace and prosperity without judgement or upset. Our expectations and self-imposed need to achieve perfection only serves to limit and stifle our growth.

Transmission 2: Ownership - A Key To Freedom

Here, you’re going to explore one of the most profoundly beautiful keys to true freedom.

Anamika leads you to release, let go of upset and receive essential insight into your process of recovery.

Are you ready to HEAL your threads of upset?

You’re going to identify the common threads - the similarities and familiar themes, that tie your moments of upset and frustration together.

THEN, once you’ve determined where your patterns came from, you’re going to learn how to let go of judgement while welcoming compassion to heal the wounds that have been with you for weeks, months, years - and even decades.

Through a beautifully-planned step-by-step journey, you’re going to move from identifying your points of upset into a perfect place of ownership, acceptance and healing.

Now’s your chance to learn to take back your power and shift out of the density and upset that has been keeping you trapped for far too long.

Transmission 3: Enter The-Energy

In this third and final session, Anamika leads you to fully feel and enter into the energy of your greater being.

You’re going to learn to allow your higher self – and the perfect energetic frequency contained therein, to infuse within your physicality, helping to shape and elevate your life, right now.

Allow for the flow of your higher consciousness and discover how to create a reality where your heart and soul take over the creative process, attracting all that you REALLY want and need. Without the mind and ego in your way, you’ll enter the energy of your greatest self, gaining essential clarity and peace as you define your reality.

Discover the beauty of creating your world from within your own belief structure without passing judgement, stirring upset, shifting into a state of “less-than” and all the while, flowing in alignment with the energetic signature of gratitude.

Step into a state of perfectly beautiful awareness and learn to really see yourself for the miraculous and powerful being that you are. Anamika has created these two heart-opening workshops to help you expand into the true brilliance you were designed for. Bring this BRAND NEW, never before released special content into your life and learn to live in bliss, peace and perfect abundance, today!

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About Anamika:

Anamika is a pioneer in human consciousness. Born in New York, she began a profound journey of exploration as a child. She has spent her life charting new territory regarding consciously creating reality, and sharing it with others.

Love speaks through her generously as she transmits its resonant frequencies, initiating leaps in consciousness. Through her gifts of multi-dimensional awareness, offered with compassion, humor, and keen understanding, she makes the process of enlightening accessible. This includes embracing and integrating our often tender and vulnerable human nature.

Her background is multi-disciplinary, ranging from metaphysics, psychology, music and the performing arts, to sciences, and language. An international workshop leader and author, she has appeared on many television and radio shows. She has been guiding people for over 35 years in private sessions and workshops.